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    Discover the finest Zumaia hotels nestled in a region known for the breathtaking scenery of its beaches. Uncover charming corners of this delightful locale and make reservations at the most sought-after accommodations we have on offer. We propose options in proximity to spots like Puerto de Zumaia. Moreover, we welcome you to choose a stay near Itzurun Beach, where you can take a dip, or simply bask in the warmth of the gentle sand. Opt for a restful location close to Olazabal Palace, a property boasting a wonderful façade. stroll down the main artery of this historic city. We also suggest superior accommodation near San Juan's Fountain. Book with us and relish in your stay in Zumaia.

    Most popular Zumaia hotels

    alai ii ongi etorri
    Alai Auzategia Auzoa

    Alai II ONGI ETORRI: enjoy garden and mountain views, free Wi-Fi, and the convenience of express check-in and check-out in Zumaia.

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    algorri - ongi etorri
    Ardantzabidea Auzoa 28C 4B

    Enjoy comfort and relaxation at Algorri - ONGI ETORRI, featuring a private beach, free WiFi, and private parking.

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    xatetto etxea ocean view
    Martinez Kleisser, 2

    Nestled in Zumaia, El Xatetto Etxea Ocean View offers complimentary Wi-Fi and private parking, family-sized rooms, and a sea-facing terrace.

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    hondar-gain 10
    10 Hondar-Gain Etxetaldea

    Hondar-Gain 10, a hotel in Zumaia offering free parking, WiFi, landscaped garden, and enviable beach views. Revel in contemporary amenities in a tranquil setting.

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    camping & bungalows zumaia
    Basusta 16

    Discover Camping & Bungalows Zumaia situated in Zumaia, featuring a restaurant, bar, garden, seasonal outdoor pool, children’s playground, and free WiFi in shared areas.

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    endaneta berri
    Endaneta Berri
    Endaneta berri 29 barrio Jadarre

    Price from 155 EUR per night
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    hotel & talasoterapia zelai
    Hotel & Talasoterapia Zelai
    Playa Itzurun, s/n

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    Unwind with our Zumaia accommodations

    We provide accommodation in the top Zumaia hotels for you to enjoy comfortable spaces and one of the most beautiful towns on the Guipuzcoa coast. You'll be near Puerto de Zumaia, where a leisurely stroll can be truly refreshing. Reserve with us and you’ll benefit from an unbeatable location and modern comfortable facilities. If you're seeking a paradisiacal spot to unwind, then staying close to Itzurun Beach is a must, where you can enjoy a swim or simply soak up the sun on its soft sands. Be sure to catch a glimpse of the geological phenomenon known as flysch and take a selfie. Upon arriving at your chosen hotel, you'll be treated to a cosy bar, garden, and everything you need after exploring this fantastic city.

    Stay in the city centre, the best area for accommodation in Zumaia

    Take it easy in one of our hotels in Zumaia city centre. They are ideally located near some of the most beautiful landmarks. Our choices offer an excellent location, comfortable rooms, whirlpool baths, and swimming pools. Consider accommodation near the magnificent Olazabal Palace, featuring a facade adorned with impressive crests that'll captivate you. Once back at the hotel, you'll unwind in rooms equipped with TV, free Wi-Fi and 24-hour reception. The best part is being a stone's throw from the San Juan Fountain, renowned for its appearance in the comedy film 'Spanish Affair'. We offer accommodation in Zumaia with air conditioning, restaurants and a spa. Rejuvenate after exploring the narrow, steep streets of the quaint medieval old town.

    Rest in the most popular Zumaia hotels

    Set aside figuring out where to sleep in Zumaia and opt for a room near Zumaia Lighthouse, perched atop natural crag at the mouth of the Urola River. In the vicinity, we have numerous hotel options to suit your budget. In most cases, you will enjoy comfortable rooms, Wi-Fi, bar café, parking, and some with swimming facilities. Another recommendation is booking near the San Telmo Chapel, surrounded by a glorious cliff. Experience the joy of staying a mere hop, skip, and jump away from this fantastic destination. At the hotels in Zumaia, Spain, that we have in the area, you'll enjoy prime facilities and comfortable rooms equipped with TV, private bathroom and restaurant access. Some of them even boast a spa to ensure ultimate relaxation without leaving the hotel.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much does a weekend stay in a hotel in Zumaia cost?

    A weekend stay at a hotel in Zumaia costs an average of 174$ (based on ebooking.com rates).

    How much does a high-season weekend stay in a hotel in Zumaia cost?

    A high-season weekend stay at a hotel in Zumaia costs an average of 219$ (based on ebooking.com rates).

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