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    A vast selection of Wigan hotels await you to uncover this splendid city in the North West of England. Boasting a rich industrial history, stunning green landscapes, and a plethora of activities to indulge in, Wigan emerges as a vibrant and appealing destination. Don’t delay, book now and experience it firsthand!

    Most popular Wigan hotels

    swan & railway hotel wigan
    80 Wallgate Wigan

    Discover the paradisiacal Swan & Railway Hotel Wigan, offering complimentary WiFi, parking and a splendid terrace. They accommodate pets.

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    the charles dickens
    14 Upper Dicconson Street

    The Charles Dickens Hotel in Wigan provides accommodation complete with a bar, free parking, a terrace, and evening entertainment. Free WiFi access is available throughout the premises.

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    mercure wigan oak hotel
    Orchard Street

    Discover the Mercure Wigan Oak Hotel, a contemporary venue with complimentary wifi and parking, as well as a restaurant and meeting room. Book now!

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    fifteens of swinley
    15 Upper Dicconson Street

    Enjoy the boutique flair of Fifteens of Swinley, featuring complementary WiFi, a bar and terrace. Experience live sports events and outdoor music.

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    the mount by greene king inns
    Orrell Road

    The Mount by Greene King Inns, enjoy a comfortable stay with services such as free parking, bar, restaurant and free WiFi.

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    wrightington hotel & health club
    Moss Lane, Wrightington

    The Wrightington Hotel & Health Club in Wigan provides a serene and tranquil stay with a gym, swimming pool and award-winning restaurant.

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    the brocket arms wetherspoon
    38 Mesnes Road

    Indulge in a delightful stay at The Brocket Arms Wetherspoon, situated in the beautiful city of Wigan, sporting on-site restaurant, bar, and free WiFi for your convenience.

    Price from 44 GBP per night
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    holiday inn express - wigan, an ihg hotel
    Martland Mill Lane

    Discover the comfort and convenience of the Holiday Inn Express - Wigan, an IHG Hotel with facilities such as free parking, restaurant, bar and free WiFi.

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    macdonald kilhey court hotel & spa
    Chorley Road, Standish

    Discover the Macdonald Kilhey Court Hotel & Spa, complete with restaurant, complimentary parking, wheelchair access, and free WiFi throughout the establishment.

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    Wigan: A City Embellished with History and Fun Awaits Exploration

    Welcome to Wigan, the hidden gem of North West England. A place where industrial history melds seamlessly with a vibrant present; a destination less familiar than Liverpool or Manchester, but equally captivating. Here is where you'll find superior accommodation in Wigan, tailored to fit your needs and budget. Wigan, once known for its mining industry, is adorned with striking, age-old red-brick buildings. Mesnes Park square is the heart of the town, surrounded by grand, stately homes and meticulously manicured gardens. The infamous Wigan Pier, immortalised in George Orwell's 'The Road to Wigan Pier', has currently transformed into an entertainment hotspot where you can enjoy dining and drinking spots overlooking the Leeds-Liverpool Canal. Hotels in Wigan, United Kingdom, offer exceptional accommodation for all budgets and preferences. From boutique hotels in charming edifices to the modern hotel chains brimming with amenities, you are spoilt for choice. Many of these Wigan hotels are strategically located near the main attractions.

    The city is home to a rich cultural heritage with Wigan Museum and the Observatory being the star attractions. The city's Art Gallery, the Trencherfield Mill, and the Museum of Life at the Pier, are must-visits for any city itinerary. Not to mention the local sports scene, especially the gripping rugby matches at the DW Stadium, which are an absolute local spectacle. Wigan isn't all history and culture, though. The town is enveloped by nature at every turn, teeming with parks and nature reserves, perfect for hiking, leisurely strolls, or simply savouring the great outdoors. Plus, with Manchester and Liverpool within close reach, Wigan serves as a fantastic base to explore the North West of England. So, if you're contemplating a different kind of destination, filled with history, culture, and outdoor activities, don't hesitate to book accommodation in Wigan. It promises to be an unforgettable experience.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much does a weekend stay in a hotel in Wigan cost?

    A weekend stay at a hotel in Wigan costs an average of 157$ (based on ebooking.com rates).

    How much does a high-season weekend stay in a hotel in Wigan cost?

    A high-season weekend stay at a hotel in Wigan costs an average of 192$ (based on ebooking.com rates).

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