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    Starting your search for Vincennes hotels is the beginning of an incredible adventure brimming with history, culture, and beauty at every corner. This French city is famed for its striking medieval castle and majestic woodland, promising a stay filled with delightful surprises and memorable moments. Are you all set to uncover it all?

    Most popular Vincennes hotels

    appart hôtel victoria
    16 Rue de Montreuil

    Experience a stay at Appart Hôtel Victoria, a cosy hotel in Vincennes with amenities for disabled guests, free WiFi, and a chilled-out bar.

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    room sauvage
    1 Rue de Montreuil

    ROOM SAUVAGE provides rooms with free WiFi, a welcoming restaurant, terrace and live performances. Experience this unique stay!

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    le petit cosy vincennes
    189 Rue de Fontenay

    Enjoy a memorable stay at Le Petit Cosy Vincennes, with complimentary WiFi access and smoke-free accommodation.

    Price from 58 EUR per night
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    les lys
    9 rue de la Paix

    Discover the charm of Les Lys, located in Vincennes, France, offering parking, free WiFi, and pet-friendly accommodation. Ideal for families and nature-lovers.

    Price from 107 EUR per night
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    le petit lys
    44 rue de strasbourg

    Make your stay at Le Petit Lys, a pet-friendly hotel that offers free WiFi, parking, and activities such as hiking and cycling.

    Price from 94 EUR per night
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    séjours & affaires paris vincennes
    25 Avenue des Murs-du-Parc

    Enjoy an unforgettable stay at Séjours & Affaires Paris Vincennes, complete with parking, free WiFi and pet-friendly amenities.

    Price from 50 EUR per night
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    aparthotel adagio paris vincennes
    42 Avenue de Paris

    Aparthotel Adagio Paris Vincennes in the tranquil Parisian city: luxury rooms with gym, WiFi and parking. Pets allowed!

    Price from 81 EUR per night
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    best western saint-louis
    2 Bis Rue Robert Giraudineau

    Discover the charm of Best Western Saint-Louis, offering comfortable accommodation in the heart of Vincennes, overlooking the castle and close to the Zoo Park.

    Price from 89 EUR per night
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    hôtel donjon vincennes
    22, rue du Donjon

    Hôtel Donjon Vincennes offers a sophisticated bar, a 24-hour room service, and enhanced security for your well-being. Enjoy it to the fullest.

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    hotel daumesnil-vincennes
    50, avenue de Paris

    Hotel Daumesnil-Vincennes: 24-hour reception, free WiFi, terrace, secure parking. Your cosy refuge in the city!

    Price from 101 EUR per night
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    hôtel du château
    1, rue Robert Giraudineau

    Hôtel du Château in Vincennes, France, offers amenities such as free WiFi, private parking, and is pet-friendly. It's ideal for families and business trips.

    Price from 81 EUR per night
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    meublés de tourisme à vincennes
    17 Avenue de Paris

    The Meublés de Tourisme à Vincennes offers you a comfortable stay complete with air conditioning, free WiFi, and smoke-free accommodation.

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    le home
    7 Rue Eugenie Gerard

    Discover Le Home, a cosy 2 star hotel in Vincennes offering free WiFi, breakfast in room, luggage storage and air conditioning.

    Price from 85 EUR per night
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    royal regency paris vincennes
    69/71, Rue Defrance

    Discover the Royal Regency Paris Vincennes with its superb location, offering free WiFi, on-site parking and 24-hour reception.

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    Dreamy Accommodation in Vincennes: Comfort, history and culture all under one roof

    As you start planning your holiday and choose from Vincennes hotels, you are unlocking a unique experience where history, culture and comfort intertwine. Located to the east of Paris, Vincennes is renowned for its grand medieval castle and sprawling forest, one of the largest in Paris, thus providing accommodation in Vincennes surrounded by natural beauty and striking architecture. The Château de Vincennes, a former royal palace topped by a 50-metre tower, is a must-see for lovers of history and architecture. Also nearby, you can revel in a leisurely stroll through the Bois de Vincennes, a forest that offers a wide array of activities, from boat trips to open-air picnics. The hotels in this city are the icing on the cake, complete with comfortable and stylish rooms that will make you feel right at home. In addition, the excellent location of these establishments allows easy and quick access to the main points of interest.

    Staying in Vincennes not only offers comfort but also the chance to explore the rich culinary culture of this region. You'll savour the exquisite French cuisine in the city's numerous restaurants, offering everything from gourmet dishes to cosy bistros with homemade menus. Experience real life in Vincennes by visiting local markets for fresh produce, spending the afternoon in cosy cafés, or enjoying an exhilarating show at the local theatre. In Vincennes, each day is an adventure. Undeniably, Vincennes is a city awaiting your arrival with open arms and a wide offering of top-quality accommodation that will make your stay an unforgettable experience. Book your hotel in Vincennes now and get ready for a holiday filled with charm, history and comfort.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much does a weekend stay in a hotel in Vincennes cost?

    A weekend stay at a hotel in Vincennes costs an average of 153$ (based on rates).

    How much does a high-season weekend stay in a hotel in Vincennes cost?

    A high-season weekend stay at a hotel in Vincennes costs an average of 401$ (based on rates).

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