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    Stay at one of our Vinaròs hotels. Take advantage of our low prices on fully-equipped accommodation. We have the best options on eBooking. Book with us in the historic heart of Vinaròs. You'll be close to significant spots such as the Asunción Fortress Church and the Giner House. Other landmarks to keep in mind are the Fortí Beach and the Vinaròs Promenade. Not only do they offer various entertainment options, but some of our finest hotels are also located there. The Fora del Forat Beach and the Bullring, both situated by the sea, are well worth a visit.

    Most popular Vinarós hotels

    Saldonar p,

    Relish the open air with your stay at The Trinidad in Vinaròs, featuring an enticing terrace and swimming pool. Enjoy free Wi-Fi and close proximity to the Barbiguera and Triador beaches.

    Show prices verda vinaròs
    27 Carrer Boverals Hh

    VIL.LA VERDA VINARÒS, an elegant house with a private pool, complimentary WiFi services and free car parking. Marvel at the terrace, the barbecue amenities, and our lovely garden.

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    apartamento coqueton
    17 Carrer de Ll Santapau

    The apartamento coqueton in Vinaròs offers garden views, a bar, an equipped kitchen and is close to El Forti beach. Ideal for hiking, diving, and fishing.

    Show prices
    apartamento centro
    17 Carrer de Ll Santapau

    Apartamento centro in Vinaròs: accommodation with views, free WiFi, and close to El Fortí beach. Enjoy air conditioning and a well-equipped kitchen.

    Show prices
    a h rentals villa carolina a 150 pasos de la playa
    Avinguda de Francisco José Balada 90

    A H RENTALS Villa Carolina, just 150 steps from the beach in Vinaròs, offers 2 bedrooms, a balcony, a terrace, and a fully equipped kitchen. Pets are welcome and there is free parking.

    Show prices
    hostal castellverd
    Carretera Valencia-Barcelona 132

    Discover Hostal Castellverd in Vinaròs with free WiFi, solarium, swimming pool, bar, and garden, perfect for a relaxing holiday.

    Price from 50 EUR per night
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    hotel crystal park
    Carretera Nacional 340, km 1048,2

    The Crystal Park Hotel in Vinaròs, a 3-star pet-friendly establishment, with air-conditioned rooms, wifi, and private bathrooms. Enjoy on-site facilities such as pools, a bar and parking. Breakfast included.

    Show prices
    Carrer de la Mare de Déu del Remei N°11

    The 4* VINALUX Hotel in Vinaròs provides single, twin and triple rooms, all equipped with air-conditioning, Wi-Fi, TV and private en-suite facilities. Guests can also enjoy a wellness centre and breakfast.

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    hotel la bolera
    Avenida Castellón, 18

    Hotel La Bolera - A 2-star stay in Vinarós, Spain. 25 rooms with air-con, Wi-Fi, TV, dressing room, bath, and shower. Pub, luggage storage, accessible facilities. Welcoming pets.

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    hotel roca
    N-340, Km.1049

    Hotel Roca in Vinaròs, Spain: 2-star, 36 air-conditioned rooms, wifi, TV, fully equipped bathrooms. Restaurant, swimming pool, adaptable lounges.

    Show prices
    nou casablanca
    Santa Ana, 30

    Nou Casablanca Hotel (2*) in Vinaròs, Spain, offers AC rooms with TV, shower, bath, and hairdryer. Free WiFi, luggage storage, transfers, pvt parking.

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    villa mario para 8 con piscina
    Camí D'Alcanar

    Discover Villa Mario for 8 with a pool, an ideal setting with free WiFi, a private pool and complimentary parking for a splendid stay in Vinaròs.

    Show prices
    hotel rh vinarós aura
    Del Mar, 2

    Hotel RH Vinarós Aura is a 4* lodging with AC, Wi-Fi, TV, telephone, private bathroom with hydromassage, amenities, pool, restaurant, and parking.

    Show prices
    la terraza
    Carrer nou 18 Apartamento

    Situated in Vinaròs, La Terraza boasts a terrace and complimentary WiFi, accepts pets, and provides a variety of activity options including golf, billiards, and windsurfing.

    Show prices
    vinaros playa de arena
    Avinguda de Pau Béjar 2 4º2º

    The vinaros playa de arena in Vinaròs offers sea views, a balcony, free WiFi and is situated right on the beach, just 80 metres from Lo Coot beach.

    Price from 90 EUR per night
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    Stay near Vinaròs's landmark sites

    Vinaròs is noted for its beaches and historic sites. It is located in the Valencian Community, alongside the Mediterranean Sea. Choose from the Vinaròs hotels we have on offer for you with the best locations and begin an unforgettable journey. Your visit to this beautiful Spanish city should start at its Historical Centre, a bustling area filled with age-old sites that bear witness to the past. Here you can see the Asunción Fortress Church, the Giner House and the Membrillera House. But the best part is that in this area, we have accommodation at affordable rates. All come with air-conditioned rooms and amenities such as a gym, restaurant and private parking, or parking close by.

    The best areas to stay in Vinaròs

    The advantages of hotels in Vinaròs city centre are numerous. Thanks to their location, access to the city's tourist sites is easy—never mind that our hotels in this area are more affordable. Many of them offer breakfast included and have a gym and restaurants. You can opt to spend a sun-filled day of fun at the Fortí Beach, located near the city's promenade, which provides entertainment options at any time of the day. Our accommodations in this area also offer facilities that guarantee fun, such as swimming pools, restaurants with show cooking, nightclubs and live shows. What more could you want? Water sports enthusiasts will enjoy a visit to the Fora del Forat Beach, one of our favourite areas for accommodation in the city. Choose your Vinaròs accommodation today. Some of them offer surf schools, equipment rental for water activities and everything you desire for a beach adventure. There's an adults-only spot in Vinaròs. It's the Río de la Senia nudist beach. We have several accommodations in the area familiar with naturism practices, featuring modern facilities, wellness areas, massage services, restaurants, the ideal complement to this natural experience.

    Find your perfect hotel in Vinaròs

    If you're travelling with family, you'll be pleased to know that we have hotels in Vinaròs, Spain, complete with a children's playground, buffet breakfast and a pet-friendly policy, so everyone will have a wonderful time. We can also suggest for those with youngsters a cove with little swell and flat terrain, such as Clot beach. In keeping with its tradition, the Bullring in Vinaròs is very popular. We have accommodation nearby with à la carte restaurants, rooms with balconies and cocktail bars. An interesting surprise the town has to offer is the El Puig de la Misericordia archaeological site. Several of our accommodation options offer information and plans to visit it and take a real journey into the past. No more wondering where to stay in Vinaròs. Choose the option that suits your preferences and book with us.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Which are the best hotels in Vinarós?

    The best hotels in Vinarós are Hotel Teruel, Hotel Duc de Vendôme, and Estudios RH Vinaros.

    How much does a weekend stay in a hotel in Vinarós cost?

    A weekend stay at a hotel in Vinarós costs an average of 174$ (based on rates).

    How much does a high-season weekend stay in a hotel in Vinarós cost?

    A high-season weekend stay at a hotel in Vinarós costs an average of 306$ (based on rates).

    Which are the best family-friendly hotels in Vinarós?

    The best family-friendly hotel in Vinarós is Hotel RH Vinaros Playa & Spa 4* Sup.

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