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    Stay at our handpicked selection of la Vila Joiosa / Villajoyosa hotels, and gear up for the adventure of discovering this enchanting Spanish seaside town on the Costa Blanca in Alicante. Meander through the capital of the Marina Baja region while residing at our establishments boasting reasonable prices. Stay at the hotels we feature along the beachfront and walk along the coast, with intriguing small coves in the vicinity. At eBooking, we proffer accommodation near old town la Vila Joiosa / Villajoyosa. Learn about its history and take in the emblematic buildings and colourful façade houses fronting the sea. Select one of our hotels and visit must-see spots, such as the Valor Chocolate Factory and Museum.

    Most popular Villajoyosa hotels

    pou by vilamassalia only adults
    1 Carrer Pou

    Pou by Vilamassalia Adults Only in Villajoyosa. Rooms and apartments with WiFi, TV, air conditioning. Includes a restaurant, continental breakfast, terrace, and car park. Book now!

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    el artista
    85 Partida Paraíso

    El Artista in Villajoyosa is the perfect place to enjoy the beach - offering free Wi-Fi, a bar, parking and pet-friendly accommodation.

    Price from 18 EUR per night
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    hostal rosa
    Quintana 46, 1º

    Immerse yourself in comfort at Hostal Rosa, offering free WiFi, air conditioning, and nearby activities like diving and snorkelling.

    Price from 28 EUR per night
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    hotel censal
    Avda. País Valencià nº 25

    Hotel Censal in Villajoyosa, Spain. Rooms with air conditioning, television, wifi, minibar and bathroom. Restaurant, bar, pool, terrace with a hot tub, sun deck with loungers and reception.

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    hotel servigroup montíboli
    Partida El Montiboli, s/n

    The five-star Servigroup Montíboli Hotel in Villajoyosa, Spain. Rooms equipped with wifi, TV, minibar, desk, and private bathroom. Facilities include restaurants, a swimming pool, garden, gym and event rooms.

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    hotel allon mediterrania
    Avenida del Puerto, 4

    Allon Mediterrania, a 4-star hotel in Villajoyosa, Spain, offers comfortable rooms with all comforts and services. It features a restaurant, bar, pool, and lounges.

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    casa palacios de marchena
    Casa Palacios de Marchena
    7 Carrer Sant Cristòfol entire home

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    apartamento plaza
    Apartamento Plaza
    Plaza de la Generalitat número 7, Entresuelo B

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    2 bedrooms appartement with sea view and furnished terrace at villajoyosa
    2 bedrooms appartement with sea view and furnished terrace at Villajoyosa
    Avenida del Port Comunidad Valenciana, Alicante

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    happyvila rustico apartments
    HAPPYVILA Rustico Apartments
    Costera la Mar, 12

    Price from 66 EUR per night
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    apartamento moderno en la playa
    apartamento moderno en la playa
    Calle Gregal nº6 Apartamento 20, 1 floor, Edificio Alcotan 1

    Price from 46 EUR per night
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    happyvila apartments
    HAPPYVILA Apartments
    Costera la Mar, 12

    Price from 61 EUR per night
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    hostal el mercat
    Hostal El Mercat
    Jaime Soler Urrios, 2

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    rosal by vilamassalia only adults
    Rosal by Vilamassalia Only Adults
    Plaza de la iglesia 2

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    blue line apartment hotel
    Blue Line Apartment Hotel
    11 Avinguda Marina Baixa

    Price from 83 EUR per night
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    Choose the perfect beach hotel in la Vila Joiosa / Villajoyosa

    Experience the charm of one of Alicante's most beautiful towns on the Costa Blanca, and savour your stay in the finest hotels in la Vila Joiosa / Villajoyosa, Spain, we have for you. You'll be near the city's bustling hotspots. Looking to soak up the sun? We suggest staying beachfront as most of the hotels we offer come with rooms and flats featuring a terrace and a well-equipped kitchen. They also provide 24-hour reception, Wi-Fi, and parking. Rest assured, they're fitted out with everything you need for a memorable stay. Furthermore, we provide you with our range of hotels nearby Torres Beach, one of the most serene and offering safe swimming for children. Close by, you'll find the Hercules Tower, which clearly warrants a visit. For those interested in nudism, we feature hotels close to Racó del Conill Cove nestled in a secluded coastal area with its crystal-clear waters completing the heavenly scenery. If you're visiting the city with family, consider choosing an accommodation in la Vila Joiosa / Villajoyosa among our hotels in the city centre. They offer cutting-edge facilities, swimming pools, and restaurants. You'll be staying a stone's throw away from landmarks like Villajoyosa Castle and Our Lady of Assumption Church-Fortress, which are part of the old town and are city icons.

    Book at the comfortable la Vila Joiosa / Villajoyosa hotels

    While relishing the city's stunning sites, we suggest staying at an accommodation that caters to your needs. We have several hotel options including breakfast, equipped with modern facilities, a bar, restaurant, pool, and private parking. Therefore, you can enjoy a comfortable stay at one of our best la Vila Joiosa / Villajoyosa hotels and continue exploring various attractions. Choose one of our hotels from where you can appreciate the Amadorio River bridges and visit the reservoir with the same name. Stroll along the small plaza and, if you're a fishing enthusiast, get the chance to catch an impressive specimen.

    Find the best area to stay in la Vila Joiosa / Villajoyosa

    Staying near the city centre presents its advantages and is an excellent option for those wishing to relax away from tourist crowds without missing out on the fun. We offer options for accommodation in la Vila Joiosa / Villajoyosa with establishments providing top-notch locations to visit the unmissable Valor Chocolate Museum and Factory. Book at our hotels in la Vila Joiosa / Villajoyosa, Spain, and set off on a hiking route towards the Tossal at the Malladeta. Take this excellent photo opportunity of unrivalled coastal views over the Mediterranean. Additionally, we recommend staying near the port and the Fishermen's Quarter to witness the fishing tradition while enjoying the mouth-watering cuisine of the Costa Blanca. If you're looking for a romantic getaway, we have la Vila Joiosa / Villajoyosa hotels of exceptional reputation, highly recommended for couples.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Which are the best hotels in Villajoyosa?

    The best hotels in Villajoyosa are Apartamentos Costera del Mar By Mc and :hotel2.

    How much does a weekend stay in a hotel in Villajoyosa cost?

    A weekend stay at a hotel in Villajoyosa costs an average of 160$ (based on rates).

    How much does a high-season weekend stay in a hotel in Villajoyosa cost?

    A high-season weekend stay at a hotel in Villajoyosa costs an average of 297$ (based on rates).

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