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    Book at Vic hotels that we have specially chosen for you. Stay in accommodation with all the creature comforts and get to know our quaint city. Browse eBooking for the top accommodation options for a truly unforgettable stay. Why not consider a stay near Vic's Main Square, one of the country's grandest, where the city's key events, festivals and local commemorations take place? You may also delight in staying near Vic Cathedral, a fusion of mixed architectural styles. We offer establishments near the Roman Temple of Vic, one of the well-preserved 1st century monuments from Roman Spain. Book with us and enjoy your stay in Vic.

    Most popular Vic hotels

    feelhomevic. ático con terraza en centro histórico
    12 Carrer de Sant Sadurní

    Delight in a stay at FeelhomeVIC, a centrally located penthouse in Vic, complete with a terrace, free WiFi, air conditioning and accessibility for individuals with reduced mobility.

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    luxury apartment stancesvic loft (new)
    Plaça dels Màrtirs

    Uncover ease and comfort at Luxury Apartment Stancesvic LOFT (New), fitted with free WiFi, private parking and a transfer service. It's perfect for a stay!

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    apt 1 acollidor al centre històric de vic aptgarbi
    3 Carrer de Sant Miquel dels Sants 2n 1a

    APT 1 Acollidor at the Historic Centre of Vic APTGARBI, boasting free Wi-Fi throughout the property, is situated 200m from the Vic Episcopal Museum.

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    niu del sol
    8 Rambla de les Davallades 4

    Discover the enchantment of Vic at the Niu del Sol hotel, outfitted with a terrace, free WiFi, and amenities including air conditioning and family rooms.

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    apt 3 àtic acollidor al centre de vic - aptgarbi
    3 Carrer de Sant Miquel dels Sants 3er

    Discover APT 3 Àtic acollidor al Centre de Vic - APTGARBI, located in Vic. Offering free Wi-Fi throughout the apartment and non-smoking stay options.

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    confortable pis en ple centre de vic aptgarbi
    6 Plaça de la Pietat 2n 1a

    Offering hassle-free accommodation with complementary WiFi and Covid-19 safety measures, the lovely PIS APTGARBI is located in the heart of Vic. Guests can check-in from 16:00.

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    estació del nord
    Plaça Estació, 4

    Discover Estació del Nord Hotel in Vic, featuring modern and minimalist rooms, complimentary WiFi, and a homely breakfast service.

    Price from 46 EUR per night
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    up rooms vic hotel
    Passatge Can Mastrot, s/n

    Delight in the amenities of the Up Rooms Vic Hotel, featuring room service, complimentary Wi-Fi, and public parking nearby.

    Price from 86 EUR per night
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    les clarisses boutique hotel
    Plaça de Malla

    The Les Clarisses Boutique Hotel, offering free WiFi and car park facilities, boasts a range of amenities including a restaurant, bar, activity rooms and spacious accommodation.

    Price from 98 EUR per night
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    hotel j. balmes vic
    Carrer Francesc Pla, 6

    Hotel J. Balmes Vic provides stylish rooms, a bar, laundry service, free WiFi, and 24-hour reception in a convenient location in Vic.

    Price from 53 EUR per night
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    mazi apartments colón
    Mazi Apartments Colón
    1 Rambla del Passeig

    Price from 80 EUR per night
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    dúplex acollidor al centre de vic aptgarbi
    DÚPLEX Acollidor al Centre de Vic APTGARBI
    Carrer Bisbe Casadevall 11 , 2º1ª

    Price from 65 EUR per night
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    apartament encantador al centre de vic aptgarbi
    APARTAMENT Encantador al Centre de Vic APTGARBI
    11 Carrer del Bisbe Casadevall 2º 2ª

    Price from 65 EUR per night
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    pis acollidor al centre històric de vic aptgarbi
    PIS Acollidor al Centre històric de Vic APTGARBI
    Carrer de Sant Miquel dels Sants

    Price from 65 EUR per night
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    hotel can pamplona
    Hotel Can Pamplona
    Eix Onze de Setembre 10 (Al costat del Recinte Firal El Sucre)

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    Discover the benefits of choosing a charming hotel in Vic

    To truly appreciate this location, we recommend you to start off by booking at one of our hotels in Vic. Familiarise yourself with the city's history and marvel over its architectural monuments. Don't forget to explore Vic's Main Square, one of the largest in the country, where you can experience the city's most significant events and festivities. The surrounding buildings bring an array of architectural styles from Renaissance to Baroque. Hotels in that area are equipped with Wi-Fi, TV and air conditioning and offer excellent value for money.

    Enjoy a stay in accommodation in the heart of Vic

    Indulge in an unbeatable accommodation experience and stay at some of our hotels in Vic city centre whilst taking in splendid sights of this historical city. Do not miss out on the Vic City Hall, a baroque-style building with stunning panoramic views. We have ideal hotels in the vicinity where you and your family can feel comfortable; offering cozy rooms, private bathrooms, along with a bar and car park. Are you passionate about religious tourism? You'll love visiting Vic Cathedral, a blend of various architectural styles. You'll be captivated by its Romanesque bell tower, neoclassical facade and a 14th-century gothic cloister. We offer numerous nearby accommodations, featuring modern facilities with gardens, terraces, and restaurants. Discover the best accommodation offers in Vic, perfect for you. We provide affordable hotels that offer continental breakfast, complimentary Wi-Fi, and gym facilities. They're ideally positioned, with many near the Roman Temple of Vic, one of Spain's best-preserved historical marvels.

    The best area to stay in Vic

    Choose where to stay in Vic and find everything you require for an unforgettable holiday. We invite you to book near the Episcopal Museum, one of the most important in Europe thanks to its vast collection of medieval artwork, both Romanesque and Gothic. You will marvel at around 3000 well-preserved pieces. Explore the city and stay in affordable hotels, which offer air-conditioned rooms and in some cases, car parking facilities. In addition, we have hotels in Vic, Spain, rated four stars, providing satellite TV, free Wi-Fi across all facilities, and on-site restaurants and lounges. Remember to stop by the Queralt Bridge, located near Vic's ancient 11th-century walls, showcasing Romanesque style.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much does a weekend stay in a hotel in Vic cost?

    A weekend stay at a hotel in Vic costs an average of 108$ (based on rates).

    How much does a high-season weekend stay in a hotel in Vic cost?

    A high-season weekend stay at a hotel in Vic costs an average of 162$ (based on rates).

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