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    We've got an extensive assortment of Vélez-Málaga hotels. Book at our cosy lodgings and enjoy a family holiday in this delightful town in the province of Málaga. We facilitate superb facilities to serve you as you deserve, whether you're travelling solo, or visiting with your family or partner. Additionally, you'll be in the prime location to visit San Francisco Convent and Constitution Square. Plus, you can choose to stay in an aparthotel or a well-appointed country house. Don't forget to check out the Beniel Marquis Palace and the Museum. We offer accommodation close to Cervantes' House too. What's holding you back from booking?

    Most popular Vélez-Málaga hotels

    casa rural el mirador
    309 Diseminado Trapiche

    Casa Rural El Mirador: A smoke-free haven with WiFi, a swimming pool, and a garden. Pet-friendly and provides free parking. Perfect for families.

    Price from 58 EUR per night
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    finca el mundo verde - luxury eco studio
    54 Diseminado Chozas

    Discover Finca El Mundo Verde - Luxury Eco Studio, nestled in Vélez-Málaga, providing stays complete with an outdoor swimming pool, barbecue facilities and a garden.

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    apartamentos las colinas
    Pago Cabrillas

    Discover Las Colinas Apartments, nestled in the tranquillity of the mountains of Vélez-Málaga, complete with a swimming pool, paddle court, and complimentary parking.

    Price from 30 EUR per night
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    villa el patio andaluz velez-malaga by ruralidays
    Villa El Patio Andaluz Velez-Malaga by Ruralidays
    Calle Félix Lomas, 25,

    Price from 94 EUR per night
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    brisa chilches nº 6
    Brisa Chilches nº 6
    Residencial Teresa, Chilches, Vélez-Málaga, Málaga 6

    Show prices
    atico las palmeras golf
    Atico Las Palmeras Golf
    Avenida Palmeras de Baviera

    Show prices
    casa vistas axarquia
    Casa Vistas Axarquia
    c/ oriental n200

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    el escorial
    El Escorial

    Price from 260 EUR per night
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    hotel dila
    Hotel Dila
    Avenida Vivar Tellez, 3

    Show prices
    escuela la crujía
    Escuela La Crujía
    Atalaya Baja, El Trapiche

    Price from 60 EUR per night
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    hotel palacio blanco
    Hotel Palacio Blanco
    Felix Lomas 4

    Price from 89 EUR per night
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    beach home nature
    Beach Home Nature
    Avenida Brisa del Mar

    Price from 76 EUR per night
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    casa bambu resort
    Casa Bambu Resort
    Ds Los Pepones 63

    Price from 33 EUR per night
    Show prices
    bungalow con piscina en camping privado cerca de la playa de torre del mar ideal familias
    Bungalow con piscina en camping privado cerca de la playa de Torre del Mar Ideal familias
    Calle Camino de Algarrobo Finca Aire Libre

    Price from 42 EUR per night
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    avenida i - mfg hoteles
    Avenida I - MFG Hoteles
    Vivar Tellez,85

    Show prices

    Stay with us in our Vélez-Málaga accommodation

    Experience the charm of this city in Andalusia autonomous community. Book at our hotels in Vélez-Málaga, rest in cosy facilities and explore this lovely town. Vélez is not just the birthplace of flamenco singers and writers, it's also rich in monumental architecture. Comfortably sleep in our hotels in Vélez-Málaga city centre, positioning you perfectly to visit major attractions. Arguably, one unmissable thing to do is stroll through the cobbled streets of its Old Town. Within the same vicinity, you'll find restaurants serving the finest local cuisine. We also house establishments for families with air conditioning, parking, and Wi-Fi in common areas. Book our hotels in Vélez-Málaga, Spain and embark on a journey to the Alcazaba, at the city's highest point. There you can admire Santa María's church and soak in the unique landscape.

    Find the best hotel in Vélez-Málaga

    We present an outstanding array of accommodation in Vélez-Málaga comprising aparthotels, an excellent choice if you opt to come as a group. This way, you'll stay in establishments featuring central heating, TV, Wi-Fi throughout, outdoor terrace, and restaurant. The cherry on top is that you'll have easy access to the Vélez-Málaga Museum, displaying archaeological artifacts from Prehistory, Phoenician, Roman and Arab epochs. You shouldn't miss the opportunity to visit the Beniel Marquis Palace, a Mudejar-style edifice hosting cultural events and exhibitions. If you're travelling with your partner, we ensure everything is in place for an unforgettable stay. Our hotels usually provide breakfast in the room as well as balconies, along with parking and a café. Another intriguing destination neatly fits into your itinerary is Cervantes' House, where you can uncover the famous writer's history during his time in the town. For this experience, we suggest you lodge in a country house furnished with everything needed for a pleasant stay. Book with us and experience the accommodation of your dreams.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much does a weekend stay in a hotel in Vélez-Málaga cost?

    A weekend stay at a hotel in Vélez-Málaga costs an average of 258$ (based on ebooking.com rates).

    How much does a high-season weekend stay in a hotel in Vélez-Málaga cost?

    A high-season weekend stay at a hotel in Vélez-Málaga costs an average of 910$ (based on ebooking.com rates).

    Which are the best family-friendly hotels in Vélez-Málaga?

    The best family-friendly hotels in Vélez-Málaga are B Bou Hotel Cortijo Bravo and Beach and Family.

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