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    Explore our grand offers for Valls hotels and experience a splendid holiday in this capital city of Alt Camp, Tarragona. We propose establishments brimming with unconstrained modern luxuries, strategically nestled in the town. Accept our invitation to luxuriate in the heart of the old town and take pleasure in the charm of dozing close to the architectural masterpieces, such as the St. John the Baptist Archpriest Church and the Sanctuary of the Virgin of Lledó. We also possess an array of hotels located just steps from the Carriages and Tools of the Field Museum, and the Valls Museum. Our wide-ranging accommodation offerings will surely enrich your vibrant city exploration, and grant you restful moments in top-tier facilities, whether you're cruising with your partner or a larger crew. Undoubtedly, Valls will beguile you.

    Most popular Valls hotels

    unik vacation la noguera rural valls

    Relish in the serene countryside life at Unik Vacation La Noguera Rural Valls, complete with free parking, WiFi, an outdoor swimming pool, and barbecue.

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    hotel class valls
    Paseo Del President Tarradellas, s/n

    Discover the Hotel Class Valls, a comfortable and contemporary hotel in Valls, complete with complimentary Wi-Fi, fitness centre, sauna, and an outdoor pool.

    Price from 61 EUR per night
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    felix hotel
    Felix Hotel
    Carretera de Tarragona, Km 17

    Price from 45 EUR per night
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    The prime location to stay in Valls

    The capital city of Alt Camp is laden with magnificent sites, artfully intertwining historical tales with captivating architectural marvels. Choose our hotels in Valls city centre and bask in the modern facilities while embracing the beauty of Valls' rich history. The undeniable prime spot to stay is the city's old town. You'll admire the St. John the Baptist Archpriest Church, the Sanctuary of the Virgin of Lledó, and the Rosary Chapel. The drawcard is that our centrally-located Valls hotels provide privileged access to these intriguing sites and boast amenities like restaurants, swimming pools, bars, and parking. After rejuvenating slumber in the cozy rooms, visit the Carriages and Tools of the Field Museum, the Valls Museum, and the Mother Güell's Birthplace Museum, all worthy of exploration. The city centre also enjoys a bustling vibe, with a variety of dining options and shopping establishments. At your service are our budget-friendly hotels that allow for a comprehensive exploration of the locality without burning a hole in your pocket. Undeniably, making Valls your base for a Tarragona vacation is a wise choice.

    Locate your ideal hotel in Valls

    Our range of accommodation in Valls is expansive and adapts to all personal preferences. In fact, we offer four-star establishments boasting unparalleled locations, providing easy access to architectural gems, such as the Gothic-style Sant Joan church and the city symbol, the bell tower of Sant Joan. Back at the establishment, you'll find luxurious amenities that include gourmet restaurants, rooms featuring hydro massage tubs, rooftop terraces, a gym, spa, and indoor parking. Wondering where to stay during your family vacation in Valls? We've got you covered with perfect choice selections catering to all tastes. We can present you with well-appointed aparthotels with home-like facilities, air-conditioned rooms, and balconies. Some offer close proximity to the historical and artistic site, the Roser Chapel. Discover the hidden treasures of this charming village from any of our hotels.

    Relax in our accommodations in Valls

    Our hotels in Valls, Spain, possess prime locations and are close to the city's popular sites offering a grand exploration of the Principal Theater, the San Roque Hospital, and Ca La Massona. If you're venturing with your partner, you'll be thrilled to discover we have romantic-styled hotels with facilities to ignite any special light you hold. Enjoy charming restaurants, room service, couples’ spa options, and outdoor swimming pools. An enriching journey surrounding the monument Als Castellers, the Sanctuary of the Virgin of Lledó and the Church of Sant Joan can be capped off with a pleasant night's stay in our budget-friendly hotels. Travelling with a larger group? No worries! We offer triple rooms and interconnected rooms, as well as commodious suites to guarantee comfort for all. Your stay in Valls will undoubtedly be memorable!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much does a weekend stay in a hotel in Valls cost?

    A weekend stay at a hotel in Valls costs an average of 120$ (based on rates).

    How much does a high-season weekend stay in a hotel in Valls cost?

    A high-season weekend stay at a hotel in Valls costs an average of 200$ (based on rates).

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