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    We've got a diverse range of Valencia de Don Juan hotels. Book a stay at our cosy establishments and indulge in a family holiday within Leon province. Our charm-filled facilities are perfect for a homely stay, situated in an environment that transports you back in time. Plus, we make visiting the famous Coyanza Castle, a local emblem, easily accessible. If you're travelling with a large family or group, you can opt for a holiday home or well-equipped apartment. Be sure to check out the circular route of the Greenway of Esla. Book with us and enjoy Valencia de Don Juan.

    Most popular Valencia de Don Juan hotels

    apartamento valencia de don juan
    Apartamento Valencia de don Juan
    5 Plaza de San Miguel

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    hostal el palacio
    Hostal El Palacio
    Calle palacio, 3

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    hotel villegas
    Hotel Villegas
    Palacio, 10

    Price from 65 EUR per night
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    Stay at our hotels in Valencia de Don Juan city centre

    Experience the charm of an ancient village that's transformed into an ideal holiday destination, within the province of Leon. Reserve a room at our hotels in Valencia de Don Juan, sleep in modern facilities and start your city exploration. The city centre is the best place to stay, you'll enjoy an atmosphere bustling with diverse shops and restaurants offering Coyanza cuisine. From our hotels around the city centre's main square you can walk around pedestrian-friendly areas right up to the church of Saint Peter the Apostle and the Town Hall building. We guarantee excellent accommodation with air conditioning, Wi-Fi throughout the building and parking, in this part of the city.

    Book our charming hotels in Valencia de Don Juan

    Our range of accommodation in Valencia de Don Juan includes boutique hotels where you can live exclusive experiences. We offer spaces located in ancient, renovated buildings where you'll experience a medieval setting with modern comforts. Enjoy high-speed Wi-Fi, fitness centres, seasonal outdoor pools, and traditional cuisine restaurants. A wonderful addition to your stay would be a visit to the town gem, the magnificent Coyanza Castle and its lovely duck garden. The restored Tower of Omage now houses the Valencia de Don Juan Museum and the entire complex offers stunning views.

    Choose the most comfortable Valencia de Don Juan hotels

    If you're wondering where to stay in Valencia de Don Juan for your family getaway, we have several interesting options. We offer holiday homes and apartments where you'll enjoy space, comfort and privacy. You'll have access to a fully-equipped kitchen, dining room, TV, garden area, and parking. This is a brilliant alternative for visiting the Greenway of Esla, a route that follows an old railway line with a fantastic natural setting. You can do it on foot or by bike. Another perfect family outing is spending the day at the local Sports Complex, equipped with an Olympic pool, sports facilities, parks and plenty for both adults and children to enjoy. We also offer hotels in Valencia de Don Juan, Spain, for your city stay during September, the best visiting time due to its famous annual festival. At any selected time of your visit, you'll delight in the welcoming Coyanta hospitality in its markets and squares.

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