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    Most popular destinations in United Kingdom

    The top hotels in the United Kingdom

    The United Kingdom is one of those places you simply must visit. Comprised of Scotland, Wales, England, and Northern Ireland, it's a country filled with dreamy castles, breathtaking natural landscapes, and splendid gastronomy, a mix which attract millions of tourists each year.

    At ebooking.com, we present the finest hotels in the United Kingdom where you can book your stay and discover the country’s multifaceted charm, such as Hatton Garden Hotel - a hotel offering all the conveniences and services a guest may need. You'll find all-inclusive hotels in London, right in the heart of England. They provide excellent locations, near Buckingham Palace and Hyde Park.

    You may also stay in strategic locations in Scotland and freely explore Edinburgh Castle and Holyroodhouse Palace while booking in one of our UK hotels which include breakfast.

    If you're hoping to find affordable UK hotels, we have a whole list that will allow you to discover landmarks like Caernarfon Castle in Wales; the Giant's Causeway, and the Titanic Belfast Museum in Northern Ireland.

    Visit the ebooking.com website and book the UK hotel that best fits your needs and budget. We recommend CitySpace Tower Bridge and Lancaster Hall Hotel, two of the top UK hotels, not only for their services and conveniences, but also for their prime locations. 

    Discover the best all-inclusive hotels in the UK

    The UK's capital, London, is a must-visit for any traveller. Our system offers the opportunity to book a stay in an all-inclusive UK hotel located right in the heart of London. The hotels provide comfortable accommodation, including on-premises restaurants and stylish bars for unwinding with a drink.

    Additional amenities include rooftop terraces, offering splendid views of monument-packed London; as well as Wi-Fi, parking and luggage storage. These are perfect for those eager to visit iconic landmarks, being close to Hyde Park, and a short journey from Buckingham Palace and the Natural History Museum.


    Stay in a hotel in Scotland, UK

    To continue your tour, it'd be worth stopping over in Scotland's capital, Edinburgh. A city filled with charming medieval architecture and a particularly historical city centre.

    We recommend a stay in the heart of the city, close to the iconic Royal Mile. This UK hotel has luxury in every detail, from its restaurant to gym and spa, right through to its expansive terrace views of the old cityscape. It's also pet-friendly and adapted for guests with reduced mobility. You'll be walking distance from world famous locations like Edinburgh Castle and Holyroodhouse Palace or learn about its most renowned drink at Scotch Whisky Experience.

    The Highlands are a must-visit in Scotland, especially if you're looking for a romantic getaway or dreamy honeymoon spot. For such occasions, we recommend a luxury and elegant hotel in the Achnagairn area, the best area to stay in the Highlands. With amenities like Wi-Fi, parking and 24-hour reception services, there’s little more you could want. From the property, you can set off to explore the hills of Perthshire, drive a Land Rover, or even go rafting, canyoning and paintballing.


    Be amazed visiting a hotel in Wales, UK

    Caernarfon is located in northern Wales and is filled with natural beauty and medieval charm.

    We urge you to visit and stay in a UK four-star hotel whose romantic design is one of its main features. The complex offers recreational and leisure facilities, such as a swimming pool and a spa. Also, it has a highly regarded restaurant and a bar where excellent company and drinks await. Its smoke-free spaces and 24-hour reception service complete the list of important services.

    From this central UK breakfast-included hotel, you can reach the UNESCO World Heritage renowned Caernarfon Castle with just a short walk.


    Visit Northern Ireland and stay in a UK hotel

    Northern Ireland also has surprisingly beautiful places, perhaps none more so than the Giant's Causeway, a pathway of 40,000 basalt columns created by volcanic lava cooling.

    We invite you to stay in a four-star hotel, perfect for lovers of comfort. It has facilities equipped with a swimming pool and gym, as well as a top-notch restaurant and bar. It's pet-friendly and offers Wi-Fi throughout the building. You are also ideally located to visit the Carrick-a-Rede rope bridge and take part in outdoor activities like hiking and excursions.

    Belfast is the capital of Northern Ireland and definitely worth a visit, due to its interesting venues. The city's main attraction is, undoubtedly, its link to the world's most famous ship, Titanic. To discover more about this infamous vessel, we recommend a UK hotel near the interactive Titanic Belfast Museum. This UK hotel is a great choice for budget travellers. With spacious facilities offering complimentary breakfast, Wi-Fi throughout and parking, coupled with an onsite restaurant. It has a strategic location near excellent shops, nightlife, and business spots. Besides the Titanic museum, you can visit the city hall and the Ulster Museum, located in Belfast Botanic Gardens. The location of this Northern Ireland UK hotel is unbeatable. 

    Discover the most beautiful places while staying in UK hotels tailored to your needs. Browse the ebooking.com website and find the ideal hotel for you.

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