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    Stay in the best Tudela hotels and relish the experience of exploring one of Navarra's most attractive cities. Discover the charm of this town whilst you unwind in premium Tudela hotels near the Monreal Tower, where you can watch the life of Tudela unfold in real time. You can also take it easy near Fueros Square, where you'll find ceramics depicting bullfighting scenes. Book with us in the vicinity of the Tudela Museum, where you're able to gaze at capitals featuring images from the Old Testament. Then again, you'll enjoy having accommodation near Tudela Cathedral, a sacred hub brimming with staggering architecture. Indulge in Tudela's enchantment and take it easy in one of our accommodation options.

    Most popular Tudela hotels

    hotel aire de bardenas
    Carretera de Ejea, Km. 1

    Bardenas Hotel in Tudela provides free parking, complimentary WiFi and a lovely outdoor pool.

    Price from 242 EUR per night
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    hotel bed4u tudela
    Canal de Mañeru, s/n

    The Bed4U Tudela Hotel in Tudela provides a unique experience complete with parking, a bar, terrace and outstanding dry cleaning and laundry services.

    Price from 50 EUR per night
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    ac hotel ciudad de tudela by marriott
    Misericordia, s/n

    Discover the AC Hotel Ciudad de Tudela by Marriott. Boasting a sauna, fitness centre, gardens, restaurant and complimentary Wi-Fi, this hotel embodies the epitome of hospitality.

    Price from 122 EUR per night
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    hotel remigio
    Plaza de los Fueros 2

    Experience the comfort and convenience of the Remigio Hotel in Tudela, offering free WiFi, family rooms, and private parking facilities.

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    hotel sercotel tudela bardenas
    Avenida de Zaragoza, 60

    Discover the charm of Navarra at the Hotel Sercotel Tudela Bardenas, featuring complimentary Wi-Fi, a gym, in-house restaurant, and daily cleaning service.

    Price from 50 EUR per night
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    hotel santamaria
    San Marcial, 14

    Welcome to Hotel Santamaria, a comfortable accommodation featuring free Wi-Fi, private car park and pet-friendly attributes in the heart of Tudela.

    Price from 59 EUR per night
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    hotel delta
    Avenida Zaragoza, 29

    The Hotel Delta in Tudela boasts daily breakfasts, complimentary WiFi, air conditioning, satellite television and a wide selection of pillows.

    Price from 45 EUR per night
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    palacete la casa del abuelo
    Palacete La Casa del Abuelo
    Calle Rúa 9 - 1º Izquieda

    Price from 110 EUR per night
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    carmen alta
    Carmen Alta
    Calle Carmen Alta º 6

    Show prices
    horno de la higuera alojamiento
    Horno de la Higuera Alojamiento
    Horno de la Higuera 3 Horno de la Higuera 3

    Show prices
    la posada de san marcial
    La Posada de San Marcial
    San Marcial, 13

    Price from 36 EUR per night
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    casa del carmen iii
    Casa Del Carmen III
    1 Calle Jorge Burgaleta 1-3º

    Price from 85 EUR per night
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    tudela y bardenas a tus pies
    Tudela y Bardenas a tus pies
    Pº Pamplona 14, esc. 2, 6º B

    Price from 88 EUR per night
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    hotel torre monreal
    Hotel Torre Monreal
    Cuesta Loreto, 8

    Show prices
    atico lacasadetudela
    Atico Lacasadetudela
    Calle Pablo Sarasate No. 8 7°

    Price from 89 EUR per night
    Show prices

    Get to know Tudela and unwind in one of its top hotels

    Stay in the best Tudela hotels and uncover the charm of one of Navarra's most important cities. We invite you to visit the Monreal Tower, equipped with a system of mirrors and lenses that allow you to view Tudela's activities in real time. We offer a range of options for your stay in this excellent location. Relax in hostels or homestays featuring all amenities required for an unforgettable stay; alternatively, book an all-inclusive apartment – you'll certainly have fun! At eBooking, we provide accommodations with comfortable rooms, Wi-Fi and TV. Best of all, you'll be near San Julian Park, perfect for a stroll and a bit of relaxation.

    Book a Tudela city centre hotel

    We offer up budget-friendly accommodations in the city featuring beautiful, renovated facilities. Some of our hotels in Tudela city centre are part of a selection which offers the best value for money. Modern rooms with air conditioning, property wide Wi-Fi, and parking are available. If you choose to book a four-star hotel in the same city area, you'll have a unique experience. Luxuriate in high-end rooms, enjoy 24-hour reception, bar and gym. You'll simply love it! Another of our suggestions is to spend the evening in accommodation near Fueros Square, where you can find ceramics with bullfighting images. Additionally, you can visit other notable buildings nearby like the Clock House and St. Mary's Parish. Our hotels nearby these places offer restaurant, terrace and parking.

    Find your ideal Tudela hotel

    To help you decide where to stay in Tudela during your holidays, we have several perfect options for various budgets. We can suggest fully equipped apartments with dining area, kitchen, air conditioning and balcony. Their excellent location will allow you to visit unique attractions like the Tudela Museum, where you'll see a Romanesque cloister and capitals with Old Testament images. You'll have fantastic days here! Several accommodation plans are possible in this city. Explore our Tudela hotels, Spain, and avail of exclusive accommodation experiences. We offer a wide range of accommodation in the area, allowing you to enjoy a unique stay. We have establishments offering amenities like TV, swimming pool, terrace and garden, all located near the Tudela Cathedral, a grand, sacred space with striking architecture.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much does a weekend stay in a hotel in Tudela cost?

    A weekend stay at a hotel in Tudela costs an average of 123$ (based on ebooking.com rates).

    How much does a high-season weekend stay in a hotel in Tudela cost?

    A high-season weekend stay at a hotel in Tudela costs an average of 133$ (based on ebooking.com rates).

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