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    We present to you Torrevieja hotels that meet all the requirements, meriting you an unforgettable experience in this seaside town. Explore its history, coves and engaging activities that suit all interests. At eBooking, we offer sea-front accommodations, perfect for you to experience the best of the Mediterranean and acquaint yourself with La Mata beach and the Cura beach. We also encourage you to consider hotels close to the Sea and Salt Museum, one of the city's main highlights. If you're travelling with your family, you'll love to stay near the Nations Park, an ideal natural environment for the little ones.

    Most popular Torrevieja hotels

    hotel tuto
    Hotel Tuto
    Callosa del Segura 6

    Hotel Tuto: 3-star lodging in Torrevieja featuring air conditioning, wifi, TV, fridge, private bathroom and more. Includes an on-site restaurant, bar and accessible facilities.

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    hotel juan carlos
    Hotel Juan Carlos
    Apolo, 85

    The Juan Carlos Hotel in Torrevieja provides air-conditioned rooms, complete with a television, Wi-Fi and a private bathroom. Enjoy a restaurant, bar, café and terrace too.

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    Carretera Alicante-Cartagena, Km 4.7

    Torrejoven Hotel: the ideal cycling-friendly stay in Torrevieja. Air-conditioned rooms with wifi, TV, and a bathroom. Pool, meeting rooms, and restaurant on hand.

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    hotel fontana plaza
    Hotel Fontana Plaza
    Rambla Juan Mateo, 19

    Hotel Fontana Plaza: A 3-star haven in Torrevieja, Spain. Offering rooms with terraces, air conditioning, TVs, Wi-Fi, and ensuites. Facilities include a restaurant, swimming pool, gym, parking and pet-friendly services.

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    apartament ania
    Apartament Ania
    Vega Baja del Segura, 12 H/2

    Discover the comfort of Apartament Ania in Torrevieja, boasting complimentary WiFi, public parking, a terrace and outdoor swimming pool. Ideal for your holiday!

    Price from 68 EUR per night
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    los locos san pascual
    los locos San Pascual
    Calle San Pascual 222 - 4th floor, Apt. 3

    Discover the Los Locos San Pascual hotel in Torrevieja, equipped with free WiFi, a lift, sunbathing terrace, heating and airport transfers, all situated right on the seafront.

    Price from 34 EUR per night
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    hotel la laguna spa & golf
    Hotel La Laguna Spa & Golf
    Avenida Antonio Quesada, 53

    Located in Torrevieja, the 4-star Hotel La Laguna Spa & Golf with 94 rooms fitted with Wi-Fi, TV and private bath offers free parking, gym, spa, restaurant, and swimming pool.

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    hotel masa international
    Hotel Masa International
    Avenida Alfredo Nobel, 150

    Masa Internacional Hotel in Torrevieja offers rooms featuring a telly, air conditioning and a private bathroom. Free WiFi, parking, and a restaurant are available. Three-star rating.

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    dña monse hotel spa & golf
    Dña Monse Hotel Spa & Golf
    Avenida Orihuela , 75 - Urb. Los Balcones

    Hotel Dña Monse in Torrevieja. 4-star, 70 rooms with Wi-Fi, air conditioning, TV, minibar and bathroom. Includes a gym, restaurant, car park and is pet-friendly.

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    hotel madrid
    Hotel Madrid
    C/ Villa Madrid 15

    Boasting a 3-star rating, Hotel Madrid in Torrevieja offers rooms with air conditioning, wifi, heating, fridge, TV, and bathroom. Amenities include a swimming pool, breakfast, and car park. Book now!

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    hotel playas de torrevieja
    Hotel Playas de Torrevieja
    Calle del Cabo s/n

    Hotel Playas de Torrevieja, beachfront location. Rooms with a living area and terrace, air conditioning, TV, wifi and private bathroom. Pool, restaurants, bar and gym available.

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    hotel cano
    Hotel Cano
    Zoa, 53

    Stay at Hotel Cano in Torrevieja, Spain: A family stay with air-con rooms, wifi, TV, and ensuite. Lounge bar, breakfast, and private parking inclusive.

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    cozy & bright bungalow
    Cozy & Bright Bungalow
    Cupido, 1

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    fidalsa paradise sea punta prima
    Fidalsa Paradise Sea Punta Prima
    tornado 2

    Price from 90 EUR per night
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    house laguna roja
    House Laguna Roja
    Calle Laguna Roja 2, 1

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    Unwind near Torrevieja’s beaches

    Reserve your stay with us at the Torrevieja hotels and explore this city teeming with idyllic beaches, museums and natural vistas. Your first stop-off should be La Mata Beach, it's the city's most expansive beach and an absolute must for sun worshippers. We suggest choosing accommodation in Torrevieja by the coast, with air-conditioned facilities and Wi-Fi access. Engage in water sports during your stay, such as surfing and kayaking. The city stands out for its warm climate and 20 kilometres of sandy coastline along the Mediterranean. We offer hotels featuring rooms with sea views and private bathrooms.

    Discover the best place to stay in Torrevieja

    Explore the Sea and Salt Museum, one of the town's most renowned attractions. Nearby, you'll find hostels that guarantee an unforgettable stay, including room service and breakfast. Close to Cura Beach, we have establishments with pet-friendly facilities and round-the-clock reception service. Thanks to its central location, the beach has become the city's busiest. We assure you that our hotels in Torrevieja city centre are affordable and come with all the amenities. The area homes the Parish of the Immaculate Conception, dating back to the 18th century, and is the city's most important religious structure.

    Enjoy Torrevieja, Spain

    If you're pondering where to stay in Torrevieja during your family holiday, we suggest you consider one of our accommodations with a swimming pool, guaranteeing fun summertime swimming for the kids. Explore the Nations Park, its recreational offing has alternatives for both adults and children. Take some time to visit Torrevieja's Casino, known for its modernist style. In the vicinity, we offer several accommodations where you can savour buffet-style breakfasts and enjoy city views from the terrace. Rest up in one of our 5-star Torrevieja hotels in Spain and indulge in exclusive services such as spa massages and in-house dining. After recharging, we suggest you sign up for a boat trip to Tabarca Island where you can explore its caves or underwater world, and appreciate its abundant marine life.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Which are the best hotels in Torrevieja?

    How much does a weekend stay in a hotel in Torrevieja cost?

    A weekend stay at a hotel in Torrevieja costs an average of 161$ (based on rates).

    How much does a high-season weekend stay in a hotel in Torrevieja cost?

    A high-season weekend stay at a hotel in Torrevieja costs an average of 258$ (based on rates).

    Which are the best family-friendly hotels in Torrevieja?

    The best family-friendly hotels in Torrevieja are Hotel La Laguna Spa & Golf, Hotel Torrejoven, and Hotel Madrid.

    Which are the best hotels for couples in Torrevieja?

    The best hotel for couples in Torrevieja is Hotel Masa International.

    Hotels of interest in Torrevieja

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