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    Book from our selection of Torla hotels for an amazing journey through this charming mountain village in upper Aragon, Huesca. We welcome you to stay in the absolute heart of the town. You'll benefit from being just a stone's throw away from Torla's grand main square and the Parochial Church of El Salvador. Our establishments provide splendid opportunities for adventurous sports in the Ordesa and Monte National Park. We offer a diverse range for all budgets, from the thrill-seekers who enjoy adventure sports like rafting, canyoning, via Ferrata, hiking, BTT and much more. Book with us and explore Torla!

    Most popular Torla hotels

    edelweiss hotel
    Ordesa, s/n

    Edelweiss Hotel, a mountain hotel in Torla, offering free WiFi and parking. Perfect for families, with non-smoking areas and family rooms.

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    silken ordesa
    Carretera Ordesa, s/n

    The Silken Ordesa is a 4-star hotel featuring amenities such as a swimming pool, spa, and complimentary WiFi, nestled in the Ordesa Valley.

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    apartamentos valle de ordesa-torla
    Apartamentos Valle de Ordesa-Torla
    Plaza Mayor Torla

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    hotel bellavista ordesa
    Hotel Bellavista Ordesa
    Avenida Ordesa, 10

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    hotel villa de torla
    Hotel Villa de Torla
    Plaza Aragon, 1

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    hotel abetos
    Hotel Abetos
    Carretera De Ordesa, s/n

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    habitación el mirador casa cajal
    Habitación El Mirador Casa Cajal
    Calle la Iglesia, Torla-Ordesa Calle La Iglesia

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    hotel villa russell
    Hotel Villa Russell
    A Ruata, s/n

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    hotel bujaruelo
    Hotel Bujaruelo
    Carretera de Ordesa, 5

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    Book a hotel in the core of Torla

    This mountain town in the upper Aragon region is the perfect blend of natural beauty and historical architecture, setting up the stage for a memorable holiday. Choose our hotels in Torla and take advantage of top-notch services, whilst exploring picturesque stone-laid streets, abundant in typical Pyrenean architecture. Discover the main square of Torla, Parochial Church of El Salvador and St. Lucia's Hermitage, all must-visits. The best part is, we provide accommodation in Torla situated in a prime location allowing easy access to these points of interest. Our facilities offer air-conditioned rooms, Wi-Fi in all areas, as well as restaurants, gyms, and parking. For families, we also have a selection of hotels in the Torla city centre adding extra convenience to be closer to shops, restaurants, and wonderful sights such as the stone-faced Lardiés House and the Ethnological Museum. Extras in these establishments include a children's play area, daily breakfast, and a restaurant. Some even have Pet Friendly policies and spas with sauna.

    Find your perfect hotel in Torla

    Our hotels in Torla, Spain, are strategically located to let you explore this wonderful natural setting in the Pyrenees of Huesca. We have a variety of options for you, from fully furnished apartments, cosy mountain-style houses to comfortable chalets. They also offer splendid opportunities for countless hiking trails in the Ordesa and Monte Perdido National Park. For those travelling with their significant other, you'll be thrilled to hear we have a selection of romantic style hotels with mountain views. You will enjoy cosy rooms, traditional cuisine in the restaurant, and bars-cafeterias. Likewise, we offer superbly equipped aparthotels where you'll have comfortable rooms, kitchen facilities, and easy access to adventurous sports like rafting and canyoning down the Ara river, as well as via Ferrata, hiking, BTT, and more.

    Stay in comfortable hotels in Torla

    This city grants numerous strikingly beautiful natural attractions ensuring unforgettable experiences. If you're wondering where to stay in Torla, we have a variety to suit all budgets. You can choose a rural-style hotel fitted with spacious rooms, a lounge bar, a seating area, and breakfast service. From there, the famous 'Horse Tail' hiking route is easily accessible. For those seeking more mountain-based action, we recommend choosing our affordable establishments offering rooms with a Jacuzzi and terrace. Once settled in, you can start your trekking adventure from the Ordesa Meadow to Hunter’s Path or to the Soaso Circus. It's fantastic to visit the waterfalls, especially the Narrow One and the Cave's. Without a doubt, our comfortable accommodation in Torla is perfect for your holiday in Huesca.

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