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    Discover all the charm this Catalan town has to offer. We provide you with Terrassa hotels offering the best value for money. Your top pick should be to book in the historical centre from where you can easily access main tourist spots, such as Plaza Vela. You may also opt to stay near Vallparadís Park, which has plenty to offer, including heritage sites, like Vallparadís Carthusian Castle and a few museums. Another smart choice is to select one of our budget-friendly hotels and explore other Catalan districts, like Barcelona itself. You'll experience top-notch accommodation in this region.

    Most popular Terrassa hotels

    elegante dúplex en terrassa, barcelona
    Carrer d'Albinyana 31

    Discover the Elegant Duplex in Terrassa, Barcelona, equipped with free WiFi, air conditioning, nearby golf facilities and a stunning terrace to enjoy.

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    céntrico y con balcón
    27 Carrer de Sant Leopold 1r

    Discover the Central and Balcony, a cosy hotel in Terrassa offering private parking, complimentary WiFi and air conditioning.

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    acogedor apartamento vallparadís con parking
    215 Carretera de Rubí 2n 2

    Savour your stay at the inviting Vallparadís Apartment complete with parking, equipped with free WiFi, air conditioning, and private parking.

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    moderno apartamento en terrassa centro
    34 Carrer del Vall

    Experience the comfort of the Modern Flat in Terrassa Centre with complimentary WiFi throughout the property and stringent hygiene measures in place against COVID-19.

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    alojamientos universitarios hipatia
    C/ Miquel Vives, 20

    Hipatia University Accommodation in Terrassa boasts 94 rooms, a gym, terrace and free WiFi. Ideal for the university community!

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    don cándido 4* sup
    Rambleta Pare Alegre, 98

    Don Cándido 4* Sup is a standout hotel in Terrassa, boasting a fantastic spa, sleek rooms, a gourmet restaurant, and complimentary WiFi.

    Price from 70 EUR per night
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    hotel boutique petit luxe
    Hotel Boutique Petit Luxe
    3 Carrer del Teatre

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    apartment with 3 bedrooms in terrassa with wonderful city view shared pool enclosed garden 30 km from the beach
    Apartment with 3 bedrooms in Terrassa with wonderful city view shared pool enclosed garden 30 km from the beach
    Carrer dels Voluntaris 72

    Price from 164 EUR per night
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    nur apartment
    Nur Apartment
    3 Carrer de la Mare de Déu del Socors Piso 1 , Puerta 2

    Price from 88 EUR per night
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    vallparadis apartment
    Vallparadis apartment
    37 Carrer de Prat de la Riba 1-B

    Price from 113 EUR per night
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    petit luxe tobella baixos
    Petit Luxe Tobella Baixos
    Carrer de Tobella Pi de la Serra 1

    Price from 142 EUR per night
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    apartamentos atlas terrassa ii
    Apartamentos Atlas Terrassa II
    175 Carrer Santa Cecília 3º 3ª

    Price from 89 EUR per night
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    apartamentos atlas terrassa iii
    Apartamentos Atlas Terrassa III
    237 Carrer de Sant Cosme 1º 4ª

    Price from 85 EUR per night
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    petit luxe dúplex
    Petit Luxe Dúplex
    Carrer de Joaquim de Paz 87

    Price from 127 EUR per night
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    petit luxe tobella dreta
    Petit Luxe Tobella Dreta
    Carrer de Tobella Pi de la Serra, 1

    Price from 121 EUR per night
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    The Best Area to Stay in Terrassa

    Experience this beautiful town located less than an hour from Barcelona. We have the best prices on Terrassa hotels to rest and revel in its rich heritage. Reserve your room today! You'll adore choosing the historic city centre as your base. It has numerous advantages, including easy access to transport links, making moving around town or further afield a breeze. Most of these establishments offer parking, Wi-Fi, restaurants, and breakfast-included options. Our hotels in Terrassa city centre are located a short distance from the lively Plaza Vela, a hub that draws tourists with its terrace restaurants, coffee houses, bars, and shops. We offer relaxing stays in modern rooms, equipped with TV and air conditioning. Some feature balconies overlooking the town.

    Choose a Relaxing Hotel in Terrassa

    Our accommodation in Terrassa is diverse and caters to all preferences. Some even offer tourist information and organise trips to significant places like Vallparadís Park, a green oasis loved by both adults and children. Wondering where to stay in Terrassa after an extended foray into nature? We suggest alternatives offering spas, heated pools with massage jets, fitness areas, as well as restaurants and bars for a delicious meal or a drink. Ensure you visit Vallparadís Carthusian Castle, which also houses the Terrassa Museum. From our hotels, you can hire a tour guide to ensure you don't miss out on any details of these and other unmissable spots.

    Discover Charming Accommodation in Terrassa

    If you're travelling from Barcelona on a tight budget, we provide affordably priced accommodation with a straightforward design, yet all the comfort and charm you'll require. Benefit from local cuisine restaurants, Wi-Fi in communal areas and rooms with a telly. Remember to include the Documentation Centre and Textile Museum, located in Vallparadís Park, in your itinerary. We offer terrific hotels in Terrassa, Spain, capable of accommodating large groups and families. Many of these have connecting rooms, restaurants or cafeterias, Wi-Fi, some even adopt a pet-friendly policy. After a hearty breakfast, you could visit the National Museum of Science and Technology of Catalonia that has quite a lot to offer. We also cater to aparthotels with a fully equipped kitchen area, barbecue spots, balconies and spacious bedrooms. Given their favourable locations, you're well-placed to embark on a tour around the surrounding towns, and even a trouble-free visit to the City of Counts. So, why wait?

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much does a weekend stay in a hotel in Terrassa cost?

    A weekend stay at a hotel in Terrassa costs an average of 158$ (based on ebooking.com rates).

    How much does a high-season weekend stay in a hotel in Terrassa cost?

    A high-season weekend stay at a hotel in Terrassa costs an average of 173$ (based on ebooking.com rates).

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