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    Book a stay at our Taurito hotels, delight in superb facilities, and explore all that this incredible bay has to offer. Here at eBooking, we provide options for you to lodge in one of the finest areas of Gran Canaria. Our selection of accommodation is ideal to unwind after a stroll through the city centre. We invite you to book at the resorts near its sandy beach, where you can partake in fantastic leisure activities and have fun with the children at the waterpark. You might also choose one of our fully inclusive apartments and hotels, from which you can embark on a tour. And for the ultimate relaxation, check into a hotel with a spa.

    Most popular Taurito hotels

    vista taurito ely
    Calle Albaicín 619

    Indulge in a stay at Vista Taurito Ely with a pool offering scenic views, a lively bar, lush garden, free Wi-Fi and air-conditioned accommodation.

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    paraiso playa taurito
    Calle Albaicín, 7

    El Paraiso Playa Taurito, located just 1.1km from Taurito beach, provides water sports facilities, complimentary WiFi, and free parking.

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    hotel the costa taurito & aquapark
    Alcazaba, 1

    Immerse yourself in Canarian luxury at the Hotel THe Costa Taurito & Aquapark, a paradise oasis boasting lush gardens, an outdoor pool, water park, restaurant, gym and spa.

    Price from 82 EUR per night
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    mogan princess & beach club
    Albaicín, 17 - Urbanización Taurito

    The Mogan Princess & Beach Club, situated in Taurito, is a 4-star hotel boasting 3 outdoor swimming pools, a restaurant and 3 bars.

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    apartment in taurito with dream landscape and 30m2 terrace.
    Apartment in Taurito with dream landscape and 30m2 terrace.
    C. Albaicín, 16. Apartment 221

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    casa don johan, playa de mogan
    Casa Don Johan, Playa de Mogan
    Avenida Los Marrero 18

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    apartment mit traumblick
    Apartment mit Traumblick
    15 Calle Albaicín

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    home2book charming views taurito, terrace&pool
    Home2Book Charming Views Taurito, Terrace&Pool

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    taurito princess
    Taurito Princess
    Alhambra, 8 (Urbanización de Taurito)

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    tui blue suite princess - adults only
    TUI BLUE Suite Princess - Adults Only
    Alcazaba, 8 (Urbanización de Taurito)

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    villas de taurito
    Villas de Taurito
    Calle Alhambra nª 1

    Price from 245 EUR per night
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    hotel the lago taurito & aquapark
    Hotel THe Lago Taurito & Aquapark
    Urbanización Taurito

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    hotel the valle taurito & aquapark
    Hotel THe Valle Taurito & Aquapark
    Urbanización Taurito S/N

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    apartamentos cordial magec taurito
    Apartamentos Cordial Magec Taurito
    6 Calle Albaicín

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    home2book valle de taurito, sea views & pool
    Home2Book Valle de Taurito, Sea Views & Pool
    15 Calle Albaicín

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    Find your ideal hotel in Taurito

    Experience unforgettable holidays in a coastal town of Gran Canaria. We guarantee that by booking with our hotels in Taurito, Spain, you'll fully relish every moment. Take a pleasant walk through the heart of the town. Savour local cuisine at delicious eateries and avail all necessities at the local stores. At the end of the day, stay at the hotels in Taurito city centre that, besides exceptional value for money, offer free Wi-Fi across all their areas, air-conditioned rooms, and parking.

    Book a beach hotel in Taurito

    Discover a blessed destination with a fine sandy beach and clean waters, awarded the Blue Flag, alongside a stunning promenade, sun loungers, parasols, eateries, and disabled access. We present fantastic alternatives where you can make your accommodation in Taurito choice from among beachfront hotels of various star ratings. Should you be travelling with a family, they'll enjoy all that this coastal area has to offer, from sports activities and diving schools to pedal boats, jet skis, and canoes. We've got hotels nestled in the mountainsides that offer splendid views from their terraces. Similarly, if you're travelling with children, we have establishments with mini-clubs, play areas, and some even offer access to a water park. To decide on your stay in Taurito, you'll love our accommodation offerings. All-inclusive resorts with mini-golf courses, pools, and restaurants to more intimate hotels, perfect for a getaway with your partner and all within a stone's throw from the beach.

    Relax at our Taurito hotels

    With our options for Taurito hotels, Spain, you can enjoy complete relaxation in our cosy and elegant rooms. If you're pursuing tranquillity, choose a hotel equipped with a gym, wellness centre, and spa, jacuzzi, sauna, and Turkish bath; you'll reach maximum relaxation and emerge rejuvenated. Add to your itinerary excursions to Puerto Mogán and Puerto Rico, for delightful boat tours. For this, we offer fully equipped villas or apartments, featuring a kitchen, private bathroom, outstanding outdoor areas, pool, and parking. In conclusion, our hotels are a sound choice for unforgettable holidays in the town of Taurito in Gran Canaria. Make your reservation now!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much does a weekend stay in a hotel in Taurito cost?

    A weekend stay at a hotel in Taurito costs an average of 273$ (based on ebooking.com rates).

    How much does a high-season weekend stay in a hotel in Taurito cost?

    A high-season weekend stay at a hotel in Taurito costs an average of 514$ (based on ebooking.com rates).

    Which are the best family-friendly hotels in Taurito?

    The best family-friendly hotel in Taurito is Apartments at Cala Blanca.

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