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    Most popular destinations in Taiwan

    Discovering the Island of Taiwan

    Taiwan, a captivating island brimming with natural beauty and rich culture. It's known predominantly for its bustling capital, Taipei, which is home to spectacular skyscrapers and age-old temples. But Taiwan offers much more, with its stunning mountains, verdant tea fields and charming coasts. A location which will undoubtedly captivate you with its diversity and appeal.

    The hotels in Taiwan: comfort and charm

    Hotels in Taiwan provide a wide range of choices for travellers. From opulent five-star hotels in the large cities to cosy accommodation in Taiwan, they're perfect for those keen to immerse themselves in the local culture. There's an abundance of options for any sort of traveller, whatever their budget or preferences might be.

    Hotels in the most significant cities of Taiwan

    Not just in Taipei, but also in cities like Kaohsiung and Tainan, you'll find hotels that offer all the amenities you need to fully enjoy your stay. Hotels in Taiwan city centre are often favoured by travellers for their strategic location, proximity to key points of interest, and excellent services. However, if you prefer something more peaceful, there are also plenty of great options for where to stay on the outskirts of the cities.

    The unique experience of Taiwan hotels

    One of the unique features of Taiwan is its traditional tea houses. Many hotels in Taiwan offer the opportunity to experience this up close, with tea rooms on-site where you can sample a variety of local teas whilst enjoying a serene and relaxed atmosphere. It's a genuine immersion in Taiwanese culture that you simply must not miss!

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