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    Explore the finest Stockport hotels selection. Nestled in Greater Manchester, England, this city boasts a wealth of tourist attractions, particularly its architectural and historical heritage. You'll revel in its vibrant nightlife, lively cultural scene and, of course, the warmness of its residents. Don't wait any longer and begin your dream journey to Stockport!

    Most popular Stockport hotels

    cheerful 3 bedroom entire home - newly furnished
    40 Eccleston Road

    Discover the Cheerful 3 bedroom entire home - newly furnished, a fully-decked out residence complete with garden, free WiFi and a private car park. It’s a perfect choice for the whole family.

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    britannia hotel, stockport
    Dialstone Lane, Offerton

    Britannia Hotel, Stockport, a modern three-star hotel with facilities such as a gym, heated swimming pool, restaurant and bar.

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    wycliffe hotel
    74 Edgeley Road

    Enjoy a comfortable stay at the Wycliffe Hotel, featuring family rooms, free WiFi throughout the property, and private parking.

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    alma lodge hotel
    149 Buxton Road

    Discover the Alma Lodge Hotel: comfortable stay with free Wifi, parking and excellent facilities. Treat yourself to an unparalleled experience.

    Price from 48 GBP per night
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    overnight stays stockport
    49 Mountpleasant hazel grove Stockport

    Relish in a comfortable and secure stay at the Overnight Stays Stockport, a hotel with complimentary parking, WiFi throughout the premises and hygienic rooms.

    Price from 33 GBP per night
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    holiday inn express - stockport, an ihg hotel
    11 Station Road

    Immerse yourself in comfort at the Holiday Inn Express - Stockport, an IHG hotel with free WiFi, restaurant, bar and high-quality services.

    Price from 36 GBP per night
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    bredbury hall hotel
    Osborne Street

    Kick back at Bredbury Hall Hotel, surrounded by gardens, with amenities such as a gym, snack bar, and free parking. A unique experience awaits in Stockport.

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    Your guide to finding yourself in the heart of Stockport

    If you're planning your next trip and have chosen Stockport, you're in luck. This picturesque UK city has much to offer. With a range of hotels in Stockport, you'll be able to find the accommodation in Stockport that best suits your needs. Stockport is renowned for its rich history and exquisite architecture. Locals will undoubtedly steer you toward the Stockport Air Raid Shelters - a network of underground tunnels built during the Second World War. But Stockport isn't solely about the past, you can also enjoy a modern theatre and outstanding galleries. When it comes to cuisine, Stockport doesn't disappoint. Delight your palate with local fare in the city's iconic pubs and restaurants. If you've a fondness for beer, you're in the right spot.

    Yet the highlight of Stockport is its locals. Known for their friendliness and hospitality, they'll make you feel right at home. The city offers a variety of activities that blend tradition with modernity in a captivating mix. Whether you desire a luxury hotel for pampering or prefer a cosy bed and breakfast to experience the local way of life, Stockport will meet your needs and maximise your enjoyment of this English gem. And of course, the simplest and safest way to book your stay in Stockport is through our eBooking platform. It's an easy, quick process without any nasty surprises. We look forward to being part of your next escape to Stockport.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much does a weekend stay in a hotel in Stockport cost?

    A weekend stay at a hotel in Stockport costs an average of 126$ (based on rates).

    How much does a high-season weekend stay in a hotel in Stockport cost?

    A high-season weekend stay at a hotel in Stockport costs an average of 175$ (based on rates).

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