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    Most popular Stavanger hotels

    quality hotel pond
    Koppholen 17

    Quality Hotel Pond Stavanger: restaurant, free parking, fitness, bar, free WiFi, ideal for families and business.

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    clarion collection hotel skagen brygge
    Skagenkaien 30

    Located in the centre of Stavanger, the Clarion Collection Hotel Skagen Brygge offers complimentary WiFi, buffet breakfast, and stunning views of the Vågen fjord.

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    st svithun hotel
    Gerd-Ragna Bloch Thorsens gate 8

    St Svithun Hotel in Stavanger: eco-friendly location, free Wi-Fi, café with terrace, and air-conditioned rooms with flat-screen TV

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    thon partner stavanger forum hotel
    Gunnar Warebergsgt 17

    The Thon Partner Stavanger Forum Hotel in Stavanger offers modern rooms, free internet access, and is close to the Rogaland Art Museum.

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    scandic royal stavanger
    Loekkeveien 26

    Scandic Royal Stavanger: swimming pool, gym, sauna. Stavanger city centre, 15 min from the airport. Daily buffet breakfast and free WiFi.

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    best western havly hotell
    Valberggt 1

    The Best Western Havly Hotell in Stavanger offers free WiFi, a varied buffet breakfast, flat-screen TV, and a nearby fitness centre.

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    scandic stavanger forus
    Bjødnabeen 2

    Scandic Stavanger Forus offers complimentary WiFi, loaner bicycles, a gym, and a restaurant. Modern rooms with TV and minibar.

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    comfort hotel square
    Løkkeveien 41

    Comfort Hotel Square in Stavanger offers free Wi-Fi, a gym, and modern rooms with flat-screen TVs. Early takeaway breakfast included.

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    scandic stavanger park
    Prestegårdsbakken 1

    The Scandic Stavanger Park offers free WiFi, a buffet breakfast and rooms with a minibar and flat-screen TV, near Stavanger train station.

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    thon hotel stavanger
    Klubbgata 6

    Thon Hotel Stavanger offers free WiFi, a fitness room, a healthy breakfast buffet, and modern rooms with Smart TVs and audio systems.

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    ydalir hotel
    99 Telegrafdirektør Heftyes vei

    Ydalir Hotel, Stavanger: AC, Free WiFi, Buffet Breakfast, Bar with Local Beers. Ideal for Visiting the Uni.

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    thon hotel maritim
    Kongsgaten 32

    The Thon Hotel Maritim in Stavanger offers views of the Breiavatnet lake, free WiFi, an organic buffet breakfast and rooms with cable TV.

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    scandic stavanger city
    Reidar Berges gate 7

    The Scandic Stavanger City at the Stavanger harbour offers free WiFi, flat-screen TV, gym, and a restaurant with local cuisine.

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    clarion hotel stavanger
    Arne Rettedals Gate 14.

    The Clarion Hotel Stavanger offers free WiFi, a restaurant, and panoramic views from the 14th floor, located in the centre of Stavanger.

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    clarion hotel energy
    Ishockeyveien 2

    The Clarion Hotel Energy in Stavanger offers complimentary WiFi, restaurant, bar, air conditioning in rooms, and 24-hour room service.

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    Hotels in Stavanger city centre for an unforgettable stay

    Discover the convenience of staying in hotels in Stavanger city centre and being close to the main tourist attractions. Whether you prefer a boutique hotel or more traditional accommodation in Stavanger, the central location allows you to easily explore everything Stavanger has to offer. Stroll through its historic streets, savour its rich cuisine, and immerse yourself in the vibrant cultural life of the city. Best of all, with our flexible booking options, you can modify or cancel your reservation without additional charges.

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    Looking for somewhere to stay in Stavanger but don't know where to start? Our selection of accommodation in Stavanger offers something for everyone. Whether you're travelling solo, with a partner, friends, or family, you'll find options to suit your needs. From modern apartments to cosy B&Bs, all the accommodation we offer guarantees comfort and excellent services. Book your ideal spot now and get ready to enjoy everything Stavanger has to offer, worry-free.

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