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    Best Spain hotels

    Spain takes the credit for being the world's second most visited destination, thanks to its diverse landscapes offering natural beauty, historic and cultural heritage, leisure choices and modern cities, generating the best experiences.

    Exploring Spain is an adventure filled with enthusiasm. If you desire a comfortable tour, features a list of the finest hotels in Spain, situated in the iconic locations of the most touristy cities in this Iberian country, like the Lopimar Playa or the Lopimar Bonito, two of the finest hotels in Spain.

    The best way to start is by discovering the beauty of Madrid. The country's capital is packed with magnificent attractions and a wide range of accommodation that ensures you find the perfect hotel in Madrid, Spain.

    Check out the Avenue La Gran Vía, the National Prado Museum, the Reina Sofía Museum, and the National Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum, all iconic places with a wide array of all-inclusive hotels in Spain.

    The next stop ought to be Barcelona, a cosmopolitan city famous for the works of architect Gaudí, most notably the Sagrada Familia Church. There's also plenty to see and do while staying in affordable hotels in Barcelona, Spain.

    In Valencia's Historical Centre, another icon of Spain, you get the chance to explore the Plaza de la Reina, the Silk Exchange, Central Market and the Miguelete Tower. All surrounded by the finest hotels in Valencia.

    Keep reading and discover the best hotels in Sevilla, Santiago de Compostela, Granada and the Balearic Islands, essential touristy destinations where you will find the top Spain hotels, such as Hotel Arha Villa de Santoña that we have selected for you from

    Find the best hotels in Madrid, Spain

    The Spanish capital is a cosmopolitan city brimming with a vibrant atmosphere throughout the year. Its extraordinary cultural offer, open spaces, wild nightlife spots, delightful cuisine and shopping destinations make it a top-notch location offering the finest hotels in Spain.

    We recommend staying in a hotel in Madrid, Spain, near the famed avenue La Gran Vía, the epicentre of the cultural agenda and a must-visit hub for shopping enthusiasts.

    You can find a 5-star hotel in Madrid that guarantees fun without leaving its premises, thanks to a swimming pool, spa, gym and a superb restaurant. Moreover, relaxation is a priority. The complex features rooms with a jacuzzi, free wifi throughout the building and convenient parking.

    If you book at a hotel in Madrid you can take advantage of the city's cultural offerings, as it's located near the National Prado Museum, the Reina Sofía Museum and the National Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum. This 4-star hotel's quality is evident from the moment you step in, with a 24-hour reception, luggage storage and parking available. In addition, this hotel in Madrid, Spain, has a lovely terrace, a chic bar lounge and a high-end restaurant.

    Book at the finest hotels in Barcelona, Spain

    Barcelona is one of the world's most visited cities, where the charm of the past mixes with the vibrant atmosphere of modern neighbourhoods. To explore the Catalan capital, we recommend booking a hotel in Barcelona, Spain, near the Cathedral. This way, you'll be just around the corner from this and other attractions, such as the Teatro del Liceu and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Barcelona.

    Our recommendation is a 4-star hotel in Barcelona that makes it an excellent accommodation option in Barcelona. Its romantic style makes it ideal for couples, in addition to an elegant bar, plus a restaurant where you can savour the best of local cuisine.

    Close to the Church of the Sagrada Familia, a local icon thanks to Gaudí, is a hotel in Barcelona, boasting amenities that make it an excellent hotel choice for travellers visiting the city with family. It is one of the best Spain hotels for children with included breakfast, a magnificent pool, and a restaurant. They also offer 24-hour reception, luggage storage and free wifi throughout the complex.

    Premier Spain hotels

    The beauty of Valencia is found in its dichotomous old and modern style. We recommend paying it a visit and booking a hotel in Valencia, Spain, near its historic centre.

    Close to the Plaza de la Reina is a hotel in Valencia allowing you to walk to attractive places like the Silk Exchange, the Central Market and the Miguelete Tower, where you can climb up and enjoy fantastic views. In this all-inclusive hotel in Spain, you'll enjoy a luxurious style in all its facilities, like the restaurant, lounge bar, swimming pool and gym. Plus, it has parking, free wifi in the entire building, and airport shuttle service.

    Remember not to leave the city before savouring the authentic Valencian paella.

    Stay in Sevilla and discover cheap hotels in Spain

    Enjoying the music of the Spanish guitar and a flamenco show is easy when you stay at a hotel in the centre of Sevilla, Spain. The local culture is unforgettable, whether you're exploring the historic centre or enjoying a live show. The best way to discover the beautiful city of Sevilla is by staying at one of the cheap Spain hotels near the impressive Sevilla Cathedral, the experience is fantastic.

    We recommend booking a hotel in Sevilla with a romantic style that offers event organising services including weddings. The good thing is that the five stars are a testament to the quality of their facilities. We invite you to try the local cuisine in its fantastic restaurant or enjoy a drink in the elegant bar. This cheap hotel in Spain features a spa, a gym, a nightclub and has everything you need for an unforgettable stay in the vibrant city of Sevilla.

    Near this hotel in Sevilla, Spain, you'll find attractions such as La Giralda with breathtaking views, and the palatial complex Real Alcázar.

    Stay at a hotel in Santiago de Compostela and experience religious tourism in Spain

    For centuries, Santiago de Compostela has been a pilgrimage destination for thousands worldwide who follow a route of nature and faith.

    However, the city has much more to offer, so we recommend booking at one of the best hotels in Santiago de Compostela. The accommodation is situated near the Cathedral of Santiago, placing you in the heart of the action. Its comfortable facilities are ideal for those travelling with family or groups, whether they're pilgrims or not. Available is an excellent restaurant where you can enjoy breakfast included with the reservation. Additionally, the building is wheelchair accessible and offers free wifi.

    Stepping out of this all-inclusive hotel in Spain, you're just a few blocks away from the Raxoi Palace, Plaza del Obradoiro, and the San Martiño Pinario Monastery.

    Stay in Spain at a beach hotel in the Balearic Islands

    Spain caters to all tastes and the Balearic Islands are proof of that. Here you'll find fishing villages, national parks, and UNESCO World Heritage sites, thanks to the nationally recognised biodiversity.

    But if beach destinations are more your speed, we recommend reserving a hotel in Ibiza, Spain known for its culture, parties and stunning beaches with a vibrant atmosphere until dawn. Stay in a 5-star resort with beach access in Santa Eulalia. Its facilities feature a restaurant, spa, gym, and a charming terrace, where you can spend the best moments.

    From this Ibiza hotel in Spain you can visit Ibiza's iconic places like the Phoenician Settlement of Sa Caleta, the Puig des Molins Necropolis, and the Historic Centre of Eivissa.

    Book a hotel in Granada, Spain

    The Alhambra Monumental Ensemble is a World Heritage site that attracts thousands of visitors each year. If you wish to have a unique experience, book a hotel in Granada city or its surroundings and embark on an unforgettable adventure.

    Our recommendation is a 4-star hotel in Granada that provides rest and comfort in its luxury-finished facilities, a chic restaurant and rooms with a jacuzzi. Additionally, they offer 24-hour reception, laundry and luggage storage facilities.

    It's the best hotel in Granada, Spain, for touring the Alcazaba, the Palaces and the Gardens of Generalife, and the courtyards, fountains and Moorish works of art found at the Alhambra.

    Visit, book the finest Spain hotels and embark on an unforgettable adventure on the Iberian Peninsula.

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