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    Seville hotels are the perfect gateway to discover this capital city, one of Andalusia's most touristic destinations, filled with a valuable architectural and historical legacy, and incredible cultural wealth. We have accommodation suited to your budget, perfect for getting to know this city's charms. Book with us at eBooking and save the most. You can visit the Museum of Fine Arts, the Cathedral of Seville, the Palace of the Dukes, and Duke of Victoria Square, which are the most iconic. We have a variety of hotels for all tastes, offering trips to Seville Aquarium, Magic Island Theme Park, and yacht cruises on the River.

    Most popular Seville hotels

    nh collection sevilla
    NH Collection Sevilla
    Avenida Diego Martinez Barrio, 8

    The NH Collection Sevilla hotel: 4-star, air conditioning, Wi-Fi, television, well-equipped bathroom. Restaurant, bar, breakfast. Parking, terrace, swimming pool.

    Price from 72 EUR per night
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    hotel doña maría
    Hotel Doña María
    Don Remondo, 19

    The Doña María Hotel in Seville, a 4-star establishment with free Wi-Fi, air conditioning, TV, minibar and private bathroom with a shower. Facilities include a restaurant, cafe, terrace, swimming pool, conference room and parking.

    Price from 70 EUR per night
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    eurostars sevilla boutique
    Eurostars Sevilla Boutique
    Abades, 41-43

    Hotel Eurostars Sevilla Boutique: Central and comprehensive, boasting business facilities, cafe, restaurant, wifi, comfortable bedrooms featuring air conditioning, minibar, and ensuite bathroom.

    Price from 69 EUR per night
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    casual don juan tenorio sevilla
    Casual Don Juan Tenorio Sevilla
    Plaza de los Venerables, 5

    Casual Don Juan Tenorio Sevilla Hotel, 2 stars. Rooms equipped with air conditioning, wifi, TV, and a private bathroom. Restaurant, breakfast, and lift available.

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    vértice sevilla
    Vértice Sevilla
    Avenida Aeronáutica, s/n

    Vertice Sevilla Hotel in Spain, a 4-star gem close to the city centre. Air-conditioned rooms with WiFi, TV and a full bathroom. Restaurant, gym, swimming pool and private parking available.

    Price from 55 EUR per night
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    h10 casa de la plata
    H10 Casa de la Plata
    Lagar, 2-4

    H10 Casa de la Plata Hotel: A 4-star stay in Seville, Spain. Rooms with climate control, TV and free wifi. Includes a restaurant, bars, event halls, swimming pool and car park.

    Price from 67 EUR per night
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    hotel lobby room sevilla
    Hotel Lobby Room Sevilla
    23 Calle Reyes Catolicos Numero 23

    Four-star hotel in the historic heart of Seville. Rooms with heating, air conditioning, minibar, TV, wifi and private bathroom. Restaurant, bar, terrace, pool and accessibility.

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    hotel ateneo sevilla
    Hotel Ateneo Sevilla
    Angostillo, 10

    Located in the historic heart of Seville, Hotel Ateneo Sevilla offers rooms equipped with TV, air conditioning, a safe, minibar, and private bathroom. Facilities include a café-bar, car rental and around-the-clock reception desk.

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    hotel casa 1800 sevilla
    Hotel Casa 1800 Sevilla
    Rodrigo Caro, 6

    Casa 1800 Hotel Sevilla, 4-star, central. Rooms with air con, TV, bathroom, amenities, and hair dryer. Pool, terrace, buffet breakfast, Wi-Fi, and parking.

    Price from 66 EUR per night
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    hotel posada del lucero
    Hotel Posada del Lucero
    Almirante Apodaca, 7

    The Posada del Lucero Hotel, Sevilla: offering WiFi, air conditioning, a safe, TV, and bathroom with hairdryer. Bar, café, terrace, swimming pool, and gym. Discounted car park and available breakfasts.

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    melia lebreros
    Melia Lebreros
    Luis de Morales, 2

    Four-star hotel in Seville featuring air-conditioned rooms with TV, Wi-Fi and en-suite facilities. Offers a pool, restaurant, gym, terrace and meeting room.

    Price from 78 EUR per night
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    basic hotel puerta de sevilla
    Basic Hotel Puerta de Sevilla
    Puerta de la Carne, 2

    Puerta de Sevilla Hotel, a 1-star stay in the heart of Seville. Rooms with air conditioning, TV, wifi, and ensuite. Sun terrace and parking available.

    Price from 40 EUR per night
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    eurostars regina
    Eurostars Regina
    San Vicente, 97

    Eurostars Regina Hotel, a 3-star stay in Seville boasting 90 air-conditioned rooms with wifi, TV, and ensuite facilities. Inclusive of breakfast, parking, and events lounge.

    Price from 44 EUR per night
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    hotel bécquer
    Hotel Bécquer
    Reyes Católicos, 4

    Hotel Bécquer in Seville, Spain: 4 stars, rooms with TV, Wi-Fi, workspace, private bathroom with a hair-dryer, an on-site restaurant, swimming pool, event halls and car park.

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    halo boutique hotel
    Halo Boutique Hotel
    Calle Gloria 3

    An appealing adults-only boutique hotel in Seville, Spain. Complimentary Wi-Fi, TV, and air conditioning in all rooms. Features a panoramic rooftop terrace, a pool, a restaurant and 24/7 reception.

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    Explore hotels in the Historical Centre of Seville

    Are you enthralled by the fine arts and culture? Book one of our hotels in Seville city centre and discover the Arabic architectural heritage that makes this capital city one of Andalusia's most fascinating. We recommend visiting the Historic Centre of Seville, surrounded by awe-inspiring works. It's the best area to stay in the city. We offer everything from fully equipped flats and houses, to cosy hostels. If you prefer, opt to stay in adult-only accommodation in a romantic style, with special promotions for those in love. You'll also have access to hotels in Seville, Spain offering rooms with jacuzzis, as well as restaurants, lounge bars, and terraces with views. The best part is, you'll be very close to Seville Cathedral, where Christopher Columbus' tomb is; the Royal Alcázar, full of amazing architectural works; the Giralda, a tower over 100 meters in height; and the Divino Salvador Church, facing Salvador Square, which is brimming with tapas bars, ideal for optimal relaxation. Can you afford to miss it?

    Stay in central hotels with breakfast included in Seville

    Book with us at eBooking your accommodation in Seville in the heart of the city. Prepare for an extraordinary cultural experience. Admire the collection of great Andalusian and Spanish painters in the Museum of Fine Arts; attend a performance at the Flamenco Dance Museum; and appreciate the displays of traditional Andalusian clothing in the Museum of Arts and Popular Customs. The best part is in this area we have a variety of options for places to stay. Stay at palatial hotels with breakfast included. Rest comfortably in cosy rooms, and enjoy a restaurant, bar, swimming pools, as well as a wellness centre, gym, and parking. Take this opportunity to marvel at the extraordinary collections of paintings and tapestries in the Lebrija Countess Palace Museum; enter the Andalusian Centre for Contemporary Art to see the painting exhibitions and visit the famous Archaeological Museum of Seville. All these sites are very close to the accommodations that we have filtered for you. If you like varied entertainment, they offer excursions, guided tours, and tours of these impressive places. Are you up for it?

    Find family hotels in Seville

    The hotels in Seville, Spain, are ideal for enjoying leisure spots. Embark on an extraordinary adventure in this city. Visit the Sevilla Aquarium, home to exotic fish, sharks, turtles, and fascinating octopuses, have fun at Isla Mágica, a fantastic theme park that you can't miss; or why not? Take a yacht cruise along the Guadalquivir River. To top it all, we have a variety of hotel options for you. Rest in family hotels, with rooms equipped with a kitchen, air conditioning, private bathroom, and breakfast included. Adding value, our accommodations offer you flamenco or Spanish cooking classes, bike tours, horse-drawn carriage visits, and stand-up paddle trips on the river at night. You'll have a great time in Seville!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Which are the best hotels in Seville?

    How much does a weekend stay in a hotel in Seville cost?

    A weekend stay at a hotel in Seville costs an average of 200$ (based on rates).

    How much does a high-season weekend stay in a hotel in Seville cost?

    A high-season weekend stay at a hotel in Seville costs an average of 240$ (based on rates).

    Which are the best family-friendly hotels in Seville?

    The best family-friendly hotels in Seville are Hotel Novotel Sevilla, Ayre Hotel Sevilla, and Hotel Bellavista Sevilla.

    Which are the best hotels for couples in Seville?

    The best hotels for couples in Seville are Hotel Palace Sevilla, Ribera de Triana Hotel, and Hotel Alcoba del Rey de Sevilla.

    Which are the best hotels near landmarks in Seville?

    Near Calle Sierpes, you can find hotels Hotel Soho Boutique Catedral, Hotel Plaza, and Hotel Las Casas de los Mercaderes. Additionally, near Plaza Nueva, you have Hotel Vincci La Rabida, Hotel Sweet Sevilla Hostel, and Hotel Soho Boutique Catedral.

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