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    Most popular Sasebo hotels

    central hotel sasebo
    Kamikyo-machi 3-2

    Central Hotel Sasebo: AC, TV and fridge in rooms. Restaurant and 24-hour coin-operated laundry. Perfect for your stay!

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    smile hotel sasebo
    Tokiwacho 8-8

    Smile Hotel Sasebo has a 24-hour reception and restaurant. It is located in Sasebo, 16 km from Huis Ten Bosch and near the Kujukushima pearl resort complex.

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    hotel lorelei
    Haenosakicho 449

    Hotel Lorelei in Sasebo: enjoy free WiFi, private parking, restaurant, and hot spring baths. Ideal for a relaxing holiday.

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    sasebo green hotel
    Miura-cho 4-1

    The Sasebo Green Hotel (*), just a 1-minute walk from Sasebo JR station, offers a Japanese restaurant, free WiFi, 24-hour reception, and rooms with private bathrooms and TVs.

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    huis ten bosch hotel amsterdam
    Huis Tenbosch 7-7

    Huis Ten Bosch Hotel * in Sasebo: spacious rooms with satellite TV and private bathroom, buffet, free Wi-Fi in the lobby, and bicycle hire.

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    leo plaza hotel
    Miuracho 4-28

    The Leo Plaza Hotel in Sasebo offers air-conditioned rooms with free WiFi, along with a restaurant and private parking.

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    kujyukushima seaside terrace
    Kashimaecho 1129

    Kujyukushima Seaside Terrace in Sasebo offers a restaurant, garden, sauna, hot springs, and free WiFi, close to the Kuiukushima Pearl Sea Resort.

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    sasebo washington hotel
    Shiomi-cho 12-7

    Sasebo Washington Hotel, just 3 minutes from JR Sasebo station, offers free Wi-Fi, AC, massages, and a restaurant with relaxing waterfalls.

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    yumihari-no-oka hotel
    Udogoe-cho 510

    The Yumihari-no-Oka Hotel in Sasebo offers stunning views, an indoor hot spring bath, and an outdoor pool, all at 320 metres above sea level.

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    huis ten bosch hotel europe
    Huis Tenbosh 7-7

    Huis Ten Bosch Hotel Europe in Sasebo: canal views, 3 restaurants, spacious rooms with minibar and private bathroom, close to JR Huis Ten Bosch station.

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    hotel resol sasebo
    Shirahae-cho 8-17

    Hotel Resol Sasebo offers aromatherapy treatments and automated laundry facilities. Just 1 minute from the train station, with free WiFi and two restaurants.

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    hotel okura jr huis ten bosch
    Huis Ten Bosch 10 Sasebo

    Hotel Okura JR Huis Ten Bosch in Sasebo offers rooms with AC, free WiFi, private parking, and various restaurants serving Western, Chinese, and Japanese cuisine.

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    quintessa hotel sasebo
    Minatomachi 5-24

    Discover Quintessa Hotel Sasebo: modern, free WiFi, AC, organic buffet restaurant. 500m from Sasebo city centre.

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    tabist sasebo palace hotel
    Tanigoucho 4-14

    The Tabist Sasebo Palace Hotel offers free WiFi, 24-hour reception, air-conditioned rooms with TV, ideal for families, with free parking.

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    watermark hotel nagasaki huis ten bosch
    Huis Ten Bosch 7-9

    Watermark Hotel Nagasaki Huis Ten Bosch, Sasebo, with views of Omura Bay, restaurants, bar and free WiFi. Ideal for the Huis Ten Bosch theme park.

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    Where to find the best hotels in Sasebo city centre

    Sasebo city centre offers a wide variety of accommodations, perfect for those looking to be close to everything. From shops and restaurants to tourist attractions, staying in the centre allows you to move around easily and make the most of your time. You'll find renowned hotels as well as cosy hostels, all just steps away from the main points of interest. Don't miss the chance to experience this vibrant place from a prime location.

    Tips for choosing where to stay in Sasebo

    Choosing where to stay in Sasebo can be an exciting task if you know what to look for. First, determine your budget and any specific needs, such as proximity to certain attractions or additional services. Then, compare reviews from other travellers to ensure your choice meets your expectations. Whether you prefer a boutique hotel, a family resort, or a more economical option, in Sasebo you'll find the perfect accommodation for you.

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