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    Most popular Sandefjord hotels

    Østerøyveien 233

    The Strand hotel in Sandefjord offers beachfront accommodation with a garden, continental breakfast, and family rooms with free WiFi.

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    clarion collection hotel atlantic
    Jernbanealleen 33

    Clarion Collection Hotel Atlantic in Sandefjord offers a sauna, gym, and complimentary buffet breakfast. Enjoy modern rooms with WiFi and satellite TV.

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    torp hotel
    Fokserødveien 21

    The Torp Hotel in Sandefjord offers an early breakfast, free parking, and rooms with flat-screen TVs. Ideal for travellers near the airport.

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    scandic park sandefjord
    Strandpromenaden 9

    Scandic Park Sandefjord offers complimentary WiFi, an indoor pool, a free gym, and modern rooms with views of the fjord or the surrounding greenery.

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    hotel kong carl
    Torggaten 9

    Hotel Kong Carl in Sandefjord offers free Wi-Fi, rooms with TV, and a buffet breakfast in an elegant lounge with antique furniture and chandeliers.

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    Take advantage of the best offers on Sandefjord hotels

    Sandefjord, a gem on Norway’s southern coast, offers a unique experience. From harbour strolls to exploring rich Viking history, Sandefjord has much to offer. By booking your accommodation in Sandefjord with us, you not only secure the best price but also enjoy the flexibility of paying later and cancelling without additional fees (based on accommodation conditions). From luxury hotels with sea views to budget options in the city’s heart, you’ll find the perfect choice for your trip.

    Hotels in Sandefjord city centre: comfort and accessibility

    If you prefer being in the thick of it, hotels in Sandefjord city centre are ideal. You can enjoy shops, restaurants, and tourist attractions within walking distance. Accommodation in Sandefjord city centre offers a range of styles and prices to suit all needs. Whether travelling for business or leisure, you'll find the perfect place to stay after a day exploring the city.

    Accommodation in Sandefjord for all tastes

    In Sandefjord, there’s a wide variety of accommodation to suit all tastes and budgets. From cosy bed and breakfasts to chic boutique hotels, the city offers options for all types of travellers. If you’re wondering where to stay in Sandefjord, consider your needs and preferences: there’s something for everyone. Whether you seek a luxurious experience or a budget option, you’ll always find a place that meets your expectations, making your stay memorable.

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