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    The array of San Sebastián hotels is ideal for discovering this tourism hotspot nestled in the Bay of Biscay, brimming with miles of golden sand, dreamy beaches, and a wealth of entertainment for all ages. At eBooking, we offer a variety of seaside accommodation tailored to your budget, perfect for experiencing the stunning La Concha Beach, the scenic promenade and the remarkable La Perla Spa. You'll find ideal stays for exploring the Old Town, the Good Shepherd Cathedral, the Miramar Palace, the Gipuzkoa Square and the San Telmo Museum. Travelling with your family? They'll love the San Sebastián Aquarium and the Kursaal Congress Palace.

    Most popular hotels in San Sebastián

    catalonia donosti
    Catalonia Donosti
    9 Alto San Bartolome Kalea

    Catalonia Donosti Hotel, 4 stars in San Sebastian. Air-conditioned rooms and suites with wifi, television and private bathrooms. Restaurant, bar, pool, spa, and meeting rooms. Panoramic terrace.

    Price from 80 EUR per night
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    hotel bed4u zurriola san sebastian
    Hotel Bed4U Zurriola San Sebastian
    5 Zabaleta Kalea

    Bed4u Zurriola Hotel, San Sebastian, Spain. Rooms boast complimentary wifi, Smart TVs and private bathrooms. Buffet breakfast and parking included.

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    hotel bed4u san sebastián
    Hotel Bed4U San Sebastián
    Berabera Pasealekua 87

    Hotel Bed4U in San Sebastian, Spain, is a 3-star accommodation offering rooms outfitted with wifi, air conditioning, TV, desk, heating and a private bathroom with a rain shower.

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    central roomss
    Central Roomss
    Plaza Constitucion no 6

    Central Roomss Hostel in San Sebastian: modern, comfortable rooms with air conditioning, TV, private bathroom, and WiFi. Reception available 24/7 and pet-friendly.

    Price from 36 EUR per night
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    green nest hostel uba aterpetxea
    Green Nest Hostel Uba Aterpetxea
    Camino de Uba, 43

    Green Nest Hostel Uba Aterpetxea in San Sebastian, Ametzagaña Park. Boasting private and shared rooms, bed linen and balconies. A picnic area, bar, and complimentary parking available.

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    balea hostel
    Balea Hostel
    Camino de la hípica 8, bajo Camino de la hípica 8, bajo

    Balea Hostel: A smoke-free stay in San Sebastian, close to the town centre. Shared rooms with bunk beds and bedding. Suited for those with limited mobility.

    Price from 15 EUR per night
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    hotel ezeiza
    Hotel Ezeiza
    Avenida Satrustegui, 13

    Hotel Ezeiza: 2-star accommodation opposite Ondarreta Beach, San Sebastián. Rooms boasting sea or mountain views, plus full amenities. Private car park, restaurant-café, and more.

    Price from 68 EUR per night
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    hotel villa soro
    Hotel Villa Soro
    Avenida de Ategorrieta, 61

    Luxurious hotel Villa Soro 4* close to Zurriola Beach, San Sebastian. Offers lavish rooms, full bathrooms, TV, a desk, gym, private parking, showcasing luggage services.

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    hotel trueba
    Hotel Trueba
    Trueba, 1

    Trueba Hotel, near Zurriola Beach in San Sebastián. A modern, accessible building with stylish rooms featuring private bathrooms, balconies and TVs.

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    kanpoeder - adults only
    Kanpoeder - Adults Only
    Aingeru Zaindaria, 58

    Kanpoeder – Adults Only. Country house with double rooms and private bathroom, offering views of nature. Includes breakfast and private parking.

    Price from 77 EUR per night
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    sercotel codina
    Sercotel Codina
    Avenida Zumalacárregui, 21

    Sercotel Codina Hotel, alongside Ondarreta beach. Rooms with minibar, private bathroom, WiFi and free parking. Book now!

    Price from 4868 EUR per night
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    hotel villa victoria by intur
    Hotel Villa Victoria By Intur
    13 San Bartolome Kalea

    Hotel Villa Victoria By Intur near the heart of San Sebastián. Double rooms featuring private bath and free WiFi. Rooftop terrace and breakfast buffet. Book now!

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    atotxa rooms
    Atotxa Rooms
    Paseo Duque de Mandas, 44

    The Atotxa Rooms hotel in San Sebastian sits near Tabakalera, offering rooms equipped with ensuite bathrooms, air conditioning, TVs, constant reception and free WiFi.

    Price from 51 EUR per night
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    hotel anoeta
    Hotel Anoeta
    Anoeta Pasealekua, 30

    Hotel Anoeta, beside the football stadium in San Sebastian. Stylishly outfitted, with a private car park, restaurant and WiFi. Book now!

    Price from 61 EUR per night
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    hotel boutique villa favorita
    Hotel Boutique Villa Favorita
    Zubieta Kalea 26

    Boutique Hotel Villa Favorita, San Sebastián, Spain. Features: TV, Wi-Fi, minibar, telephone, desk, coffee machine, and private bathroom. Restaurant, bar, terrace, and 24-hour reception. 4-star.

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    Enjoy a hotel stay facing La Concha Beach in San Sebastián

    Planning a holiday or business trip? Stay in hotels in San Sebastián and discover this holiday destination who's urban coastlines are amongst the most beautiful in the Bay of Biscay, especially if you are travelling with your partner or family. Relax and enjoy a walk on La Concha Beach with its crystalline waters, a stunning promenade and the impressive La Perla Spa, perfect for unwinding. This area offers top-notch beachside accommodation for the ultimate convenience. Sleep in half-board or full-board hotels with comfortable rooms, traditional and international cuisine, bars with terrace views overlooking the sea and parking facilities if you're driving. The Cristina Enea Park and the Gipuzkoa Square are within a short walking distance. Book accommodation in San Sebastián and maximise your enjoyment on Ondarreta Beach, the furthest from the city centre, located in the old fisherman's neighbourhood at the end of Zumalacarregui Avenue. In this area, we offer seafront hotels with top-quality facilities. You will have access to great restaurants, a spa with massages, a swimming pool, a children's playground, and bars, many of which are pet friendly.

    Unwind in boutique hotels near the Old Town of San Sebastián

    Hotels in the San Sebastián city centre are perfect for discovering the charm of the Old Town, the best area to stay. Prepare yourself for an unforgettable entertainment and cultural experience. There are numerous local pintxos bars, traditional restaurants, and of course, they're near the city's most iconic architectural sites. We have a variety of options to suit your needs. Stay in one of our boutique resort hotels for a memorable stay, thanks to their well-equipped rooms. You will enjoy swimming pools, water parks for adults and children, gourmet and international dining options, and entertainment programmes. You'll be within walking distance of the Gothic Revival style Good Shepherd Cathedral, the scenic Miramar Palace with spectacular sea views, Gipuzkoa Square and the San Telmo Museum.

    Find a family-friendly hotel in San Sebastián

    Booking hotels in San Sebastián, Spain, guarantees fun and entertainment, especially if you're travelling with family and children. We invite you to visit the San Sebastián Aquarium, the Kursaal Congress Palace, home to one of Europe's most famous film festivals, and the Wind Comb, an ideal spot for family selfies. In this area, we offer a multitude of lodging options in San Sebastián. Relax in apartments, houses and hostels, or for maximum comfort, choose a family-friendly hotel with spacious rooms, a restaurant, bar terrace and a spa featuring massages and a jacuzzi, just as you dreamed.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Which are the best hotels in San Sebastián?

    The best hotels in San Sebastián are Casual de las Olas San Sebastián, NH Collection San Sebastián Aranzazu, and Hotel Palacio de Aiete.

    How much does a weekend stay in a hotel in San Sebastián cost?

    A weekend stay at a hotel in San Sebastián costs an average of 246$ (based on rates).

    How much does a high-season weekend stay in a hotel in San Sebastián cost?

    A high-season weekend stay at a hotel in San Sebastián costs an average of 646$ (based on rates).

    Which are the best family-friendly hotels in San Sebastián?

    The best family-friendly hotels in San Sebastián are Hotel Arbaso, Hotel SANSEbay, and Numad Studios.

    Which are the best hotels for couples in San Sebastián?

    The best hotels for couples in San Sebastián are Hotel Ezeiza, Hotel Villa Soro, and Hotel Punta Monpas.

    Which are the best hotels near landmarks in San Sebastián?

    Near La Concha Promenade, you can find hotels SEAFRONT LUXURY STUDIO - by SanSebastianApartments,es, BREATHTAKING TERRACE VIEWS in luxury apartment - by SanSebastianApartments,es, and Pensión Donostiarra. Additionally, near Buen Pastor Cathedral, you have Catalonia Donosti, Hotel Trueba, and Hotel Villa Katalina By Intur.

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