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    For those weary wanderers in search of Saint-Malo hotels, this charming French city extends a warm welcome. A rich history, untamed beaches, and bustling nightlife are waiting for you. Step back in time exploring its medieval ramparts, delight in the sumptuous oysters and walk across the bay at low tide to the island of Grand Be. An unparalleled experience indeed!

    Most popular Saint Malo hotels

    ibis saint-malo madeleine
    Avenue du General De Gaulle / Impasse de La Peupleraie

    The ibis Saint-Malo Madeleine, boasting free wifi and its own car park, presents itself with 74 air-conditioned rooms and a 24-hour snack service.

    Price from 45 EUR per night
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    la maison des armateurs
    6, Grand Rue

    Discover La Maison des Armateurs, a plush 4-star hotel in Saint-Malo offering free WiFi, parking, pet-friendly services, and daily housekeeping.

    Price from 99 EUR per night
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    hôtel la villefromoy
    Plage de Rochebonne - 7 boulevard Hebert

    The Hôtel La Villefromoy, a 4-star hotel in Saint-Malo, offers car parking, accepts pets and provides room service among other facilities.

    Price from 64 EUR per night
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    hôtel le nouveau monde
    64, Chaussée du Sillon

    The Hôtel Le Nouveau Monde in Saint-Malo is a luxury 4-star hotel boasting a spa, swimming pool, private parking, and sea views.

    Price from 139 EUR per night
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    escale oceania saint malo
    76 Chaussée du Sillon

    Escale Oceania Saint Malo boasts 88 rooms, a bar, gym, a bright sun deck, and complimentary Wi-Fi for your comfort.

    Price from 76 EUR per night
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    hotel ajoncs d'or
    10 rue des Forgeurs

    The Hotel Ajoncs d'Or nestled in the historic heart of Saint Malo provides rooms with complimentary Wi-Fi, a buffet breakfast and a sleek bar on the premises.

    Price from 56 EUR per night
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    hotel aubade
    Angle Place Duguesclin and Quai Duguay Trouin

    Hotel Aubade, residing in downtown Saint-Malo, offers free WiFi, nearby car parking and comfy rooms complete with flat screen TVs.

    Price from 71 EUR per night
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    oceania saint malo
    Chaussée du sillon

    The 4 star Oceania Saint Malo hotel offers complimentary access to its spa and pool, serves daily breakfasts and features a terrace with sea views.

    Price from 103 EUR per night
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    ibis styles saint malo port
    6-8 Quai du Val

    Enjoy a comfortable stay at ibis Styles Saint Malo Port, equipped with parking, room service, a bar and free WiFi for your convenience.

    Price from 51 EUR per night
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    hôtel de france et chateaubriand
    Place Chateaubriand Bp 77

    Welcome to the Hôtel de France et Chateaubriand in Saint-Malo, overlooking the sea and Le Sillon, it's pet-friendly and boasts a bar and restaurant.

    Price from 62 EUR per night
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    hotel d'aleth
    2 rue Des Hauts Sablons

    The Hotel d'Aleth, facing the Les Bas Sablons harbour, offers sea views, a terrace, a nautical bar and rooms with LCD TVs.

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    appartements des marins
    2 rue des marins

    Enjoy a pleasant stay at Appartements des Marins, with amenities such as a bar, free Wi-Fi, and beach access.

    Price from 135 EUR per night
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    hôtel ar iniz
    8 boulevard Hebert

    Enjoy a stay at Hôtel Ar Iniz in Saint-Malo complete with parking, free Wi-Fi and a regional restaurant on Sillon beach.

    Price from 90 EUR per night
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    hôtel de la cité
    Place Vauban

    Situated at the heart of Saint-Malo, the Hôtel de la Cité commands breathtaking views of the sea and provides bar facilities, room service breakfast and a round-the-clock reception desk.

    Price from 59 EUR per night
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    hotel alba
    17 Rue Des Dunes

    Enjoy the splendid sea views at the Hotel Alba in Saint-Malo. With complimentary Wi-Fi, private parking and a bar, comfort is guaranteed!

    Price from 89 EUR per night
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    Locate your ideal accommodation in the historical city of Saint-Malo

    If your next adventure is geared towards the northern coast of France, procuring accommodation in Saint-Malo is the first move towards a grand city sojourn, brimming with delightful surprises. Join the multitude of travellers enamoured every year by its quaint cobbled lanes, the imposing walls narrating centuries of history, and beaches of untamed beauty. The array of hotels in Saint-Malo panders to all budgets. Choose from luxurious establishments with sea views to charming guest houses nestled in the heart of the city. Many of these accommodations are housed in historic buildings, true reflections of the robust past of Saint-Malo.

    It's not all about these aspects though. Upon visiting Saint-Malo, you'll uncover a lively and vibrant city flush with a wide gastronomic scene. Immerse yourself in local marketplaces, sampling the region's renowned mussels or the delectable galettes; a flag bearer of the Breton culinary tradition. And after a day of relishing the city's offerings, there's nothing quite like a leisurely beach stroll at dusk witnessing the awe-inspiring spectacle of Europe's highest tides. So, why delay the trip to Saint-Malo? Secure your ideal accommodation, pack your bags and prepare for an introduction to one of the most distinctive cities in France. A place where history and nature blend seamlessly providing an unforgettable experience. Oh, and don't forget your camera; every corner of Saint-Malo is worthy of a postcard!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much does a weekend stay in a hotel in Saint Malo cost?

    A weekend stay at a hotel in Saint Malo costs an average of 136$ (based on rates).

    How much does a high-season weekend stay in a hotel in Saint Malo cost?

    A high-season weekend stay at a hotel in Saint Malo costs an average of 213$ (based on rates).

    Which are the best hotels near landmarks in Saint Malo?

    Discover the best hotels near places like Grand Bé in Saint Malo.

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