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    Book a stay at our handpicked Sabiñánigo hotels and immerse yourself in the beauty of outstanding establishments whilst gearing up for an adventure in this splendid city. We invite you to unwind in the heart of the locale, perfectly positioned amidst mouth-watering restaurants and lively bars. Our accommodations are in close vicinity to the Angel Orensanz Museum and Serrablo Arts, as well as the parish church. You may be partial to a stay in one of our well-furnished aparthotels, ideal for a comfortable stay with family. Remember to swing by the Pirenarium - a splendid spot for engaging the little ones. If you're visiting with your other half, our selection of romantic-styled accommodations are second to none. For a change of scene, why not rest up in one of the cottages in the outskirts of town?

    Most popular Sabiñánigo hotels

    albergue pirenarium
    27 Avenida del Ejército bajo

    The Pirenarium Hostel, complete with free WiFi and parking, is the ideal choice for a comfortable stay in Sabiñánigo, offering facilities such as a bar, TV area, and a billiards table.

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    apartamento montaña madi
    2 Calle Peña Telera

    Nestled in Sabiñánigo, MADI Mountain Apartment offers stunning mountain views, a private pool, free parking, and an outdoor play area.

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    el escondite de las margas
    1 Calle Peña Telera

    The Escondite De Las Margas in Sabiñánigo, featuring free WiFi, a garden, a terrace and complimentary public parking.

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    habitaciones pension el parque
    14 Calle Sancho Ramírez

    Delight in a stay at HABITACIONES PENSION EL PARQUE, boasting free Wi-Fi and a terrace. Perfect for those seeking smoke-free establishments that welcome pets.

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    las margas golf estupendo unifamiliar adosado
    77 Calle Peña Telera

    Discover Las Margas Golf, an end-of-terrace house ideal for holidaymaking, complete with free parking, a terrace, a swimming pool and a poolside bar.

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    camping valle de tena
    Carretera N-260, Km. 513,5

    Situated in the heart of Sabiñánigo, Valle de Tena Camping site not only offers free parking and an outdoor swimming pool, but also welcomes pets and houses a restaurant.

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    hotel restaurante santa elena
    Ctra. Biescas s/n

    Hotel Santa Elena provides a unique stay with gratis parking, a restaurant, and rooms equipped with heating and WiFi.

    Price from 53 EUR per night
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    coqueto apartamento en las margas golf
    4 Calle Varellas

    Charming Apartment at Las Margas Golf, located in Sabiñánigo, Spain, boasts complimentary WiFi, private parking, an outdoor swimming pool, and a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

    Price from 111 EUR per night
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    casas pirineos
    Calle San Ramón 6 (Sabiñánigo)

    Welcome to Casas Pirineos, a hotel boasting excellent facilities such as free parking, WiFi, ski access, hiking paths, and a terrace.

    Price from 135 EUR per night
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    apartamento pirineo aragonés
    Calle de Serrablo 84

    Pirineo Aragonés Apartment in Sabiñánigo, complete with a golf course, tennis court, free parking, and ideal for activities such as hiking and skiing.

    Price from 90 EUR per night
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    apartamento las margas golf pirineo aragones
    Apartamento Las Margas Golf Pirineo Aragones
    Calle Mirador del Valle 3, 3º A

    Price from 251 EUR per night
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    apartamentos irene en el pirineo aragonés
    Apartamentos IRENE en el Pirineo Aragonés
    17 Calle Luis Buñuel

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    apartamento las margas golf pirineo de huesca
    Apartamento Las Margas Golf Pirineo de Huesca
    Calle Peña Telera 12 - 1º D

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    chalet en las margas golf club de latas
    Chalet en Las Margas Golf Club de Latas
    2 Calle Peroneros

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    hostal escartín
    Hostal Escartín
    Coli Escalona, 28

    Price from 45 EUR per night
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    Experience the Best Accommodation in Sabiñánigo

    Discover the allure of this charming city located within the Aragon region. Book yourself into one of our delightful Sabiñánigo hotels and embark on a magnificent holiday amidst cosy settings. Opt to stay in our hotels in Sabiñánigo city centre and you're rewarded with a strategic location, perfect for meandering around streets brimming with restaurants and bars. You'll be a stone's throw from the city's main attractions, with highlights such as the Angel Orensanz Museum and Serrablo Arts, the parish church, and the Abbatial House. After exploring, retreat to air-conditioned rooms with balconies, accessible Wi-Fi throughout and savour a delectable buffet breakfast. Don't miss out on a visit to the Pirenarium – a museum showcasing miniature renditions of the key landmarks of the Aragonese Pyrenees, coupled with a thematic cinema, model workshop and children's park.

    Choose Your Perfect Hotel in Sabiñánigo

    When considering where to kip in Sabiñánigo after a long day, we suggest opting for one of our stunning aparthotels if you're with a group. These come equipped with a kitchen area replete with appliances, air-conditioned rooms, Wi-Fi and parking facilities. From these base points, you can easily access the charming village and its historic sites like the old Santa Maria de Gavin Church. We invite you to stay at any of the Sabiñánigo hotels, Spain that we have for you. Several are pet-friendly and offer comfortable rooms, Wi-Fi access and breakfast. Another recommendation is to opt for accommodations in the city outskirts. Our rural homes offer all the amenities for a pleasurable stay. The nearby Lárrede village is a decent add-on to your visit itinerary. For couples, we offer a romantic style of accommodation in Sabiñánigo, guaranteeing a room service, minibar, balcony and breakfast included. Enjoy the romance and delight of the region in good company.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much does a weekend stay in a hotel in Sabiñánigo cost?

    A weekend stay at a hotel in Sabiñánigo costs an average of 127$ (based on rates).

    How much does a high-season weekend stay in a hotel in Sabiñánigo cost?

    A high-season weekend stay at a hotel in Sabiñánigo costs an average of 149$ (based on rates).

    Which are the best family-friendly hotels in Sabiñánigo?

    The best family-friendly hotels in Sabiñánigo are Apartamento en Las Margas, Hotel Mi Casa, and Hotel Villa Virginia.

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