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    We can offer Sabadell hotels brimming with everything you need to stay and unwind during your holiday in Catalonia. Explore the natural beauty of this city as you nestle in contemporary establishments not too far off from attractions such as the Mare de Déu de la Salut Sanctuary and Catalunya Park. Enjoy traversing Sabadell's central market and find the perfect souvenir. Discover the benefits of slumbering in a hotel close to the Parish of Saint Felix and the Water Tower, truly in the heart of the city. Do ensure a visit to the famous Can Feu Castle is pencilled into your itinerary.

    Most popular Sabadell hotels

    precioso 2 apartamento en centro sabadell
    78 Avinguda de Francesc Macià

    Discover the Beautiful 2 Apartment in central Sabadell, equipped with free WiFi, parking and air conditioning for your comfort.

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    habitaciones cómodas
    Carrer de Sallarès i Pla

    Discover the comfortable rooms in Sabadell, offering free WiFi, air conditioning, a terrace, and complimentary parking. Perfect for families.

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    apartamento sabadell
    Carrer del Metge Mir, 19, bajos

    Discover Sabadell Apartment: with its terrace, air conditioning, and free WiFi, it's perfect for your stay.

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    precioso!! apartamento en el centro de sabadell
    Avinguda de Francesc Macià

    Positioned in Sabadell, the Stunning!! apartment in the heart of Sabadell offers a terrace with city views. It is equipped with both free WiFi and air conditioning.

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    hotel ric
    Carretera Terrassa, 114

    Hotel Ric: affordable, superbly situated in Sabadell, Spain. Double rooms featuring air conditioning, wifi, and TV. Full bathroom with a hairdryer. Available amenities include a bar, private parking, and round-the-clock reception.

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    urban sabadell
    Ronda de Zamenhof 21

    The Urban Sabadell: Rooms and suites with a terrace, air conditioning and services. Bar-café, breakfasts, luggage storage. Complimentary WiFi.

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    sercotel arrahona sabadell
    Carretera de Barcelona, 446

    Stay at the Arrahona Hotel, Sabadell, Spain. 49 air-conditioned rooms with TV and private bathroom. Apartments with lounge and kitchen. Amenities: café, bar, and car park.

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    catalonia sabadell
    Plaza Catalunya, 10 - 12

    Catalonia Sabadell Hotel: 4-stars, 110 air-conditioned rooms with minibar, wifi, TV. Available facilities include a restaurant, bar, gym, meeting room, and car park.

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    hotel urpí
    Sant Matíes, 5

    Urpí Hotel in Sabadell, Spain. Air-conditioned, with wifi, TV, and en suite. Featuring a restaurant, bar, pool, events lounge, and car park.

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    lg downtown sabadell apartment
    Carrer de Sallarès i Marra, Nº3

    Discover the comfort of LG DownTown Sabadell Apartment in Sabadell, complete with complimentary WiFi, a terrace and pet-friendly facilities.

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    hostal la romànica
    Hostal La Romànica
    Carrer de Fra Juníper Serra nº 20

    Price from 35 EUR per night
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    piso exterior completo a 20 ' de barcelona.
    83 Ronda de Santa Maria 83 1º 2ª

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    apartment downtown sabadell
    Apartment Downtown Sabadell
    Avinguda dels Paraires , 28 bajo

    Price from 50 EUR per night
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    budget urpí center
    Budget Urpí Center
    Avinguda 11 De Setembre, 42

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    catalonia gran hotel verdi
    Catalonia Gran Hotel Verdi
    Avenida Francesc Macià, 62

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    Discover Sabadell's Hidden Beauty

    Rest in the finest Sabadell hotels and embrace a city filled with history and architecture that mirror its remarkable past. We invite you to book with us in luxury hotels offering all the comfort you might expect after touring significant areas, such as the Wool Industry Textile Museum and Sabadell Art Museum. In the vicinity, you'll find modern facilities equipped with restaurants, bars, wellness areas, and car parking. You may also choose one of our hotels in Sabadell, Spain, near the famous Can Feu Castle, standing tall over a 12th-century farmhouse. In the area, we have exclusive adults-only spaces where you can relish an unforgettable romantic evening, as well as family-friendly locations.

    The Best Area to Sleep in Sabadell

    Opt to stay with us in selected hotels in Sabadell city centre for you to enjoy the advantage of being near the acclaimed landmarks in the heart of this bustling city, a flawless plan whether you're visiting for business or pleasure. We have accommodation from where you can walk around the Parish of Saint Felix and the Water Tower while discovering a host of shops and restaurants in the area. You can also admire the Millennium Tower and Font Nova's Washing Place while residing in well-prepared hotels or apartments suitable for families and couples, many of them equipped with a stove and all needed kitchen appliances to make you feel more at home than ever. Be sure to visit Sabadell's central market and buy a keepsake from one of their many trading posts.

    Unwind in Our Sabadell Hotels

    Choose to stay in an all-inclusive accommodation in Sabadell and experience maximum relaxation without needing to leave the establishment, an ideal plan if you're visiting the city for a work getaway. Conversely, if you fancy outdoor activities, you can prefer a more reasonable hotel and join a daily adventure exploring various beautiful locations in the city, such as the Mare de Déu de la Salut Sanctuary and Catalunya Park. With this in mind, you'll find a place to sleep in Sabadell that won't break the bank. We offer rooms with air conditioning, Wi-Fi throughout, car parking, and some hotels have a pet-friendly policy.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Which are the best hotels in Sabadell?

    The best hotels in Sabadell are Aparthotel Attica 21 Vallés and Entire New Apartment 20' from Barcelona.

    How much does a weekend stay in a hotel in Sabadell cost?

    A weekend stay at a hotel in Sabadell costs an average of 93$ (based on rates).

    How much does a high-season weekend stay in a hotel in Sabadell cost?

    A high-season weekend stay at a hotel in Sabadell costs an average of 150$ (based on rates).

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