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    Most popular Røros hotels

    rørosvidda hotell
    Øra 25

    Discover the Rørosvidda Hotell in Røros: Free Wi-Fi, bar, and activities like fishing and canoeing. Perfect for unforgettable holidays in Norway.

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    unicare røros gjesteovernatting
    Øverhagan 15

    Unicare Røros Gjesteovernatting offers an indoor pool, gym, bikes for free and parking. Close to the Røros Museum.

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    erzscheidergaarden hotell
    Spell Ola vei 6

    The Erzscheidergaarden Hotell in Røros, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, offers free Wi-Fi, homemade buffet breakfast, and unique rooms with cable TV.

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    røros hotell - bad & velvære
    An-Margitts Vei

    Røros Hotell - Bad & Velvære: Free WiFi, indoor and outdoor pools, restaurant serving local dishes in Røros (World Heritage Site).

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    bergstadens hotel
    Osloveien 2

    Bergstadens Hotel in Røros: Free Wi-Fi, private parking, restaurant. Rooms with satellite TV and balconies. Perfect for your stay!

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    Book the best hotels in Røros with ease

    Røros is a fascinating and welcoming city. By booking Røros hotels with us, you'll secure the best accommodation options at the best price. Whether you seek something budget-friendly or a bit more luxurious, Røros has choices for everyone. Best of all, you can book now and pay later, without hidden charges. Moreover, if you need to cancel or modify your reservation, you can do so without additional fees, as long as you comply with the accommodation’s conditions. Don't miss the chance to explore this historic city while enjoying a comfortable and affordable stay.

    Find hotels in Røros city centre for a matchless experience

    Staying in the heart of Røros comes with its perks: you'll be close to all points of interest, restaurants, and shops. The city, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is perfect for history and culture enthusiasts. Hotels in Røros city centre allow you to enjoy traditional architecture and beautiful urban landscapes without travelling far. Whether you prefer a boutique hotel or something simpler, you'll find the perfect choice here. Book your spot in the centre and experience Røros from the city's core.

    Discover where to stay in Røros and make the most of your trip

    Finding accommodation in Røros is quick and simple. The city offers a wide range of options for all budgets and tastes. From cosy cabins to modern hotels, including hostels and apartments. Plan your trip with peace of mind knowing you can cancel or change your booking without extra charges. Take advantage of exclusive offers and book the perfect place to stay after a day of exploring Røros's wonders. Enjoy a unique experience, surrounded by the hospitality and charm of this beautiful Norwegian city.

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