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    This former mining village is one of the most appealing tourist spots within the municipality of Níjar. Select from our range of Rodalquilar hotels for an unparalleled experience whilst you explore. Uncover the treasures that lay within Cabo de Gata by visiting the Geominero Museum, Casa de los Volcanes and the El Albardinal Botanical Garden. We've got excellent settings for groups and couples. Additionally, we offer establishments a stone's throw from Playazo beach, where the magnificent San Ramón Castle stands. These accommodations include all amenities for you to relish the sun, sea and sand from dawn.

    Most popular Rodalquilar hotels

    cortijo boutique siete calas
    Carretera de La Polacra 4, Rodalquilar

    Relish in the charm of the Cortijo Boutique Siete Calas in Rodalquilar, an ideal haven featuring WiFi, parking and facilities for individuals with restricted mobility.

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    casa biank
    La Polacra 1

    Casa Biank: A garden and terrace aparthotel with conditioned stay, patio and free WiFi, near the beach of Cala del Carnaje.

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    casa la reja
    8 Calle Reja

    Enjoy the comfort and amenities of Casa La Reja in Rodalquilar, equipped with complimentary WiFi, a terrace, air conditioning and more.

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    las musarañas - complejo rural
    Las Musarañas - Complejo Rural
    83 Calle Riscos de las Águilas

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    complejo la ermita
    Complejo La Ermita
    Camino del Playazo, 1

    Price from 80 EUR per night
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    hotel de naturaleza rodalquilar & spa cabo de gata
    Hotel de Naturaleza Rodalquilar & Spa Cabo de Gata
    Paraje Los Albacetes s/n, Parque Natural Cabo de Gata

    Price from 36 EUR per night
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    The perfect area to stay in Rodalquilar

    If you're dreaming of a flawless holiday, it's best to choose from one of the Rodalquilar hotels we've on offer. Enjoy all the comforts and take a stroll around the town. Opt to stay in one of our hotels in Rodalquilar city centre, near the Geominero Museum, Casa de los Volcanes. In the area, we have accommodation options complete with swimming pool, restaurant, sun terrace, children's play area and car park. You'll also find establishments within easy reach of the El Albardinal Botanical Garden. These properties boast excellent location and top-notch service.

    Choose a beachfront hotel in Rodalquilar

    If you're wondering where to slumber in Rodalquilar, we suggest reserving one of our beachfront hotels. It's the ultimate choice for soaking up the sun and sea the moment you rise. Unwind in the Rodalquilar hotels in Spain, near Playazo beach, featuring safe bathing areas for the entire family and spots for snorkelling or diving. Choose from apartments or rural houses with Wi-Fi throughout, living room, fully equipped kitchen and a pool. Any of these assure privacy if you're with your partner, as well as more comfort for groups and large families. Within this area, you'll come across the emblematic San Ramón Castle and have the opportunity to visit Cala del Bergantín, known for its bleak landscape and serene spaces for relaxation by the sea.

    Find a place to stay near Rodalquilar

    The city and surrounding areas ooze a charm that deserves to be discovered. To explore them, we offer a wide range of accommodation in Rodalquilar customized for all budgets. Book one of our budget-friendly hotels and set off on a voyage to see the former mining village. Some of the facilities for backpackers have private or shared rooms, communal kitchen, Wi-Fi and a terrace. Another option is to relax in one of the establishments that provide hiking routes towards the Tunnel of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. Reserve with us and enjoy in Rodalquilar. What are you waiting for?

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much does a weekend stay in a hotel in Rodalquilar cost?

    A weekend stay at a hotel in Rodalquilar costs an average of 99$ (based on rates).

    How much does a high-season weekend stay in a hotel in Rodalquilar cost?

    A high-season weekend stay at a hotel in Rodalquilar costs an average of 334$ (based on rates).

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