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    We invite you to discover a selection of Riccione hotels that will enable you to enjoy a truly memorable stay. With our competitive rates and the quality of our accommodation, we guarantee you tailored experiences that will make the most of your visit to this charming city.

    Most popular Riccione hotels

    albergo villa aida
    13 Viale Colombo via Galvani 20

    Enjoy an authentic Italian experience at Albergo Villa Aida, a 2-star hotel in Riccione with a restaurant, bar and garden.

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    hotel eden
    36 Viale Gramsci

    Hotel Eden: A perfect spot just 200 metres from the Riccione beach. It offers private parking and an excellent restaurant.

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    hotel baden baden
    168 Viale Gramsci

    The Baden Baden Hotel in Riccione provides accommodation featuring a restaurant, private parking, a bar, and free WiFi.

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    hotel esedra
    viale F. Baracca, 11

    The Hotel Esedra, situated in Riccione, boasts breathtaking views of the gardens, with 24-hour reception, a bar and concierge services.

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    hotel relax
    20 Viale Cimarosa

    Discover Hotel Relax, a 3-star accommodation with a restaurant, outdoor swimming pool, free parking, and bar, situated in Riccione.

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    hotel bianca orchidea
    7 Viale Cesare Battisti

    Hotel Bianca Orchidea in Riccione offers parking, private beach, 24-hour reception, free Wi-Fi. Ideal for families and pets.

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    hotel golda
    16 Viale Palestrina

    Hotel Golda: with a bar, garden, free WiFi, evening entertainment, and dry cleaning service.

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    hotel piada d'oro
    54 Viale Toscana

    Hotel Piada D'Oro in Riccione offers a restaurant, bar, shared lounge and complimentary WiFi, complete with private parking and room service.

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    hotel las vegas
    Viale Trento Trieste 87

    Discover Hotel Las Vegas in Riccione: with a restaurant, bar, shared lounge and garden, along with air-conditioned rooms and free WiFi.

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    hotel terminus
    Viale Trento Trieste 85

    Hotel Terminus in Riccione: a mere 300m from the beach, boasting a restaurant, bar, communal lounge and concierge and ticket service.

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    hotel kiss
    Viale Monteverdi, 8

    Hotel Kiss: a spot with a restaurant, pub, shared lounge, garden, and children's play area. Book now and savour its hospitality!

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    hotel astoria
    Viale Tasso 139

    Discover the Hotel Astoria in Riccione, an accommodation with a private beach area, 24-hour room service, private parking and free wifi.

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    los angeles hotel
    Via Gabriele D'Annunzio 145

    Discover the charm of Italy at the Los Angeles Hotel, perfect for enjoying its restaurant, bar, terrace, and private car park in the beautiful city of Riccione.

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    mansarda cannes
    6 Viale Giovanni Pascoli

    Mansarda Cannes Hotel in Riccione: private parking, swimming pool, restaurant, bar, and complimentary airport shuttle. Room service available.

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    hotel lugano
    75 Viale Trento Trieste

    Hotel Lugano provides family rooms, air-conditioning and free parking. Discover Riccione with all the comforts of home.

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    Riccione, one of the gems of the Adriatic, awaits you with a varied range of accommodation to meet all your needs. Whether you're looking for hotels in Riccione city centre, close to its lively nightlife, or prefer a quiet corner with sea views, at eBooking we offer you the best options. Majestic hotels with luxury facilities, cosy tourist apartments that make you feel at home, or charming b&b’s, everything is within your reach to make the most of your stay in Riccione.

    Comfort awaits you in Riccione

    Each of our Riccione accommodations has been selected with your well-being in mind. Enjoy comfortable and spacious rooms, attentive and friendly service, and all the comforts to make you feel at home. Indulge in a relaxing swim in the pool, savour exquisite Italian cuisine in the hotel restaurants, or simply admire the sunset from your balcony. When looking for a place to stay in Riccione, comfort and satisfaction are always guaranteed.

    Experience Riccione your way

    Whatever your plans, our accommodations will help you live them to the fullest. Discover her beautiful beaches, enjoy her vibrant nightclubs, or take a trip to the hills of the surrounding countryside. And at the end of each day, return to your comfortable accommodation to rest and recharge for the next. Thanks to eBooking, finding your ideal spot in Riccione has never been easier.

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