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    Book your stay at Retamar hotels and treat yourself to an idyllic holiday. Traverse notable locations of this city and its stunning coastline with the comfort you deserve and at a fantastic price. Dive into a holiday filled with sunshine and the ocean in one of Almería's most popular towns. Make the most of our stunning accommodation in Retamar, available for you here at eBooking. Start by soaking up the sun at Retamar Beach, followed by a stroll along Palmeral del Toyo Promenade, while taking in the incredible coastal views. Within a stone’s throw of these fantastic locations, we’ve superb hotels for you. You'll find yourself just a few meters from Plaza del Mar and the Cabo de Gata Lighthouse.

    Most popular Retamar hotels

    bajo puerta de alcazaba
    20 Calle de los Juegos de Atenas

    Situated in Retamar, the Bajo puerta de Alcazaba boasts private parking, a garden and terrace along with creature comforts like air conditioning and family rooms.

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    Calle Francisco Piedra Cuadrado

    Welcome to the ÁticoToyoAlmeria, your home-away-from-home in Spain overlooking the pool, offering free Wi-Fi and located on the Retamar beachfront.

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    ks toyo golf
    Calle Petanca, bloque 4, bajo E

    Discover the amenities of KS Toyo Golf: complimentary private car park, WiFi, open-air swimming pool, and a location near the stunning Retamar beach.

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    alegria cabo de gata
    Juegos del Argel

    ALEGRIA Cabo de Gata Hotel, 4-star in Retamar, Spain. Rooms feature air conditioning, Wi-Fi, TV, balcony, safe and bathroom. Facilities include a restaurant, bar, pool with slides and private parking.

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    ohtels cabogata
    Avda. Juegos de Argel, s/n

    Ohtels Cabogata, a 4-star hotel by the sea in Retamar, Spain. Air-conditioned rooms with wifi, TV, balcony, safe, mini fridge and an en-suite. Restaurant, bar, swimming pools, sun terrace and spa available.

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    barceló cabo de gata
    Avenida Juegos de Casablanca, s/n, Urb. El Toyo

    Barceló Cabo de Gata Hotel, in Retamar, Spain. Four-star rating. Rooms include Wifi, air conditioning, TV and minibar. Restaurant, bar, pool, spa and garden amenities available.

    Price from 47 EUR per night
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    casa cabo de gata
    36A Camino de la Espuela

    Casa Cabo de Gata, a cosy stay in Retamar with free WiFi, parking and a garden to enjoy sea views from the terrace.

    Price from 22 EUR per night
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    cabogata beach hotel
    de los Juegos de Casablanca, s/n (Urbanización el Toyo)

    Cabogata Beach Hotel, a 5-star haven, is situated near the beach in Retamar. Rooms feature heating, air conditioner, free WiFi, a TV, and a private bathroom. Hotel amenities include a restaurant, pool, spa, gym, and paddle court.

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    encantador ático en el toyo (almería)
    Encantador ático en el Toyo (Almería)
    Calle Kárate, numero 2 bloque 6 2º-A

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    piso alboran
    Piso Alboran
    Calle Francisco Piedra Cuadrado

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    apartments sol de almeria golf y playa
    Apartments Sol de Almeria Golf y Playa
    Calle Juegos de Languedoc Rosellon 100

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    apartamento retamar
    Apartamento Retamar
    110 Calle de los Juegos de Languedoc-Rosellon

    Price from 70 EUR per night
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    playas de cabo
    Playas de cabo
    Calle de los Juegos de Languedoc Rosellón 110

    Price from 66 EUR per night
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    hotel cabogata jardín
    Hotel Cabogata Jardín
    De Los Juegos De Casablanca S/N (Urb. el Toyo)

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    2 bedrooms appartement with shared pool and enclosed garden at almeria 1 km away from the beach
    2 bedrooms appartement with shared pool and enclosed garden at Almeria 1 km away from the beach
    Calle de los Juegos de Atenas 20 Residencial Puerta de la Alcazaba II El Toyo

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    Unwind at Retamar's highly-rated hotels

    Staying at Retamar hotels sees you set up in either luxury or budget lodgings with essential services for an unforgettable stay. Stroll along Palmeral del Toyo Promenade which sprawls around 600 metres and drink in the beautiful coastal views. The town is filled with hotels boasting comfortable facilities and heavenly locations. Come enjoy the best coves in this town, including Retamar Beach. You can have a swim or do snorkelling and diving there – the perfect backdrop for your travel snaps!

    The perks of booking central hotels in Retamar

    Without a doubt, scheduling your stay at hotels in Retamar city centre is your best option to be near the city's top locales. Have a chat with us and uncover various accommodation options. Facilities include comfortable rooms equipped with telly, air conditioning, and Wi-Fi. You’ll be able to visit the spa, swimming pool, garden, patio and car park too. A reservation at a city centre hotel assures you comfort and safety, while putting you near attractions like Plaza del Mar, which is surrounded by pubs and restaurants where you can tuck into the local cuisine. Accommodation in Retamar is diverse so you’ll find everything from hotels and houses to hostels, apartments, and fully equipped estates. They boast comfortable amenities and services for a satisfying stay, offering the best value for money. The city has no shortage of attractions like Cabo de Gata. This site has a broad sandy beach, leading you straight to Cabo de Gata Lighthouse which offers breath-taking views of Sirens Reef’s rocky formations. You'll love it!

    Hotels in Retamar's prime locations

    Find where to sleep in Retamar with true comfort in hostels, apartments, and hotels. Facilities include comfortable rooms and amenities with restaurants, pubs, and pools. After a rejuvenating sleep, you must visit Cabo de Gata-Níjar Natural Park, which has excellent walking trails and, for the more adventurous, we suggest camping overnight to witness the stars in all their glory. Stay in the best hotels in Retamar, Spain, equipped with Wi-Fi and a spa offering a sauna, steam room, and hydrotherapy pool. You'll adore the sight of the chapel dedicated to the Virgin of the Sea located on Torregarcía Beach. Its octagonal design and half-orange dome will surely pique your interest.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Which are the best hotels in Retamar?

    The best hotel in Retamar is El Chiringuito.

    How much does a weekend stay in a hotel in Retamar cost?

    A weekend stay at a hotel in Retamar costs an average of 143$ (based on rates).

    How much does a high-season weekend stay in a hotel in Retamar cost?

    A high-season weekend stay at a hotel in Retamar costs an average of 477$ (based on rates).

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