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    Discover the historical landmarks that make this small town in Valencia utterly unique. Our Requena hotels are stylish, excellently situated, and boast of the best prices. You'll absolutley love staying in the city centre—the primary benefit of this locale is your close proximity to highlights like the Barrio de la Villa and the Medieval Enclosure. Here you'll find the Albornoz Square and Santa Maria Street. Our establishments suit all your whims and fancies. You'll dwell comfortably, whether you're with the family, visiting us with your partner, or travelling solo. Book with us and truly savour Requena.

    Most popular Requena hotels

    43 Calle de García Montes

    Discover the comforts of the Cantarranas Hotel in Requena, Spain. Enjoy our free WiFi services and smoke-free facilities.

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    Calle Fuente Reinas 35

    El Ksota, boasting on-site parking and internet access, offers comfortable accommodation in Requena.

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    casa rural lavid
    1 Calle Cortina

    Experience a delightful stay at LaVid country house in Requena, boasting a smoke-free environment, complimentary WiFi, an outdoor fireplace and comprehensive COVID-safety protocols.

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    casa rakkana
    25 Calle Somera

    Enjoy your stay at CASA RAKKANA, offering free WiFi, air-conditioned rooms and a terrace. It's superb for both local hiking and cultural activities.

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    ca la abuela
    6 Calle del Cristo

    Relish in the comforts of Ca La Abuela in Requena, offering free WiFi, a garden, pet accommodations and a smoke-free environment.

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    hotel la villa
    Plaza Albornoz, 8

    Nestled in the historic Valencia town of Requena, Hotel La Villa offers free Wi-Fi, complimentary parking, a restaurant, a bar, and round-the-clock reception — and more!

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    hotel avenida
    San Agustín, 10

    The Avenida Hotel in Requena boasts 30 rooms, complimentary Wi-Fi, pet-friendly facilities, and a 24-hour reception.

    Price from 33 EUR per night
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    hotel restaurante doña anita
    Plaza del Albornoz, 15

    Hotel Restaurante Doña Anita in Requena provides a shuttle service to the AVE train station, offers wine cellar tours, and includes free WiFi amenities.

    Price from 48 EUR per night
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    los canilleros
    Los Canilleros
    Calle Castillo 29

    Price from 90 EUR per night
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    villa sol casa con cueva privada y vistas a la iglesia
    VILLA SOL Casa con cueva privada y vistas a la Iglesia
    18 Calle Santa Maria

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    casa lucía
    Casa Lucía
    Santa María, 33

    Price from 300 EUR per night
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    Calle Marquillo 2

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    hotel-motel sol ii
    Hotel-Motel Sol II
    N III km 272, Requena, es

    Price from 30 EUR per night
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    pago de tharsys
    Pago de Tharsys
    Carretera N-III, Km. 274

    Price from 78 EUR per night
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    Find your ideal Requena hotel

    Plan your trip to this historic town located in the Valencian province. We offer the most excellent selection of hotels in Requena to ensure a potent memorable stay while exploring the standout historical sites. Thanks to our offerings of hotels in Requena city centre, you'll have the best spot in town. This is the perfect jumping-off point to the most pertinent spots, such as the Barrio de la Villa and the Medieval Enclosure, located right in urban heartland. Local accommodations offer parking, complimentary Wi-Fi, and air-conditioned rooms. You'll be mere steps from Santa Maria Street, one of the most vital avenues in town, housing mansions and several historic buildings, including the Santa Maria Church - the largest locally and a National Monument.

    Discover charming hotels in Requena

    Our varied accommodation in Requena fits all budget types. We offer budget-friendly options near the Barrio de la Villa, most with free Wi-Fi and rooms overlooking historic landmarks. One amongst these is the Albornoz Square, the area's liveliest point. You'll be equipped to take a guided tour of the Villa Caves as well, an unique experience that consists of traversing 22 underground caves of the historic centre dating back to the Muslim era. Rural houses provided by us are excellently situated, a short distance from the centre, equipped with cooking area, dining space, and multiple rooms — a perfect money saver, especially if you're travelling in a group. To enhance your stay, you can visit the Historic Winery of Murviedro located in the Old Town, underground in the caves.

    Relax in the cosiest hotels of Requena

    Planning a remarkable experience for two? We've got rustic hotels with access to the city’s vineyards. Most have beautiful gardens, restaurants, and rooms with bathtubs or showers. Once you’re settled in the finest accommodation in Requena, you can indulge in wine-tourism activities, like visiting the Pago de Tharsys Winery, explore the vineyards, wine tasting, and sample a variety of cheeses. We also provide Requena hotel options in Spain at the most affordable market prices. These are located on the outskirts and offer Wi-Fi access, parking, and a restaurant serving local dishes. From any of these, you can visit the House of Major Silk Art, a museum where you’ll learn about silk production in Spain, specifically in this locality.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much does a weekend stay in a hotel in Requena cost?

    A weekend stay at a hotel in Requena costs an average of 57$ (based on rates).

    How much does a high-season weekend stay in a hotel in Requena cost?

    A high-season weekend stay at a hotel in Requena costs an average of 67$ (based on rates).

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