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    Book with our Puçol hotels and enjoy a unique accommodation experience. Discover this delightful seaside town in Valencia, where the Mediterranean spirit permeates its streets, monuments, beaches, and natural landscapes. We recommend staying in the Urban Core to explore its most significant buildings, like the Church of Santos Juanes. This is the best area to find affordable hotels that suit your needs. We also offer chalet-style bungalows for couples by Puçol's Blue Flag beach. If you're touring with family, we have apartments just a stone's throw from the Josep Maria Ribelles Park, a charming English-style garden filled with plants and swing sets for children.

    Most popular Puzol hotels

    sant pere apartment
    San Pedro, 4

    Take pleasure in the comforts of the Sant Pere Apartment in Puzol, an ideal stay that welcomes pets, providing free Wi-Fi and a garden.

    Price from 27 EUR per night
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    singularstays puzol beach vi
    Carrer Marjals

    SingularStays Puzol Beach VI offers the perfect mix of luxury, comfort, and complimentary wireless internet for modern explorers along with a splendid outdoor swimming pool.

    Price from 60 EUR per night
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    singularstays el faro
    Calle Pescadores 67, Escalera B

    Experience comfort at SingularStays El Faro, a seafront accommodation with a terrace, smoke-free rooms, and complimentary WiFi.

    Price from 63 EUR per night
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    singularstays puzol beach vii
    calle Riu Xuquer 98

    Discover SingularStays Puzol Beach VII, featuring a seasonal outdoor pool, terrace, free WiFi, and private parking. Perfect for your holiday in Puzol.

    Price from 63 EUR per night
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    Stay in central hotels in Puçol

    Sign up for an unforgettable stay in this coastal town of Valencia, brimming with Mediterranean flair in its streets, monuments, beaches, and natural landscapes. Book one of the hotels in Puçol we have prepared for you and unwind in comfortable facilities, while you explore its shores and impressive natural landscapes. The Coastal Urban area is one of the best places to stay. Take a stroll through its streets, home to an array of ancient monuments, bars, and a variety of restaurants. From our hotels in Puçol city centre, you can easily visit the magnificent Church of Santos Juanes, renowned for its inner beauty; and the oldest house in the municipality, the Torre Talaia, definitely warrants a visit. Continue on a tour of Puçol's Wall. We provide two-star establishments in prime locations, well connected by public transportation, offering included breakfast, 24-hour reception service, private parking, and Wi-Fi throughout.

    Stay in our hotels near Puçol's coasts

    Without a doubt, the best place to sleep in Puçol is along the magnificent coastline, surrounded by sea and mountain landscapes. We have a broad and varied hotel offer, guaranteeing an excellent accommodation experience. We feature campsites a few meters from Puçol's beach, boasting over 2 km of fine sand, crystal clear waters, and a Blue Flag award for clean swimming. Here, you'll relax like never before in chalet-style bungalows with air conditioning and furnished terraces. You'll have access to a restaurant serving Valencian cuisine, a bar offering drinks and cocktails, as well as outdoor swimming pools and a gym. Enjoy summer activities like basketball, football, and fronton. This is the ideal option if you're travelling with a partner or group of friends! Don't miss a scenic stroll along the pedestrian promenade and appreciate the amazing sea views.

    Choose our accommodation in Puçol

    From our hotels in Puçol, Spain, you can set off to discover Parc Josep Maria Ribelles, a beautiful English garden filled with various types of plants and trees. Here, kids will have fun with different types of swing sets, and you'll come across an amphitheatre with various performances to enjoy. If you're travelling with the family, consider staying in an apartment near this area. You'll relax in interconnected rooms and a well-equipped kitchen area, as well as having access to a seasonal outdoor swimming pool, a terrace, and a playground. Don't forget to stroll down La Constitución Avenue, a place of peace and tranquillity. We have the perfect Puçol accommodation to suit your travel plans. Book with us and let yourself be swept away by this charming Valencian town.

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