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    Take a jaunt at our Prullans hotels. Discover this charming mountain municipality in Lérida, standing out with its rich cultural heritage and stunning natural landscapes. Secure your accommodation round about Saint Esteve Church, whilst seizing the benefits of staying right in the heart of the village. We've got rural hotels perfect for families in an area surrounded by shops and eateries. You'll adore staying in our spacious country houses, especially if you're travelling in a group, from where the Cave of Horses can be explored and old galleries appreciated. For those visiting as a pair, we have comfortable and romantic spaces with facilities for traversing the Equestrian Centre route, horse riding, and hiking. We've got establishments to suit all tastes.

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    Chalet Prullans
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    Discover the prime area to stay in Prullans

    Immerse yourself in the allure of this Lérida municipality, recognised for its rustic mountain charm and stunning natural landscapes. Book one of the hotels in Prullans we have for you and relax in the finest facilities whilst unfolding this unique destination. Choose to stay in one of our hotels in Prullans city centre and relish a strategic location to wander the cobblestone alleyways, observe the essence of rustic homes and tour the most prominent sites. You'll find satisfaction in staying near the Church of Saint Esteve, the city's most significant architectural piece. The best part is, you'll find fitting accommodation in Prullans easily, especially if you're travelling as a family. We've got rural hotels in an area surrounded by a plenitude of restaurants, bars, and all manner of shops. Our facilities come equipped with spacious rooms, breakfast included, a children’s area, parking, and balconies with mountain views. The Castle of Prullans is a stone's throw away, awaiting your discovery.

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    We have establishments to accommodate all preferences and budgets. From any of our hotels in Prullans, Spain, you can explore awe-inspiring natural landscapes, largely due to the village's location in the Oren Valley and Les Coves d'Anes. You could choose to stay on the outskirts of the village centre. Our countryside accommodations are perfect for comfortably settling in with your group and truly switching off. Here, you'll enjoy a lovely natural environment, expansive rooms, a kitchen equipped with a dishwasher and microwave, an outdoor swimming pool, communal areas with a TV and Wi-Fi. We present opportunities to explore the Cave of Horses, ideal for caving enthusiasts; unearthing various Bronze Age paraphernalia and appreciating the magnificent valley views. We also offer rural style accommodation in Prullans with a seasonal outdoor swimming pool, an on-site restaurant, a play area, a cocktail bar and a spa with massage treatments. This is the perfect choice if you're visiting with a partner! Alongside enjoying the amenities of the facility, you'll have opportunities to explore the Equestrian Centre route, try horse riding excursions and level-intermediate hiking, and BTT. We have the accommodation alternative you need to fully experience your Prullans holidays.

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