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    Experience unique accommodation in the Prades hotels we have for you. Sign up for splendid holidays in this municipality of Tarragona, nestled beneath the mountains of Prades. We invite you to stay in the Old Town, where you'll see Santa María Church and the famous Prades Castle. We have top-quality establishments, perfect if you're visiting as a couple and close to the astronomical park of Prades, where you can enjoy cosmos shows and dinner under the stars. If you're travelling with family, we offer rural chalets with convenient access to the Roca Foradada and botanical tours for the children. Our camping-style accommodation offers opportunities to explore the Serra del Montsant and cycling excursions.

    Most popular Prades hotels

    apartament els estels
    Carrer Eduard Toldrà, 7, 3-1

    The Els Estels Apartment in Prades is a pet-friendly family accommodation, offering free parking, WiFi everywhere on the property, and a tennis court.

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    eva & travel- villa la pinya de prades
    12 Cami de les Forquetes

    Experience the delights of Villa EVA & TRAVEL- Villa la Pinya de Prades, offering mountain views, complimentary WiFi, a tennis court, and a garden in Prades.

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    hauzify i el refugi de prades
    26 Carrer Sant Llorenç

    Hauzify I El Refugi de Prades: Non-smoking accommodation with complimentary WiFi, airport transfer facilities, and a homely atmosphere. Perfect for hiking and cycling enthusiasts.

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    casa roja
    15 Carrer Major

    Discover the Red House in Prades: Accommodation with free WiFi, parking and pet-friendly. Round-the-clock services and outdoor activities such as hiking and cycling.

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    xalet cal cadiach
    1 Camí de les Hortes

    Enjoy a cosy stay at Xalet Cal Cadiach, with complimentary parking, a delightful garden and terrace, nestled in the natural environment of Prades.

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    cal pons
    Carrer Sant Llorenç 12

    Discover Cal Pons, a hotel in Prades offering free WiFi, bike hire and air conditioning. Enjoy hiking and cycling.

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    can llorenç
    Passatge de la Muralla

    At CAN LLORENÇ, a hotel in Prades, enjoy comfort with complimentary Wi-Fi, a terrace, round-the-clock attention and activities such as hiking and cycling.

    Price from 80 EUR per night
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    cal tomaset
    Cal Tomaset
    2 Carrer Major 1º

    Price from 94 EUR per night
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    eva & travel - el bosquet de prades
    EVA & TRAVEL - El Bosquet de Prades
    19 Carrer Riu Ebre

    Price from 300 EUR per night
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    eva & travel - ca l'oskar
    EVA & TRAVEL - Ca l'Oskar
    4 Carrer Pep Ventura

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    xalet de prades
    Xalet De Prades
    Riu Brugent, 16, Prades

    Price from 115 EUR per night
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    apartaments cal trumfo
    Apartaments Cal Trumfo
    4 Carrer Major

    Price from 68 EUR per night
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    Book one of our centrally located hotels in Prades city centre

    Sign up for an unforgettable stay in this municipality of Tarragona, nestled beneath the Prades mountains and alongside the Montsant river basin. Book the Prades hotels we offer and rest in comfortable facilities while discovering the town, also known as Vila Vermella due to the red sandstone which defines much of its architecture. We invite you to stay in the Old Town, home to stunning architectural pieces, ancient walls and buildings. From our hotels in Prades city centre, you can comfortably visit the town's central plaza, the heart of the town. Take the time to enjoy a vermouth in the lively bars and sample the exquisite local cuisine in one of the restaurants. Best of all, our establishments have prime locations with easy access to take a wander through the streets and explore Santa María Church and the imposing Prades Castle.

    Choose your ideal hotel in Prades

    If you're concerned about finding a place to sleep in Prades, we recommend choosing one of our four-star, adult-only hotels if you're visiting as a couple. These have an exceptional location close to the Prades astronomical park, labelled a Starlight Sky. Here, you can enjoy the darkest skies, shows about the cosmos and dinner beneath the stars. After an intriguing journey through this cultural space, there's nothing better than relaxing at our facilities. You will unwind in fully-equipped rooms with jacuzzis, traditional cuisine restaurants, terrace bars and massage areas. Enjoy a charming stroll by the Prades Fountain, globe-shaped for your photographs.

    Rest in comfortable Prades accommodations

    We offer an assorted selection of hotels in Prades, Spain at excellent prices. We recommend our chalets surrounded by forests and located on the outskirts of the village centre, perfect for comfortable family stays. Our facilities include a kitchen area, outdoor pool, spa and complimentary parking. Many of them feature a garden with a barbecue area, playground and small farm with animals. A perfect retreat! You'll have opportunities to explore the Roca Foradada, botanical tours, relaxing picnic spots and appreciate the Prades sky. For leisure or business travel, consider accommodation in Prades camping sites, it's fantastic for optimal relaxation. You'll love the wooden bungalows, traditional mountain specialty restaurants, terrace bars and outdoor pools. Some of them offer paddle tennis courts and football fields. Opportunities to explore the Serra del Montsant and go cycling are plentiful. Why wait? Book with us and enjoy it all.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much does a weekend stay in a hotel in Prades cost?

    A weekend stay at a hotel in Prades costs an average of 219$ (based on rates).

    How much does a high-season weekend stay in a hotel in Prades cost?

    A high-season weekend stay at a hotel in Prades costs an average of 570$ (based on rates).

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