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    Our splendid selection of Posada de Valdeón hotels are modern, comfortable, and brilliantly located. Take delight in the charming allure of this Spanish town, nestled within the Picos de Europa National Park. Embark on a night's stay in the town's city centre, surrounded by landmarks such as the historic Santa Eulalia Church. With accommodation in Posada de Valdeón being predominantly located in this area, you'll have easy access to local gems like the Corona Hermitage and the Chorco de los Lobos. Choose one of our affordable establishments and soak in the splendour of nature. Book with us and savour your sojourn in Posada de Valdeón.

    Most popular Posada de Valdeón hotels

    la balconada de valdeón

    Relish in tranquillity at La Balconada de Valdeón, situated in Posada de Valdeón. Offering a serene garden, dedicated barbecue area and a welcoming shared lounge.

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    hotel cumbres de valdeón
    Travesía de Soto km 14

    Hotel Cumbres de Valdeón: mountain views, restaurant, bar; rooms with flat-screen TV and private bathroom.

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    hotel rural picos de europa
    Camino a Soto s/n

    Discover the charm of Hotel Rural Picos de Europa, located in unspoilt nature, with amenities like free WiFi, private parking, and stunning views.

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    Stay in Posada de Valdeón's premier hotels

    Unearth the charm of this delightful corner known as the Valle de Valdeón. We aim to ensure your perfect relaxation with the selection of the prime hotels in Posada de Valdeón city centre. Our modern lodging offers rooms with balconies and several provide daily breakfast. You'll find yourself near important sites such as Santa Eulalia Church and the Corona Hermitage, landmarks of great value in the community. Many of the properties also have outstanding prices as well as facilities that cater to a variety of travel purposes. Expect establishments boasting restaurants, bars and complimentary Wi-Fi.

    Find charming hotels in Posada de Valdeón

    Ensure a tour of the Senda del Cares route, where both kids and adults can partake in the fun. By selecting accommodation in Posada de Valdeón near the city centre, some provide bicycle rentals for convenient and enjoyable local travel. For those travelling in larger groups, consider a leisurely stay in our countryside houses, all offering comfortable rooms, terraces or gardens. From there, you can visit regional grain stores and the Chorco de los Lobos.

    Opt for a family-friendly hotel in Posada de Valdeón

    If you're seeking outdoor family adventures, discover the mountains that make up the Picos de Europa National Park. Filled with rivers, waterfalls, and a lake, it's especially known for its untouched natural beauty, flora and fauna. From the hotels in Posada de Valdeón, Spain that we offer, you'll be ideally situated to plan your tour of this area after a restful night in comfortable rooms and a hearty buffet breakfast. Several accommodations are pet-friendly and offer free parking. For couples, we have romantically styled establishments featuring private terraces, panoramic mountain views, room service and a bar. As a bonus, take a stroll around the city's outskirts, where you'll find nearby villages, well-positioned lookout points and virgin peaks among beech forests. Book a stay at our establishments and make the most of your visit!

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