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    Book into one of the Portomarín hotels saved just for you and prepare yourself for an astounding journey along the Santiago de Compostela Pilgrimage Route. We invite you to secure accommodation right in the city centre and savour the charm of staying near remarkable architectural structures. You'll have the convenience of being close to the famous Iglesia de San Juan and the iconic Capilla de las Nieves. We also offer hotels in proximity to the Miño River and the Castromaior hill fort - strategic locations to relish nature, shopping, and countless tourist spaces. Our accommodation offer allows you to explore the town and stay in top-notch facilities. Above all, we offer the most reasonable prices you'll find.

    Most popular Portomarin hotels

    huellas albergue-turístico
    Rúa do Peregrino, 15

    Huellas Albergue-Turístico in Portomarin provides a garden, games room, and 24-hour laundry and reception services.

    Price from 29 EUR per night
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    hotel ferramenteiro de portomarin
    Chantada, 3

    The Ferramenteiro Hotel of Portomarin, situated along the Way of St. James, offers complimentary Wi-Fi, buffet breakfast, panoramic river views, a terrace and free parking.

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    vistalegre hotel-spa

    Discover the VISTALEGRE Hotel-Spa, an oasis featuring a bar, terrace, airport service, and a spa. Enjoy hypoallergenic family rooms with free WiFi.

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    os arcos - apartamentos turísticos
    Os Arcos - Apartamentos Turísticos
    Calle Compostela, 4

    Price from 43 EUR per night
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    apartamentos ruliña
    Apartamentos Ruliña
    Rúa do Miño

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    hotel villa jardín
    Hotel Villa Jardín
    Rúa do Miño 14

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    albergue aqua portomarin
    Albergue Aqua Portomarin
    Barreiros 2

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    casa ribeira sacra portomarin
    Casa Ribeira Sacra Portomarin
    Camiño do Monte, 1, 27170 Portomarin, Lugo, Espana

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    pousada de portomarín
    Pousada de Portomarín
    Avenida de Sarria s/n

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    a fontana de luxo apartamentos
    A Fontana de Luxo Apartamentos
    Fontedeagra n2 Portomarin

    Show prices
    albergue ferramenteiro
    Albergue Ferramenteiro
    calle chantada 3

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    hotel pazo de berbetoros
    Hotel Pazo de Berbetoros
    Rua de San Pedro S/N

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    pensión portomiño
    Pensión Portomiño
    Camino del Monte s/n

    Price from 30 EUR per night
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    la casa de manuel
    La Casa de Manuel
    Rua Nova 12

    Price from 150 EUR per night
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    apartamentos loyo
    Apartamentos Loyo
    Rúa Nova

    Price from 82 EUR per night
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    Choose a hotel in the heart of Portomarín

    This town blends natural beauty with culture, creating an ideal setting for an unforgettable holiday. Choose our hotels in Portomarín, enjoy top-tier services and join an exciting tour. The first place to visit should be the city centre, where you'll find iconic buildings like the Church of San Pedro and the Church of San Juan. If you stay in our hotels in Portomarín city centre, besides an excellent location close to the points of interest, you'll have access to Wi-Fi, a restaurant, and parking. We also have establishments that offer group spaces, complete with breakfast, room service, and convenient access to explore the town. Are you a fan of religious tourism? From our accommodation, you can embark on the Santiago de Compostela Pilgrimage Route, the main draw for pilgrims visiting Portomarín.

    Discover your ideal hotel in Portomarín

    To assist you in deciding where to stay in Portomarín during your holiday, we offer various perfect options fitting all budgets. We can provide fully-equipped serviced apartments striking a balance with a kitchen area, air-conditioned rooms, and a balcony. Their superb location will let you explore unique destinations, like the Plaza del Conde Fenosa. If you're seeking fun and adventure, we recommend staying at the hotels in Portomarín, Spain, close to the Miño River, a favourite spot for water sports. Upon returning to your hotel, you can relax in rooms equipped with a whirlpool tub while taking in the natural landscape views. Moreover, we have romantic styled establishments for couples, featuring a lounge, bar, restaurant, and comfortable rooms. Enhance the experience with a wander around the Paso del General Paredes and take home a souvenir of your trip.

    Unwind at the most comfortable hotels in Portomarín

    Our city hotel offer is diverse. Choose to book accommodation in Portomarín including full or half-board options. You'll stay in modern facilities with Wi-Fi-equipped rooms, bathtub and balcony. Nearby, you will find noteworthy places like the medieval Casa del Conde de la Maza. We also welcome you to visit the Capilla de las Nieves with its stairs that are part of the Santiago de Compostela Pilgrimage Route. If you're travelling with your family, we've got options close to this temple, offering interconnecting rooms and generous space, where you'll enjoy air conditioning and Wi-Fi at affordable prices.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much does a weekend stay in a hotel in Portomarin cost?

    A weekend stay at a hotel in Portomarin costs an average of 85$ (based on ebooking.com rates).

    How much does a high-season weekend stay in a hotel in Portomarin cost?

    A high-season weekend stay at a hotel in Portomarin costs an average of 116$ (based on ebooking.com rates).

    Which are the best family-friendly hotels in Portomarin?

    The best family-friendly hotel in Portomarin is Hostal Meson do Loyo.

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