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    Experience an unforgettable holiday at our Porrúa hotels, in the Principality of Asturias. We present a wide range of accommodation ideally located for exploring both the park and the kiosk. Also, seize the opportunity to visit the Church of San Julián and try the local cuisine. Reserve a spot near Plaza La Bolera and the Museum of Ethnography of Eastern Asturias; you will love visiting these iconic spots. We invite you to stay in our establishments near the Porrúa river trail, perfect for hiking enthusiasts. If you are travelling for the cuisine, it's advantageous to stay in the vicinity of the cheese factory. We have accommodations to suit all budgets. Book with us and enjoy your stay in Porrúa.

    Most popular Porrúa hotels

    llanes porrua vvvalparon
    Barrio Valparón, 33509 Porrúa de Llanes

    Experience the allure of Llanes Porrua VVValparon, featuring free car park, air-conditioned accommodation, a delightful garden, and complimentary WiFi, based in the quaint village of Porrúa, Spain.

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    ático llanes porrua
    Barrio Valparón

    The Attic Llanes Porrua, located in Porrua, provides comfort with air conditioning, garden views, complimentary Wi-Fi, and free parking.

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    casa pancho porrúa

    Experience Casa Pancho Porrúa in Porrúa, complete with parking, garden, family rooms and internet. Perfect for hikers and families.

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    hotel rural porrua
    Porrua S/N

    Discover the rural charm of Asturias at the Hotel Rural Porrua, surrounded by nature, with complimentary parking, WiFi and daily cleaning services.

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    los picos
    Porrua, s/n

    Los Picos, an accommodation providing free Wi-Fi service, complimentary private parking, and activities such as hiking and cycling.

    Price from 58 EUR per night
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    Reserve your ideal accommodation in Porrúa

    Discover a tranquil locality, with a superb cultural heritage and vast green spaces in the Principality of Asturias. Choose our Porrúa hotels and enjoy a pleasant experience in establishments with excellent services. Hotêls in Porrúa city centre are an excellent alternative. They offer rooms with air conditioning, Wi-Fi throughout, 24 hour reception, and some are pet-friendly. From any of these hotels, it'll be easy to go shopping, visit the Church of San Julián or sample the local cuisine at the local pubs and restaurants.

    Stay in the best hotels in Porrúa

    We also offer accommodation opportunities if you are travelling with a group at the hotels in Porrúa, Spain, located near the most important monuments and within walking distance of the Museum of Ethnography of Eastern Asturias. You'll enjoy modern facilities, with restaurants and parking facilities. From these hotels, it's easy to reach Plaza La Bolera either by foot or by bicycle. If you're travelling with family, we offer places with adapted rooms, cafeteria, restaurant, and luggage storage facilities. Many are located around the park and kiosk, where you'll find play areas for seniors and a children's area.

    Find the best area to stay in Porrúa

    At eBooking, we offer accommodation in Porrúa with various categories and services that include parking and swimming pools. After resting in modern rooms, with minibar and TV, you can visit fantastic green spaces, like the Porrúa River Trail, spanning 6 kilometres, which has a colourful landscape. Stay close to Vallina fountain, perfect for walking your pet and keeping up with your exercise routine. You'll have access to spacious and cosy family rooms, with daily breakfast and parking. If you're still wondering where to sleep in Porrúa, we make the decision easier with our offer of cheap hotels that accommodate any budget. These places have facilities everyone will enjoy and are near Porrúa's cheese factory, a place to taste local cheeses, with a natural and pleasant outdoor atmosphere.

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