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    Poole hotels are your gateway to a charming coastal town bursting with natural beauty. With an assortment of accommodations on offer, Poole caters to all tastes and budgets, from boutique hotels to all-inclusive large resorts. Start your Poole adventure now.

    Most popular Poole hotels

    cranborne house
    45 Shaftesbury Road

    Cranborne House, a hotel with complimentary Wi-Fi, private parking, and family rooms, offers a comfortable terrace and shared lounge area.

    Price from 50 GBP per night
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    hotel du vin poole
    Thames Street, The Quay

    Hotel Du Vin Poole: Luxury in Poole with fine linen rooms, hand beds, plasma TV, just a 10 min walk from Poole Harbour.

    Price from 79 GBP per night
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    the anchorage
    47 Haven Road

    The Anchorage hotel, with free parking and Wi-Fi, offers tasteful amenities and daily cleaning service in its smoke-free rooms.

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    rockley park private holiday homes
    Rockley Holiday Park, 14 Napier Road

    Enjoy comfort at Rockley Park Private Holiday Homes, presenting unique facilities like free parking and indoor and outdoor pools.

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    poole quay hotel
    The Quay

    Enjoy your stay at Poole Quay Hotel, a modern accommodation with parking, a restaurant, room service and pet access in Poole, United Kingdom.

    Price from 64 GBP per night
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    antelope by greene king inns
    8 High Street

    The Antelope by Greene King Inns, steeped in 500 years of history, offers free WiFi, a restaurant, a bar, and welcomes pets. It's the perfect bolthole for memorable experiences.

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    harbour heights hotel
    73 Haven Rd

    Discover Harbour Heights Hotel, a sleek establishment with terrace and sea views. It includes a restaurant, bar and amenities for mobility impaired individuals.

    Price from 84 GBP per night
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    rnli college
    West Quay Road RNLI College

    The RNLI College provides daily cleaning services, free WiFi internet, private parking, and a restaurant in Poole.

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    'sea breeze' dorset dream holiday home

    Sea Breeze Dorset dream holiday home, the perfect accommodation in Poole with free WiFi, parking facilities and central heating throughout.

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    Taverner Close

    Discover the comfort of the Taverner hotel, with private parking, free wifi and a 24-hour reception. A perfect place for hiking, windsurfing and cycling.

    Price from 75 GBP per night
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    rose and crown
    178 Wareham Road lytchett matravers

    Discover Rose and Crown: Accommodation with restaurant, bar and garden. Offering free WiFi and parking, near Poole Harbour.

    Price from 77 GBP per night
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    pine ridge 58 @ rockley park
    Rockley Holiday Park Napier Road

    Savour a comfortable experience at Pine Ridge 58 @ Rockley Park. This house equipped with WiFi, cash machine, car park, and restaurant will certainly captivate you.

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    shah of persia, poole by marston's inns
    173 Longfleet Road

    Relish your stay at the Shah of Persia, Poole by Marston's Inns, with stylish rooms, complimentary Wifi, tasty English breakfast, and free parking.

    Price from 50 GBP per night
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    holiday inn express poole, an ihg hotel
    Walking Field Lane

    The Holiday Inn Express Poole, a 3-star hotel in Poole, provides free WiFi, parking, a restaurant, and a bar among its other services.

    Price from 53 GBP per night
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    pass the keys gorgeous townhouse in the heart of poole
    Pass the Keys Gorgeous Townhouse in the Heart of Poole

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    Why book hotels in Poole?

    Nestled on the England's southern shore, Poole is a gem waiting to be discovered. Booking hotels in Poole not only secures you cosy and inviting accommodation, it also opens up an unrivalled location from which you can unearth all the city has to offer. Its striking harbour, one of the largest and most picturesque in all of Europe, is a top drawcard. Here, you can enjoy a scenic promenade, hire a boat, or just soak up the panoramic views. The old town of Poole, with its cobbled streets and historic buildings, is ideal for a leisurely stroll. It houses a wide variety of shops and restaurants, as well as some of the city's leading museums and art galleries.

    For nature enthusiasts, Poole is a true paradise. The city is fringed with numerous parks and nature reserves where you can indulge in hiking, cycling, or family picnics. Moreover, Poole is a mere ferry ride away from Brownsea Island, a nature reserve teeming with diverse fauna and flora. The accommodation in Poole is as varied as its sightseeing gems. There’s everything from luxurious resorts with all the amenities, to inviting guest houses and charming boutique hotels. Whatever your budget or tastes, Poole offers the perfect accommodation to make your trip memorable. So, don't hesitate, reserve with eBooking and start planning your adventure in Poole today. We eagerly anticipate your arrival.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much does a weekend stay in a hotel in Poole cost?

    A weekend stay at a hotel in Poole costs an average of 247$ (based on ebooking.com rates).

    How much does a high-season weekend stay in a hotel in Poole cost?

    A high-season weekend stay at a hotel in Poole costs an average of 318$ (based on ebooking.com rates).

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