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    If you're seeking comfort and a good time on your holiday, make your reservations at the best Plasencia hotels. Whether you're travelling with friends or family, you'll enjoy soundproofed rooms equipped with air conditioning, television, free Wi-Fi and a private bathroom. Looking for fun? Heated swimming pools, restaurants and bars are readily available at the most popular hotels on our list. Plasencia is known for its medieval heritage, so exploring the historic city centre is a must-do for your itinerary. We also recommend a visit to the bustling Plaza Mayor, surrounded by numerous leisure venues. Stately homes, museums, city walls and cathedrals are also well worth a look, not to mention the parks and gardens just a stone's throw from our hotels.

    Most popular Plasencia hotels

    hostal real
    Avenida de Salamanca 19

    Discover the charm of the Real Hostel in Plasencia, offering free internet WiFi throughout the establishment and complimentary private parking.

    Price from 37 EUR per night
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    rincón extremeño
    Vidrieras, 8

    The fantastic Rincón Extremeño is a hotel located in Plasencia, Spain. It has 12 bedrooms with TV, WiFi, air conditioning, and a bathroom. There's a restaurant and well-appointed function rooms.

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    hostal goyesco plaza

    Located just a stone's throw away from Plasencia's main square, Hostal Goyesco Plaza offers free WiFi, soundproof rooms and is pet-friendly.

    Price from 30 EUR per night
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    parador de plasencia
    Plaza San Vicente Ferrer, s/n

    Parador de Plasencia provides rooms equipped with TV, wifi, air con, a minibar, and an en-suite shower. It also boasts free wifi, a garage and restaurant. Discover it today!

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    hotel dora
    Hotel Dora
    Ronda del Salvador, 37

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    hotel corazón del jerte
    Hotel Corazón del Jerte
    carretera nacional 110 km399.9

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    hostal la despensa de extremadura
    Hostal La Despensa de Extremadura

    Price from 27 EUR per night
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    albergue santa ana
    Albergue Santa Ana
    Plaza Santa Ana, 3

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    apartamento abuelo mayorga
    Apartamento Abuelo Mayorga
    Calle Ronda del Salvador Nº 28 - 1º

    Price from 56 EUR per night
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    apartamentos succo
    Apartamentos Succo
    7 Calle Vidrieras

    Show prices
    apartamentos suites cariátide
    Apartamentos Suites Cariátide
    C/ San Ildefonso,2

    Price from 54 EUR per night
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    palacio carvajal girón
    Palacio Carvajal Girón
    Plaza Ansano,1

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    hotel azar
    Hotel Azar
    Carretera N-630 km, 474

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    plasencia santa ana
    Plasencia Santa Ana
    4 Plaza Santa Ana

    Price from 211 EUR per night
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    puerta trujillo
    Puerta Trujillo
    Calle Ancha

    Price from 70 EUR per night
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    Find a great hotel in Plasencia and immerse yourself in its medieval charm

    Plasencia is a stunning medieval city, situated in the northern province of Cáceres in Spain. Stay near the best spots to enjoy it with your family or friends. We have unbeatable deals at Plasencia hotels in prime locations. Our accommodations offer rooms with Wi-Fi, air conditioning, television and bathroom. Want to relax? Most of our luxury establishments offer hot tubs, Jacuzzis, spas and prime locations. You'll find Plaza Mayor nearby, a lively square surrounded by bars, pubs and restaurants that you'll love to visit.

    Stay near the parks and gardens of Plasencia

    Many of the hotels in Plasencia, Spain, are conveniently located near the city's numerous green spaces. There you can stroll, exercise or simply breathe in the fresh air. The Island Park, with its natural pools, is one of the most visited, just like the Coronation Park. Near these fabulous places, you'll find comfortable accommodations in Plasencia with access to swimming pools, solariums, snack bars and free Wi-Fi across all their facilities. They're the perfect place to relax. If you're on a business trip and need peace and tranquility, you can opt for hotels with soundproofed rooms and 24-hour room service.

    Book a hotel in the historic centre of Plasencia

    The Historic Centre of Plasencia showcases the cultural wealth of the region. On your walks, you'll see stately homes, museums, city walls and various palaces. The hotels in Plasencia city centre are very close to the two main cathedrals, the old one or "Santa Maria" and the new one, the Cathedral of the Assumption. Also, enjoying splendid views from the Tourism Parador is a must-do. Find accommodation in Plasencia equipped with a sitting area, child-friendly facilities and private parking. Enjoy luxury? Four and five-star hotels may just be perfect for you. These boast amazing heated swimming pools, restaurants, bars and fitness centres. Your days in Plasencia will certainly be unforgettable!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Which are the best hotels in Plasencia?

    The best hotels in Plasencia are Hotel Ciudad de Plasencia and Exe Alfonso VIII.

    How much does a weekend stay in a hotel in Plasencia cost?

    A weekend stay at a hotel in Plasencia costs an average of 90$ (based on rates).

    How much does a high-season weekend stay in a hotel in Plasencia cost?

    A high-season weekend stay at a hotel in Plasencia costs an average of 93$ (based on rates).

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