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    Book at one of the Pisa hotels we've lined up for you, and have a fantastic stay amidst gorgeous surroundings as you gear up for a wander through this fantastic city. Immerse yourself in the heart of the town in our strategic locations, ideally placed to be within walking distance of main attractions like the Leaning Tower of Pisa and the Cathedral. If you're travelling with family, why not consider a serviced apartment? We highly recommend staying near the Baptistery and Piazza Garibaldi, both must-visit places during your trip. Book with us today, and truly savour your stay in Pisa.

    Most popular Pisa hotels

    la corte di lisa - self check-in
    La Corte di Lisa - Self check-in
    Via San Bernardo 22

    La Corte di Lisa in Pisa provides automatic check-in, air-conditioning, complimentary Wi-Fi, a flat-screen TV, and shared kitchen facilities. It's especially ideal due to its proximity to the Leaning Tower.

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    hotel terranova
    Hotel Terranova
    Via Carlo Cattaneo 142-144

    Hotel Terranova presents a bar, gazebo, adaptations for reduced mobility, parking and complimentary WiFi in a revamped 1950s building, just 2.5 km from the Tower of Pisa.

    Price from 40 EUR per night
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    b&b - residenza d'epoca piazza cairoli
    B&B - Residenza d'epoca Piazza Cairoli
    Piazza Cairoli 12

    Price from 125 EUR per night
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    window to the tower
    Window To The Tower
    Via Santa Maria 165

    Price from 30 EUR per night
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    giuseppe house
    Giuseppe House
    38 Via dell'Aeroporto

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    aliante b&b
    Aliante B&B
    Via Giuseppe Montanelli 19

    Price from 18 EUR per night
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    la locanda di giada e giorgia
    La Locanda Di Giada e Giorgia
    Via San Biagio 31

    Price from 44 EUR per night
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    b&b toscana
    B&B Toscana
    Lungarno Guadalongo 5, Pisa, 56121 Province of Pisa, Italy

    Price from 13 EUR per night
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    pisacentro guest house
    Pisacentro Guest House
    Viale Antonio Gramsci 14, Galleria B, 4th and 5th floor

    Price from 27 EUR per night
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    five roses bed & breakfast
    Five Roses Bed & Breakfast
    Corso Italia, 156

    Price from 90 EUR per night
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    casa san tommaso
    Casa San Tommaso
    Via San Tommaso 11

    Price from 179 EUR per night
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    palazzo cini luxury rooms in pisa
    Palazzo Cini Luxury Rooms in Pisa
    12 Via Alessandro Manzoni 12

    Price from 123 EUR per night
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    hotel la pace
    Hotel La Pace
    Viale Gramsci, Galleria B 14

    Price from 40 EUR per night
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    villa tower inn
    Villa Tower Inn
    Via Bonanno Pisano 62

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    grand hotel bonanno
    Grand Hotel Bonanno
    Via Carlo Francesco Gabba 17

    Price from 90 EUR per night
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    Discover the finest places to stay in Pisa

    Explore the charm of this city in the Tuscan region of Italy. Book at one of our Pisa hotels and relish an enchanting vacation in our cosy establishments. Opt to stay in one of our hotels in Pisa city centre, and find yourself surrounded by bustling streets lined with bars and restaurants, while being close to the city's key attractions such as the world-famous Leaning Tower of Pisa. Your stay in a temperature-controlled room that also comes with a balcony, Wi-Fi throughout the hotel, a bar, and inclusive breakfast. In this zone, you'll find the River Arno that splits the city into two. Taking a stroll by it will treat you with splendid views of vibrantly hued houses and monuments.

    Choose your ideal hotel in Pisa

    If you're coming in a group and looking for accommodation in Pisa, we suggest you book one of our serviced apartments, equipped with a kitchen area, dining room, air-conditioned rooms, TV and parking space. These residences make excellent bases for exploring historic buildings, including the quaint church of Santa Maria della Spina, which lies on the banks of the River Arno and makes for a perfect photograph. Consider staying in one of our Pisa hotels, Italy, preferably near the train station. We have budget-friendly establishments in this area offering Wi-Fi, a bar, and breakfast. We also offer affordable lodgings around Piazza Garibaldi, renowned for its lively atmosphere at night and for being surrounded by eateries. For a leisurely stroll, head towards Borgo Stretto, a medieval street housing exclusive shops and bakeries.

    Stay in a romantic hotel in Pisa

    We provide captivating accommodation in Pisa for couples that will surely leave you smitten. You'll enjoy staying in a romanticised establishment, complete with a room service, minibar, balcony with scenic views, and complimentary breakfast. From here, you can head to Piazza dei Miracoli, where the iconic Leaning Tower of Pisa and the must-visit Baptistry are located. Ascending the stairs inside will give you an unparalleled view of the area. Don't forget to visit the monumental cemetery, Campos Santo, home to 84 Roman-era sarcophagi. We have a hotel to match every travel plan you make. Book with us and come enjoy a unique accommodation experience in Pisa.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much does a weekend stay in a hotel in Pisa cost?

    A weekend stay at a hotel in Pisa costs an average of 142$ (based on ebooking.com rates).

    How much does a high-season weekend stay in a hotel in Pisa cost?

    A high-season weekend stay at a hotel in Pisa costs an average of 153$ (based on ebooking.com rates).

    Which are the best family-friendly hotels in Pisa?

    The best family-friendly hotels in Pisa are Hotel La Pace, B&B - Residenza d'epoca Piazza Cairoli, and Hotel Terranova.

    Which are the best hotels for couples in Pisa?

    The best hotels for couples in Pisa are La Locanda Di Giada e Giorgia, B&B Toscana, and Casa San Tommaso.

    Which are the best hotels near landmarks in Pisa?

    Discover the best hotels near places like Torre inclinada de Pisa and Catedral de Pisa in Pisa.

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