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    Planning a trip to Madrid? Discover what to see in Pinto, a charming town to the south of the capital. With eBooking, secure the finest Pinto hotels - their strategic location and rich cultural and historical heritage are impressive, indeed. Choose from our list of favourites, plump for accommodation that offers unbeatable value for money. You'll simply love exploring Éboli Tower and the Santo Domingo de Silos Church. The best part? Nearby you'll find charming hotels for all sorts of budgets. Plus, you'll enjoy staying in hotels with onsite restaurants, gyms, and complimentary breakfasts. If you're seeking to explore natural areas, we suggest a series of accommodations near Los Estragales, a beautiful area to relish the local fauna and flora.

    Most popular Pinto hotels

    casa vacacional
    2 Calle San Emilio

    The HOLIDAY HOME in Pinto boasts garden views, complimentary Wi-Fi, and air conditioning. Perfect for families, with 24-hour reception and professional cleaning.

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    habitación independiente en casa compartida
    Calle Mancio Serra Leguizamo

    Explore the single room in a shared house in Pinto, boasting free WiFi, a communal kitchen, shared living area and terrace.

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    pension venecia
    Hospital, 26

    Experience the Pension Venecia in Pinto, boasting amenities such as car park, restaurant, bar, and terrace. They extend family-friendly accommodations and free Wi-Fi.

    Price from 37 EUR per night
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    villa de pinto
    Barco, 10

    3* Villa De Pinto Hotel offers air-conditioned rooms with flat-screen TV and complimentary WiFi. On-site cafe-bar and parking available.

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    hostal gran vía
    Egido de la Fuente, 22, 1

    Experience a serene stay at the Hostal Gran Vía, nestled in Pinto, replete with amenities such as complimentary WiFi, a bar, and laundry service.

    Price from 40 EUR per night
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    hotel las artes
    Paseo de las Artes (antigua calle Parla), 15

    Las Artes Hotel in Pinto features free WiFi, TV, telephone and en-suite bathroom with amenities. Additionally, it boasts parking, a gym, spa and 24-hour reception.

    Price from 58 EUR per night
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    hotel indiana
    Castilla, 8

    Indiana Hotel in Pinto, offering wifi, flat screen telly, satellite, ensuite bathroom, and private parking. Pets allowed.

    Price from 45 EUR per night
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    sercotel princesa de eboli
    Pablo Picasso, 10

    Experience the Sercotel Princesa de Eboli in Pinto, Madrid. Enjoy Wi-Fi, TV, air conditioning, private facilities in rooms. Indulge in our restaurant, cafe, lounge, dining hall, wellness centre, underground parking.

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    posadas de españa pinto
    Sierra Nevada, 3

    The Hotel Posadas de España Pinto boasts a prime setting, external rooms with air conditioning, free wifi, TV and private bathroom. Parking, restaurant, bar, coffee shop and 3 meeting rooms are at your convenience.

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    eurostars arenas de pinto
    Arenas, 1

    Eurostars Arenas de Pinto is a contemporary hotel offering well-equipped rooms, parking, a restaurant, café and event rooms.

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    apartamentos plaza de santiago - estudios turisticos - 1 llave
    Apartamentos Plaza de Santiago - Estudios Turisticos - 1 LLAVE
    Plaza de Santiago, 1

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    Unwind at the most popular hotels in Pinto

    Choose accommodation in Pinto and wisely stay close to local attractions like Cerro de los Ángeles, which houses the Hermitage of Our Lady of the Angels and Our Lady of the Apostles Diocesan Seminary. If you're contemplating where to stay in Pinto, consider a three-star hotel featuring comfy rooms, Wi-Fi, and car park. Make the most of your visit by exploring Los Estragales, a green area on the outskirts teeming with diverse wildlife and plants. Without a doubt, an absolute must-see!

    Book a hotel in Pinto city centre

    The region offers diverse accommodation fitting anyone's taste and budget, boasting a versatile assemblage of hotels in Pinto, particularly in the city centre brimming with churches and historical spots. Among the alternatives you'll unearth in eBooking, you'll find hotels in Pinto city centre, offering bars, restaurants, and swimming pools. The city centre is one of the best areas to stay given its proximity to the Town Hall Square and Parque Egido de la Fuente, a perfect natural space for peaceful family or couple strolls. Quite engaging! We also recommend accommodation in Pinto that lets you explore main shopping streets and landmarks. You could even ascend the 14th-century Éboli Tower, and savour the history that this medieval structure holds.

    Discover Pinto hotels that include breakfast

    To tour the most emblematic sites of the city and its surroundings, residing in a Pinto hotel that includes breakfast is your smartest option. This ensures you start your mornings off right. Our list includes half-board hotels, a great family option guaranteeing exceptional value for money. Find hotels in Pinto, Spain, that feature all the services for an impeccable stay. We recommend an establishment with a gym, restaurant, and laundry service. There are also various 'pet-friendly' accommodations renowned for their inclusive breakfast, free Wi-Fi, and spa. As an added benefit, we suggest reserving near Parque Warner Madrid, the finest theme park in Spain. If you're travelling with your friends, you'll enjoy staying in adult-only hotels that, besides breakfast, offer a café, bar, and chill-out area. Visit the most famous spots of this city, book with us in one of the Pinto hotels we've hand-picked for you. It’ll indeed be fascinating to stay in one of our recommended accommodations for couples, families, and chums. So, what are you waiting for?

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much does a weekend stay in a hotel in Pinto cost?

    A weekend stay at a hotel in Pinto costs an average of 97$ (based on rates).

    How much does a high-season weekend stay in a hotel in Pinto cost?

    A high-season weekend stay at a hotel in Pinto costs an average of 106$ (based on rates).

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