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    Choose from our range of Paterna hotels, unwind in comfortable surroundings, and prepare yourself for a memorable holiday. Start your journey in the Historic Centre and visit the Tower of Paterna, surrounded by shops and eateries. The Church of St. Peter offers another notable point of interest. We have ideal accommodation options in this area for families or couples. Venture into the caves and Calvary, close to the city centre. You might also enjoy a leisurely stroll through the Roman Villa of Paterna and the Natural Park of Turia. One of our exquisite places to stay would be just the ticket, following a day out exploring the city.

    Most popular Paterna hotels

    habitación privada cerca de valencia en vivienda compartida
    12 Carrer del Cid

    Take pleasure in a comfortable stay in a private room near Valencia, complete with air conditioning, free Wi-Fi, a shared kitchen, and delightful courtyard views.

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    work and rest away from home
    34B Carrer Orenga Puerta 7

    Experience comfort at Work and Stay Away From Home, an air-conditioned accommodation featuring a private pool, terrace and complimentary WiFi throughout the premises.

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    piso céntrico en paterna
    47 Carrer d'Antonio Machado

    Located in the heart of Paterna, this pet-friendly and non-smoking city centre flat is perfectly positioned for exploring Paterna's many attractions.

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    casa-cueva en el corazón de paterna
    96 Carrer Coves de la Torre

    Discover the CAVE HOUSE IN THE HEART OF PATERNA featuring a terrace, free WiFi, complimentary parking, and pet-friendly accommodations. Unwind in its garden with a fireplace.

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    apartamento con terraza y barbacoa
    95 Carrer Coves de la Torre

    Relish your stay at the APARTMENT WITH TERRACE AND BARBECUE, featuring amenities such as free car park, WiFi, airport transport, and a barbecue.

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    b&b hotel valencia aeropuerto
    Ciudad de Lliria 4 * Polígono Empresarial Táctica

    Relish your stay at the B&B Hotel Valencia Airport, offering free car park, terrace, complimentary WiFi, and specially adapted for those with limited mobility.

    Price from 33 EUR per night
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    hotel vista al sol
    Calle Montgó 5 Paterna

    The Vista al Sol Hotel in Paterna offers a range of services including a bar, private parking, a garden and a terrace. Enjoy comfortable rooms with complimentary wifi and air conditioning.

    Price from 36 EUR per night
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    posadas de españa paterna
    Avenida Leonardo Da Vincci S/n

    Experience the Posadas De España Paterna, a contemporary hotel complete with a restaurant, bar, terrace, complimentary parking and WiFi throughout the property.

    Price from 49 EUR per night
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    hotel mas camarena
    Nicolas Copernico, 2

    The Mas Camarena Hotel, offering 143 rooms, an outdoor swimming pool, gym, bar and restaurant, is a splendid booking choice in Paterna, Valencia.

    Price from 61 EUR per night
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    azz valencia congress hotel & spa
    49 Carrer dels Botiguers

    Indulge in luxury and comfort at AZZ Valencia Congress Hotel & Spa with top-notch amenities like a spa, gym and fine dining in Paterna.

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    azz valencia táctica hotel
    Botiguers, 1

    Azz Tactic Hotel in Valencia: rooms and suites boasting air conditioning, TV, complimentary WiFi, minibar, hairdryer, and fully equipped bathroom. Includes a bar, restaurant, pool, and private car park.

    Price from 50 EUR per night
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    casa serra
    Casa Serra
    Calle Juan Bautista Peset 65 Escalera 3 Piso 3 Puerta 15

    Price from 19 EUR per night
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    habitación tranquila, agradable cerca de valencia en vivienda compartida
    Habitación tranquila, agradable cerca de Valencia en vivienda compartida
    Carrer del Cid

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    orange vibes inn
    Orange Vibes INN
    Dr Machi 2 Dr Machi 2

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    la cueva apartaments valencia
    La Cueva Apartaments Valencia
    94 Carrer Coves de la Torre

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    Find the best area to stay in Paterna

    Enjoy a memorable accommodation experience with our range of hotels in Paterna, Spain. At eBooking, we offer unbeatable prices and cutting-edge facilities to appreciate the charm of this town in the Huerta region. This village hosts remarkable buildings, natural spaces, and entertainment options. Also, we provide establishments with 24-hour customer service, breakfast, Wi-Fi, restaurants, and parking. We guarantee restful stay following a day of city exploration and sightseeing. We recommend spending a cosy night in the hotels in Paterna city centre, where you'll be near cave houses dating back to the 17th century. Calvary of Paterna is another must-visit in the area, particularly if you're on the lookout for lower rates. Some hostels provide excellent service with communal or private rooms, Wi-Fi in common areas, vending machines, and cafés.

    Choose a charming hotel in Paterna

    If you're seeking accommodation in Paterna close to the Turia Natural Park, we've got you covered. We offer attractive small or large group cottages that will undoubtedly surpass your expectations. Some of our hotels in Paterna, Spain, have family rooms and are pet-friendly, featuring gardens, barbecue areas, and outdoor terraces. It would be a splendid idea to take a bike ride to explore the natural spaces of the town. Afterwards, you can relax in our establishments, where you'll feel right at home!

    Book your ideal hotel in Paterna

    Our accommodation in Paterna caters to all budgets. You’ll find spacious apartments with a fully equipped kitchen, living room, air conditioned bedrooms, Wi-Fi, terraces, and parking. We also offer luxury hotels with stunning city views. Close by, you can visit the Historic Centre to appreciate the Tower of Paterna and the Church of St. Peter. The Capri Theater makes a worthy addition to your itinerary. We offer an abundance of accommodation options, whether you’re travelling for leisure or embarking on a romantic getaway.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much does a weekend stay in a hotel in Paterna cost?

    A weekend stay at a hotel in Paterna costs an average of 85$ (based on rates).

    How much does a high-season weekend stay in a hotel in Paterna cost?

    A high-season weekend stay at a hotel in Paterna costs an average of 98$ (based on rates).

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