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    Book a stay in one of our Ossa De Montiel hotels and indulge in a phenomenal holiday in this hidden gem amongst Spain's tourist destinations. We offer brilliant accommodation options for you to retreat to after exploring the most renowned sites in town. Delve into the city centre and prepare to uncover its cultural richness. The Parish Church of Santa Maria Magdalena and Rochafrida Castle are not to be missed. You might also fancy staying in one of our hotels offering excursions to the Montesinos Cave or the Lagoons of Ruidera, perfect for some nature appreciation and outdoor activities, perfect for a family visit.

    Most popular Ossa de Montiel hotels

    la casita ossa
    13 Calle Mayor

    Experience conditioned air, free WiFi, and off-street parking at the La Casita Ossa, conveniently located just 12km from the Ruidera Pools.

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    la caseja rural
    Ctra. lagunas de Ruidera. Ossa de Montiel

    Discover La Caseja Rural, a tranquil location complete with free parking, a terrace, and close by to the spectacular natural park of Lagunas de Ruidera.

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    villas las lagunas 1
    Travesia Banos de las Mulas, 2 (Frente Rest Montesol)

    VILLAS LAS LAGUNAS 1, a haven with a private pool, lake views and a terrace. Free parking and WiFi. Revel in adventures with hiking and cycling!

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    casa rural noel en parque natural lagunas de ruidera
    46 Calle Extramuros-San Pedro

    Enjoy the lakeside views at Noel Country House, in the Natural Park of Ruidera Lagoons, with free WiFi, parking, and pool.

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    casa rural los eneares
    8 Calle Sur

    Discover the charms of Los Eneares Country House in Ossa de Montiel, equipped with air conditioning, free WiFi, and private parking.

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    casa laguna san pedro
    13 Camino el Vivero

    Discover the comfort of Casa Laguna San Pedro, boasting garden views, a terrace and private parking for an impeccable stay.

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    casa bimba
    17 Carretera la Colgada

    Casa Bimba in Ossa de Montiel offers a garden, terrace, heating, air conditioning, and lake and river views, near the Ruidera Lagoons Natural Park.

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    hostal la cañada ruidera
    carretera de las lagunas km4

    Experience comfort at HOSTAL LA CAÑADA RUIDERA, equipped with air conditioning, free parking, and views of the swimming pool and garden.

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    casa rochafrida
    10 Calle Escudero Guadiana

    Enjoy your stay at Casa Rochafrida in Ossa de Montiel, boasting amenities such as air conditioning, a 24-hour reception and complimentary parking.

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    la casita del pescador
    Camino De San Pedro Extramuros 79

    Come and enjoy the Fisherman's Cottage, a serene stay in Ossa de Montiel complete with a garden, terrace, free WiFi and activities like fishing and hiking.

    Price from 148 EUR per night
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    casa rural la sureña 2
    Casa Rural La Sureña 2
    4 Calle Nazaret

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    hostal la paz
    Hostal La Paz
    La Paz, 96

    Price from 56 EUR per night
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    el mirador del molino
    22 Camino Cerro de Garijo

    Price from 156 EUR per night
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    casas rurales villa sem sem
    Casas Rurales Villa Sem Sem
    Camino De San Pedro, 47

    Price from 201 EUR per night
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    Get to know Ossa de Montiel and unwind in one of its top-notch hotels

    If you're yearning for an idyllic holiday, we recommend choosing from our range of hotels in Ossa de Montiel. At eBooking, we offer the best prices on accommodation. Opt to stay in one of our establishments offering rooms with Wi-Fi, air conditioning, and additional services such as an in-house restaurant and swimming pool. Then, set out to explore the city, a part of the legendary Route of Don Quixote. Reserve a room in one of the hotels in Ossa de Montiel city centre, where cultural tourism and relaxation go hand-in-hand, at establishments that offer an impressive price-quality ratio. Most of these hotels provide Wi-Fi, television, air conditioning, and 24-hour hospitality. Kick-off your tour by visiting the Parish Church of Santa Maria Magdalena. We have various accommodation options in Ossa de Montiel, including spacious rural houses boasting complete kitchens, private parking, and a garden. A phenomenal alternative for those travelling with the family. You may also wish to visit Rochafrida Castle, an 11th-century landmark and the town's main attraction. We also have hotels around the Municipal Museum of Ossa de Montiel. You are bound to love staying in this part of the city.

    Reserve a room in a hotel in Ossa De Montiel

    Discover where to stay in Ossa De Montiel, close to the Natural Park of the Ruidera Lagoons, an exceptional spot to bask in nature's glory and breathe the fresh air. We offer you a variety of aparthotels featuring beautiful views of the lagoons, in addition to services such as free Wi-Fi and private parking. Better yet, some of our establishments offer exciting activities like kayaking, diving, canoeing, and sailing. Stay in our hotels in Ossa De Montiel, Spain, and join a hiking expedition to the Montesinos Cave. You'll be fascinated to discover the bat colony residing in its cavern, and appreciate its significance in the tales of Don Quixote.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much does a weekend stay in a hotel in Ossa de Montiel cost?

    A weekend stay at a hotel in Ossa de Montiel costs an average of 170$ (based on ebooking.com rates).

    How much does a high-season weekend stay in a hotel in Ossa de Montiel cost?

    A high-season weekend stay at a hotel in Ossa de Montiel costs an average of 191$ (based on ebooking.com rates).

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