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    At Oran hotels, you have the opportunity to explore a vibrant city that perfectly marries modernity with a desire for escape. With its multicultural heritage, stunning beaches and contagious vitality, Oran is a Mediterranean jewel waiting to be discovered by you.

    Most popular Oran hotels

    mh hotel
    Rue Sama Lakhder

    The MH HOTEL in Oran provides 3-star accommodation, complete with a restaurant, free private parking, and a terrace. Free WiFi available.

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    66 Rue Sbaa Houari (Ex-General Ferradou), Hai el Maktaa

    Enjoy a comfortable stay at the IBIRIS hotel in Oran, with free parking, a restaurant, free WiFi and a terrace for you to unwind.

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    lb suites oran
    PC33+6G Bir El Djir

    Book a stay at LB Suites Oran, a 4-star hotel in Oran, complete with a restaurant, outdoor pool, and free WiFi.

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    hotel les ambassadeurs
    Boulevard de l'Indépendance 15

    Discover the charm of Oran at the Hotel Les Ambassadeurs, with comfortable rooms, 24-hour service, a restaurant and free WiFi.

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    mf hotel oran
    Ilot 384B, Hai khemisti Bir El Djir Oran Algérie

    The MF Hotel Oran provides free parking, a restaurant, room service, 24h reception and complimentary WiFi.

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    vent-dôme khaled hotel & spa
    Rue Moulay Mohamed

    Bask in luxury and comfort at the Vent-Dôme Khaled Hotel & SPA in Oran, with spa access, a swimming pool, a restaurant, and complimentary WiFi. Book now!

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    melissa hôtel
    04 rue khelloufi houari

    Experience the elegance of the Melissa Hotel in Oran, featuring an on-site restaurant, room service, 24-hour reception and an outdoor swimming pool.

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    The MARAVAL, in Oran, offers comfortable air-conditioned rooms with free WiFi access. It also boasts room service and private parking.

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    appartement akid lotfi oran
    Résidence Sofia Leonor Bâtiment J Akid Lotfi Bir El Djir Oran

    Discover the Appartement Akid Lotfi Oran, a home away from home with complimentary WiFi and free parking. Enjoy family rooms and a smoke-free environment.

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    appartement à oran
    Rue 5 Juillet Bloc A,Appt 5

    The Appartement à oran offers comfort with its air conditioning, free private car park, 24-hour front desk, and WiFi. It also offers a relaxing Hammam.

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    rodina oran
    47 Boulevard de l'APN, Les Palmiers

    The chic Rodina Oran hotel, located in Oran, offers facilities such as parking, a restaurant, a spa and indoor swimming pool for an unforgettable stay.

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    hotel santa cruz oran
    Hai Khemisti

    The Hotel Santa Cruz Oran, in the city of Oran, is a comfortable 3-star accommodation with a restaurant, free wifi and 24-hour room service.

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    calypso home oran
    place 20 aout ain el turck

    Enjoy a pleasant stay at the Calypso Home Oran, equipped with a restaurant, garden, terrace, free WiFi, and airport transfer.

    Price from 6000 DZD per night
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    le meridien oran hotel
    Les Genets, Chemin de Wilaya, Route 75

    Enjoy the view of the Mediterranean at Le Meridien Oran, a 5-star hotel with complimentary wifi, parking and restaurants.

    Price from 12750 DZD per night
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    four points by sheraton oran
    Boulevard du 19 Mars, Route des falaises ·

    Immerse yourself in luxury at the Four Points by Sheraton Oran, featuring an outdoor pool, gym, restaurant and airport transfer services.

    Price from 11050 DZD per night
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    Exploring Oran Hotels: A Mediterranean Oasis

    Oran, Algeria's second largest city, is a captivating port city along the country's northwestern coast. Known for its stunning, sun-soaked, Mediterranean beaches and its significant historical events, Oran promises its visitors a magical experience. Oran hotels offer top-tier services to ensure the comfort of their guests. From luxurious resorts to charming boutique hotels and affordable lodgings, there are options to suit all tastes and budgets. The usual amenities found in these hotels include swimming pools, eateries, complimentary Wi-Fi, and in many instances, breathtaking sea views. Oran is abundant with panoramic vistas and historical sites, from the Santa Cruz Fort to the Oran Regional Theatre. It also boasts a vibrant nightlife scene with countless restaurants serving mouth-watering local cuisines, contemporary bars and jazz clubs.

    Its coastal location makes Oran a paradise for beach lovers. Visitors can relax on the expansive sandy shores, participate in water sports or simply bask in the sound of the Mediterranean waves. Booking accommodation in Oran is a breeze with eBooking, which provides its users with a wide selection of available hotels in the city. Simply enter your travel dates, compare the offers and book the one that is most suitable for you. Visiting Oran means immersing yourself in a rich, diverse culture, enveloped in genuine hospitality and a pace of life that harmoniously blends the best of tradition and modernity. Whether you're seeking a cultural getaway, a business trip or a relaxing beach-side holiday, Oran hotels promise a comfortable and memorable stay. Don't wait any longer, Oran awaits you with open arms.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much does a weekend stay in a hotel in Oran cost?

    A weekend stay at a hotel in Oran costs an average of 100$ (based on ebooking.com rates).

    How much does a high-season weekend stay in a hotel in Oran cost?

    A high-season weekend stay at a hotel in Oran costs an average of 109$ (based on ebooking.com rates).

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