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    Book at our hotels in Nuévalos, Spain, unwind in superb facilities and live an unforgettable holiday. Consider staying at a city-centre lodging and comfortably explore the local chapels and the iconic ruins of Nuévalos Castle. Get to know the remarkable Monastery of Stone and its park, whilst residing in quiet, comfortable quarters. If you're travelling with family, we highly suggest our fully-equipped cottages, boasting plenty of space. Nearby, you can relish outdoor pursuits and leisure activities. If you fancy, venture to nearby towns for a unique day out. We have establishments of various standards within the region, enabling you to select one that best accommodates your budget.

    Most popular Nuévalos hotels

    hostal las rumbas
    Carretera del Monasterio s/n

    Nestled in Nuévalos, The Las Rumbas Hostel lends rustic charm, free WiFi, car park and restaurant, along with panoramic views of the Tranquera reservoir.

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    hotel las truchas
    Carretera Monasterio de Piedra S/N, km 36

    Hotel Las Truchas in Nuévalos presents complimentary Wi-Fi, an outdoor pool, tennis courts, a restaurant and a children's playground. It's the perfect place to delight in the great outdoors.

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    hotel rio piedra
    Carretera Monasterio, 1

    Situated near the Stone Monastery, Hotel Rio Piedra provides complimentary Wi-Fi, private parking, an outdoor pool, and a local cuisine restaurant.

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    hostal restaurante el cazador
    Hostal Restaurante el Cazador
    Travesía Monasterio de Piedra nr.7

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    monasterio de piedra
    Monasterio De Piedra
    Ctra. Monasterio De Piedra

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    casa rural la era del malaño
    Casa rural la Era del Malaño
    21 Calle San Sebastián Calle San Sebastián, 21, Nuévalos, España

    Price from 230 EUR per night
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    casa rural reyes
    Casa Rural Reyes
    Urbanizacion Casco Antiguo 58

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    Find your ideal hotel in Nuévalos

    Experience a unique getaway in a delightful locale, surrounded by abundant nature and magnificent historical monuments. Reserve rooms in our Nuévalos hotels, relax in comfortable facilities and explore the most eminent sites. A wealth of attractions are nested in the city's heart, making them accessible by a leisurely walk. Nearby, you'll find establishments offering various amenities and excellent value for money. Pay a visit to the Christ of the Valley chapels, the Gothic-styled San Sebastian, and Our Lady of Alvares. In no time, you'll glance at the city hall plaza, the church of San Julian, and the ruins of the castle. Staying in hotels in Nuévalos city centre is an optimal choice to familiarise yourself with the heritage in this area. To conclude your day, you can unwind in spacious, comfortable rooms, equipped with Wi-Fi, a terrace, café or restaurant.

    Stay in the best area of Nuévalos

    Seize the opportunity and visit the Monastery of Stone, adjacent to the River Piedra. An incredible 16th-century Cistercian architectural structure. If you appreciate nature, the accommodation in Nuévalos, particularly in this area, presents an excellent opportunity to rest. Recline peacefully surrounded by serene ambience and relax in the pool or spa. Begin your day relishing a sublime breakfast at your hotel and enjoy a stroll around the historical garden park of the Monastery of Stone. This richly diverse area of flora and fauna, with trails, waterfalls, streams, and lakes, is sure to captivate you. If you're travelling with family and pondering where to stay in Nuévalos, our rural cottages are the perfect alternative. With ample capacity, multiple rooms, barbecue area and gardens. If you have children, some include a swimming pool and even a playpark. Furthermore, the group can engage in outdoor activities at La Tranquera Reservoir with rowing, hiking or cycling.

    Book our accommodation in Nuévalos

    Even if you're concerned about managing your budget, rest assured you'll always find outstanding alternatives at our hotels in Nuévalos, Spain. The best part is from these establishments you can embark on an excursion to the charming surrounding towns. You'll get to visit the town of Llumes, positioned by the River Piedra, and its lovely church. You can also venture to Jaraba, located in the basin of the River Mesa, where you'll discover three spas, cave paintings and an awe-inspiring landscape. We guarantee you'll enjoy and rest in optimal facilities.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much does a weekend stay in a hotel in Nuévalos cost?

    A weekend stay at a hotel in Nuévalos costs an average of 83$ (based on rates).

    How much does a high-season weekend stay in a hotel in Nuévalos cost?

    A high-season weekend stay at a hotel in Nuévalos costs an average of 253$ (based on rates).

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