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    Stay at our Noreña hotels and discover this charming city nestled in the geographical heart of Asturias, famed for its rich cultural heritage. We recommend selecting accommodation in the Urban Centre. You'll find the Palace of Miraflores and the parish church of Santa María easy to visit. If you're travelling as a couple, you'll love staying close to the church of Santa María de Noreña, which houses some stunning ancient altarpieces. Our spaces cater to families, providing comfort and top-grade facilities opposite the church of Santa María de Noreña. We've got excellent options if you're visiting for leisure or business, tailored to fit your preferences and budget. Don't hold off, book with us and savour the best of Noreña.

    Most popular Noreña hotels

    la posada de don pelayo
    Calle Nueva

    Indulge at La Posada de Don Pelayo in Noreña, Asturias with a fully fitted kitchen including a fridge, oven, and a shower-fitted bathroom with hairdryer and washing machine.

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    el rincón del condado by asturias holidays
    33 Calle de la Iglesia

    Delight in your stay at El Rincón del Condado by Asturias Holidays, boasting free WiFi, heating and streaming services in a smoke-free and secure environment.

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    hotel cabeza
    Calle Javier Lauzurica, 4

    Hotel Cabeza in Noreña, Asturias provides private parking, room service, a restaurant, WiFi, and effective measures against the coronavirus.

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    hotel del nora
    Avenida Langreo

    Price from 35 EUR per night
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    hotel cristina
    Hotel Cristina
    Las Cabañas, s/n

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    el rincón de la villa
    El Rincón de la Villa
    Calle la iglesia 33, 1e

    Price from 38 EUR per night
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    Learn about the top place to stay in Noreña

    Discover the charm of this city situated at the geographical hub of Asturias. Reserve your spot in the hotels in Noreña city centre we have for you, delight in top-of-the-range facilities and map out an itinerary to reveal this city's rich cultural heritage. One of the prime areas to stay in is the Urban Centre, renowned for its striking architecture. You'll adore resting in an ambience surrounded by beautiful ancient buildings, such as the Palace of Miraflores and the parish church of Santa María. Stay in one of our hotels in Noreña, Spain which are handily positioned near these important sites. Take advantage of your location by wandering through the cobbled streets and capturing snaps next to the Gochu monument, a symbol of the city. In this area, we offer serviced apartments, cosy and exceptionally budget-friendly. You'll have access to rooms with air conditioning, inclusive breakfast, as well as a fully furnished kitchen area, a garden and parking.

    Discover your ideal hotel in Noreña

    If you're journeying with your partner, our hotels in Noreña city centre are perfect for visiting intriguing places like the church of Santa María de Noreña, which home to stunning altarpieces dating from the 16th and 18th centuries. Opt to stay in one of our 4-star spa hotels, perfectly situated in this area. You will relax like never before in modern facilities featuring a restaurant offering regional cuisine, a heated outdoor jacuzzi, a cocktail bar, a sun-soaked pool terrace, plus massages and body treatments. Round off with an idyllic stroll through the streets, and pit stop at bars and restaurants for a drink or two. Our establishments also make for a perfect stay during April’s Picadillo and Sabadiego Festival, as well as the Ecce Homo Fiesta in September.

    Relax in comfortable hotels in Noreña

    Find comfortable accommodation in Noreña near the renowned Ermita del Ecce Homo, which houses an invaluable baroque altarpiece. We provide an unbeatable selection of accommodation in this area. Book in one of our boutique-style hotels, perfect to accommodate your family in its tranquil setting. The establishment is furnished with connecting rooms, a la carte restaurant, a children's playground, a lounge terrace and sun roof. Wake up and enjoy a leisurely stroll with the kids, savour ice cream from the local shops, and indulge in retail at the numerous stores. We offer immaculate stays at affordable prices, fitting for both business and leisure trips. With air-conditioned rooms, a restaurant, pool bar, swimming pool and a water park, what are you waiting for to book with us?

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much does a weekend stay in a hotel in Noreña cost?

    A weekend stay at a hotel in Noreña costs an average of 62$ (based on rates).

    How much does a high-season weekend stay in a hotel in Noreña cost?

    A high-season weekend stay at a hotel in Noreña costs an average of 92$ (based on rates).

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