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    We offer the most comfortable Navacerrada hotels. We promise a unique experience in one of the most beautiful towns in the entire Community of Madrid. Reserve your stay in the Historic Centre and enjoy cosy facilities close to the Plaza de los Ángeles. The Town Hall and the Fuente de los Ángeles are within the same area. We offer family rooms in hotels near the Hermitage of San Antonio and in the vicinity of the Church of the Nativity of Our Lady. You also have the choice to stay in the recreational area La Barranca, in the heart of the emblematic Guadarrama Mountain Range National Park. We provide establishments at affordable prices suitable for everyone's tastes.

    Most popular Navacerrada hotels

    estudio con encanto en navacerrada
    4 Calle Manzanares

    The Charming Studio in Navacerrada, Navacerrada, offers free WiFi, a no-smoking policy and features a private pool for a peaceful stay.

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    el torreon de navacerrada
    18 Travesia de la Tejera 18

    Discover stylish comfort at El Torreón de Navacerrada, featuring free WiFi, private parking and spacious, elegant rooms.

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    box art alpino

    Enjoy a memorable stay at BOX ART ALPINO in Navacerrada, featuring amenities such as a restaurant, bar, garden, and spa.

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    hotel rural spa & wellness hacienda los robles
    Avenida de Madrid, 27

    Hotel Rural Spa & Wellness Hacienda Los Robles in Navacerrada provides tranquillity with a spa, gym, restaurant, and free parking.

    Price from 80 EUR per night
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    hotel arcipreste de hita - adults only
    Carretera Nacional 601 KM. 12

    The Arcipreste de Hita hotel in Navacerrada is adorned with a heated swiming pool, jacuzzi, restaurant, free WiFi and beauty services.

    Price from 116 EUR per night
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    cabañas navacerrada
    Cabañas Navacerrada
    Carretera M601 km. 12 Cabañas Arcipreste de Hita

    Price from 142 EUR per night
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    un espacio único en un entorno de naturaleza
    Un espacio único en un entorno de naturaleza
    Calle Praderas de San Sebastian

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    apartamento en navacerrada
    Apartamento en Navacerrada
    1 Travesía del Santísimo 1B

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    hotel rural las postas
    Hotel Rural Las Postas
    Carretera M-601, Km.10,200

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    nava real
    Nava Real
    Calle Huertas numero 1

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    la arbolada
    La Arbolada
    4 Calle del Cuartel

    Price from 90 EUR per night
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    chalet navacerrada piscina privada
    Chalet Navacerrada Piscina Privada
    c/ Linar 13

    Price from 200 EUR per night
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    Stay in the centre of Navacerrada

    Discover the charm of this town brimming with interesting heritage sites while strolling through its cobbled streets. With the Navacerrada hotels we have to provide, relax in the most comfortable settings and commence an unforgettable adventure. The best area to stay in Navacerrada is its Historic Centre. You'll find the finest options around Plaza de los Ángeles, located at the heart of the town. Besides experiencing a lively atmosphere, you will be close to cafes, bars and all kinds of shops. Enjoy your rest in well-lit rooms equipped with air conditioning, Wi-Fi throughout, and a balcony. Easy access to the City hall from hotels in Navacerrada city centre, where regional cultural activities take place. For a perfectly complete experience, we suggest accommodation with family rooms, private bathrooms, and breakfast included. Be sure to take a stroll around community fountains, including the popular Fuente de los Ángeles.

    Find your ideal hotel in Navacerrada

    Choose accommodation in Navacerrada close to the Hermitage of San Antonio and round about the Church of the Nativity of Our Lady. If you're travelling as a couple, stay in our romantic style facilities. You'll find amenities such as room service, a swimming pool, local cuisine restaurant and a bar. For a memorable accommodation experience, you might fancy staying in a country house amidst an amazing natural setting. Located near the recreational area of La Barranca, in the heart of the renowned Guadarrama Mountain Range National Park. It's unarguably a scenic place with great ecological value. You'll have spacious rooms, garden, fully equipped kitchen, barbeque area, and parking at your disposal.

    Enjoy your stay at the best accommodation in Navacerrada

    We provide hotels in Navacerrada, Spain, with amenities that guarantee a blissful rest. If you're staying within walking distance of the Mirador de la Ermita de San Antonio, seize this extraordinary opportunity to embrace the fantastic panoramic views and take great quality photographs. You will return to facilities that include a TV, Wi-Fi in common areas and café. Don’t miss out on a shopping spree at the “Shop Street”, Madrid Avenue. You will find clothing stores, antique shops, and mountain products outlets. After acquiring your travel souvenirs, relax in our accommodation with a whirlpool bath, a terrace and room service for a maximum enjoyment of your stay. Book with us and enjoy Navacerrada!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much does a weekend stay in a hotel in Navacerrada cost?

    A weekend stay at a hotel in Navacerrada costs an average of 144$ (based on rates).

    How much does a high-season weekend stay in a hotel in Navacerrada cost?

    A high-season weekend stay at a hotel in Navacerrada costs an average of 150$ (based on rates).

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