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    Discover top Mýkonos City hotels and prepare to explore the capital of one of Greece's most famous islands. We invite you to stay in the Kastro district, where you'll be able to visit attractions such as the Mýkonos Windmills. Choose your ideal hotel in the city centre, a perfect area for shopping enthusiasts. Learn about the town's history at the Archaeological Museum of Mýkonos and stay in one of the nearby hotels. Whether you're travelling with your partner or family, we have accommodations to suit your preferences.

    Most popular Mýkonos City hotels

    the mykonos bougainvillea townhouse
    23, Agiou Efthimiou Mykonos Town

    Discover The Mykonos Bougainvillea Townhouse, only 300m from Agios Charalabos beach, with a garden, terrace, air conditioning, and free WiFi.

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    myconian little venice elite suites
    17 Agion Anargiron

    Experience an unforgettable stay at Myconian Little Venice Elite Suites, with complimentary WiFi, a terrace and car rental services on offer.

    Price from 86 EUR per night
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    Mykonos City

    Eleanna's: A captivating hotel in Mykonos with amenities such as complimentary WiFi, heating, and soundproof rooms.

    Price from 40 EUR per night
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    vrachos suites mykonos
    Vrachos Suites Mykonos
    ntrafaki ntrafaki

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    maria elena - suite home
    Maria Elena - Suite Home
    rohari area

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    hotel madalena
    Hotel Madalena

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    san antonio summerland
    San Antonio Summerland

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    domna hotel
    Domna Hotel
    Petinaros, mykonos

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    bard de sol
    Bard De Sol
    Agios Stefanos

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    il vento mykonos
    IL Vento Mykonos
    glastros 1

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    mazera boutique hotel
    Mazera Boutique Hotel
    Foumia 1

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    legendary suites
    Legendary Suites
    Chalara, Mykonos Cyclades

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    bianco a nero mykonos
    Bianco a Nero Mykonos

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    mykonos gem
    Mykonos Gem
    25 Kalogera Mykonos

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    hotel kastelakia mykonos
    Hotel Kastelakia Mykonos
    hotel kastelakia mykonos

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    Relax in our Mýkonos City accommodations

    The island's capital is known as "Chora", a destination where you can enjoy unforgettable holidays in the Aegean Sea. Reserve one of our Mýkonos City hotels and uncover the charm of the typical Greek town. Explore the cobblestoned streets and admire the traditional white cubic houses intrinsic to the local architecture. We recommend staying near the Archaeological Museum of Mýkonos, where you can get insight into the city's history. Nearby we have 3-star and other categories of accommodation options, with modern facilities including a restaurant, car park, and a rooftop with sea views. If you're looking for hotels in Mýkonos City, Greece, for your family, we offer establishments equipped with spacious rooms and children's pool, and several are pet friendly. During your stay, we recommend a trip to the island's beaches, a fun activity for all ages.

    The best area to stay in Mýkonos City

    If you're still uncertain about where to sleep in Mýkonos City, we invite you to stay in Little Venice, a coastal neighbourhood marked by its water-facing buildings. Here you can book stylish hotels offering 24-hour reception, spa, gym, and outdoor pool. It's an area brimming with bars and restaurants, perfect for foodie tourism. Our accommodation in Mýkonos City includes options in the Kastro district, home to several of the main local attractions. In this area, we have comfortable establishments with air conditioning, Wi-Fi, and private parking. In this area, you'll also be able to visit the iconic Panagia Paraportiani church and Mýkonos Windmills. If you're looking for a place to unwind with your partner, we recommend booking one of the serviced apartments in the area, offering a living room, kitchen area, and laundry facilities. We also have hotels in the Mýkonos City city centre, ideal for indulging in shopping and taking advantage of the wide array of entertainment options. Stay near Matogianni Street, the town's shopping hub. In this area, we have establishments offering excellent value for money, with rooms equipped with air conditioning and Wi-Fi connection.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much does a weekend stay in a hotel in Mýkonos City cost?

    A weekend stay at a hotel in Mýkonos City costs an average of 360$ (based on ebooking.com rates).

    How much does a high-season weekend stay in a hotel in Mýkonos City cost?

    A high-season weekend stay at a hotel in Mýkonos City costs an average of 853$ (based on ebooking.com rates).

    Which are the best family-friendly hotels in Mýkonos City?

    The best family-friendly hotels in Mýkonos City are Villa Dimilia, Nasta Villa & Suites Intentional Living Mykonos, and Yalos Hotel Sunset view Mykonos town private rooms.

    Which are the best hotels for couples in Mýkonos City?

    The best hotels for couples in Mýkonos City are Vencia Boutique Hotel, Livin Mykonos Hotel, and Aeolos Resort.

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