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    Book one of our Montevideo hotels designed just for you, recharge in the loveliest of settings, and prepare for an adventure in the Uruguayan capital. We invite you to stay in the historic city centre, awash with art galleries, shops, and restaurants. This location is a prime spot for exploring attractions such as the Metropolitan Cathedral and the Gateway to the Citadel. Our establishments are set up to look after you properly, whether you're travelling with your family, as a couple, or solo. You'll also fancy staying in accommodation close to the beaches of los Pocitos, Malvin, and la Mulata, where, in addition to enjoying the sea and sand, you can indulge in water sports.

    Most popular Montevideo hotels

    hotel klee
    San Jose 1303

    Klee Hotel in Montevideo invites you to a luxurious and comfortable stay complete with provisions such as parking, a terrace, free WiFi, and a comprehensive business centre.

    Price from 34 USD per night
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    hotel uruguay
    Hotel Uruguay
    Av. Uruguay 967

    Price from 20 USD per night
    Show prices
    hotel tres cruces
    Hotel Tres Cruces
    Miguelete 2356

    Price from 45 USD per night
    Show prices
    hotel casablanca montevideo
    Hotel Casablanca Montevideo
    San José 1039

    Price from 26 USD per night
    Show prices
    hotel europa
    Hotel Europa
    Colonia, 1341

    Price from 35 USD per night
    Show prices
    hotel california
    Hotel California
    San Jose 1237

    Price from 31 USD per night
    Show prices
    new arapey hotel
    New Arapey Hotel
    Avenida Uruguay 925

    Price from 23 USD per night
    Show prices
    hotel hispano
    Hotel Hispano
    Convención 1317

    Show prices
    hotel palacio
    Hotel Palacio
    Bartolomé Mitre 1364

    Price from 30 USD per night
    Show prices
    own montevideo
    Own Montevideo
    José Luis Zorrilla de San Martín 177

    Price from 51 USD per night
    Show prices
    aloft montevideo hotel
    Aloft Montevideo Hotel
    Victor Solino 350

    Price from 71 USD per night
    Show prices
    hotel alvear
    Hotel Alvear
    Yi 1372

    Price from 26 USD per night
    Show prices
    smart hotel montevideo
    Smart Hotel Montevideo
    Andes 1240 esquina Soriano

    Price from 40 USD per night
    Show prices
    hotel america
    Hotel America
    Rio Negro 1330 Bis

    Price from 30 USD per night
    Show prices
    palladium business hotel
    Palladium Business Hotel
    Tomas de Tezanos 1146

    Price from 39 USD per night
    Show prices

    Choose a lovely hotel in Montevideo

    Uncover the charm of Uruguay's beautiful capital city. Book one of the Montevideo hotels we've selected for you, sleep in inviting facilities and have an unforgettable holiday. You'll be staying in the bustling Historic District of the city, surrounded by art galleries, a variety of shops, nightclubs, and eateries. We offer contemporary, pet-friendly establishments with air conditioned rooms, TV, a bar, and a buffet breakfast. You'll be a stone's throw from the Metropolitan Cathedral, the Gateway to the Citadel, and the Mother Church. Should you choose to stay in our hotels in Montevideo city centre, you will easily access the 18th of July Avenue, the main thoroughfare of town, which boasts bars, cafes, and art exhibitions. Back at the hotel, unwind in bright airy rooms with air conditioning, Wi-Fi throughout, and parking available.

    Have a rest in a hotel near Montevideo's beaches

    We can provide you with options to stay in Montevideo, close to the sublime beaches. You can select between Los Pocitos, Malvin, and La Mulata. In all cases, expect excellent service and superb bathing spots for both adults and children. A short distance away, we have establishments that are ideal for groups, offering a range of benefits including an included breakfast, restaurant, playground and a swimming pool. Be sure to visit Ramirez beach, accessible even from the city centre. In addition to being encircled with beach bars and pubs, its shallow waters make it a favourite of families. The nearby Montevideo hotels we recommend are full of international and local cuisine restaurants, lounges, nightclubs, and terraces with stunning sea views, providing entertainment long into the night.

    Discover the best hotels in Montevideo

    If you're seeking accommodation offering exclusive services, simply book one of our hotels in Montevideo, Uruguay. Our four and five-star locations, some of which are situated in the Carrasco district, come with amenities such as a spa, fitness area, restaurant, bar, and covered parking. Many are pet-friendly. We also suggest you choose accommodation in Montevideo in the Rodó Park area, known as the city's green lung. We have attractive serviced apartments available complete with a kitchen area, living room, Wi-Fi, barbecue area, and parking. You can journey along the park's paths and enjoy a boat trip on the lake. We possess the best hotels to turn all your travel plans into reality. Reserve with us and uncover the attractive Uruguayan capital.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much does a weekend stay in a hotel in Montevideo cost?

    A weekend stay at a hotel in Montevideo costs an average of 87$ (based on rates).

    How much does a high-season weekend stay in a hotel in Montevideo cost?

    A high-season weekend stay at a hotel in Montevideo costs an average of 93$ (based on rates).

    Which are the best family-friendly hotels in Montevideo?

    The best family-friendly hotel in Montevideo is Pocitos Plaza Hotel.

    Which are the best hotels near landmarks in Montevideo?

    Discover the best hotels near places like Rambla Pocitos and Plaza del Entrevero in Montevideo.

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