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    Secure a spot in one of our Montanejos hotels, unwind in exceptionally comfortable settings, and gear up for an adventure through the Valencian Community. We invite you to take a breather right in the heart of the village, surrounded by shops, bars and eateries. This prime location acts as a base for exploring notable attractions such as the renowned Arab Tower. We house establishments that are crafted to accommodate your needs, regardless if you're travelling with your family, flying solo or as a couple. Several of our hotels are situated near the Fuente de los Baños. From any one of our accommodations, you could wander down the Family Trail, a must-visit sight. Book with us and savour your stay in Montanejos.

    Most popular Montanejos hotels

    hotel casa palacio
    San Vicente, 40

    Discover the enchanting charm of Montanejos at the Hotel Casa Palacio, which offers free WiFi, a restaurant, bar and terrace, immersing you in the surrounding natural beauty.

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    hotel gil
    Avenida Fuente de Baños, 28

    Relish your stay at the Hotel Gil, nestled amidst mountains with splendid river views, offering free WiFi, air conditioning, and laundry services. Please note, pets are not permitted.

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    apartamentos campuebla
    Carretera de Tales, 51

    Delight in staying at the Campuebla Apartments in Montanejos, boasting free parking, internet connectivity, and air conditioning.

    Price from 53 EUR per night
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    hotel xauen
    Hotel Xauen
    Avenida Fuente de Baños, 26

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    hotel rosaleda del mijares
    Hotel Rosaleda del Mijares
    Carretera de Tales, 28

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    Discover the best accommodation in Montanejos

    Discover the charm of this municipality in the Valencian Community. Arrange your stay with the Montanejos hotels we provide, relish our welcoming facilities and commence your journey around the town. Thanks to the size of the village, all important sites are highly accessible. Choose to stay in one of our hotels in Montanejos city centre surrounded by diverse shops and eateries where you can savour traditional food. You'll be a stone's throw away from the Arab Tower with its preserved exterior walls. Back in the hotel, you'll rest in air-conditioned rooms with balconies, Wi-Fi connectivity throughout and car parking facilities. Alternatively, opt for an escape on the outskirts of the town. Our rural hotels in the area allow you to be near viewpoints and natural vistas. Consequently, you can easily access the Fuente de los Baños, hailed as Cultural Heritage and one of the most popular destinations in the region.

    Select your idyllic hotel in Montanejos

    Looking for accommodation in Montanejos for a family trip? We suggest you select one of our rural houses providing a kitchen, appliances, air-conditioned rooms and parking. From here, we encourage a walk to the Estrechos, a natural canal bordered by sheer stone walls, dropping nearly 100 metres. We also provide hotels in Montanejos, Spain, featuring inclusive breakfast, an in-house restaurant, lounge bar, and Wi-Fi throughout. In addition to relishing hotel comforts, we recommend a jaunt through the esteemed Family Trail, furnished with informative boards guiding you about the local fauna and flora. We extend a range of options for couple accommodation in Montanejos including romantic-themed establishments, room service, minibar, balcony, and breakfast. A stroll around the Mijares viewpoints would be a pleasant addition. You'll return with beautiful photos and unforgettable memories. Nature enthusiasts will find keen interest in Cueva Negra, another natural marvel just a kilometre away from the city. We've got a hotel to cater for all your travel plans; you just need to decide how you want to live this experience.

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